Lucas Carmondy Makes His Move

Lucas Carmondy and Star Crosby met in middle school and since then, have become the best of friends. Star is a little odd, but next to Lucas, she’s completely normal which is probably why they get along so well. Now in high school, they fend off it-group stares of disdain → Read More: ‘Lucas Carmondy Makes His Move

Laurel and Brayden Carmondy Try Again

Brayden and Laurel Carmondy sat awkwardly on their living room couch. Taking her mother’s advice, Laurel decided that sitting down and talking to Brayden was her best bet. It took her a few days, but she finally cornered him into it. The kids were at the park so they had → Read More: ‘Laurel and Brayden Carmondy Try Again

Emma Bane Makes Progress

Emma and Gavin Bane were planning a trip, an exotic trip that would leave poor Demona out in the cold. She didn’t trust her little spawn to just anyone so she called up her parents. It was the lesser of most evils, as at least they had managed to feed → Read More: ‘Emma Bane Makes Progress

Lucas Carmondy Is Not Afraid

Lucas and his younger sister, Julia, get on quite well now that she’s old enough to actually play with. There’s a several year age gap between the two, but as with little sisters, Julia tends to follow her brother around anyway. Instead of discouraging her or being mean, Lucas simply → Read More: ‘Lucas Carmondy Is Not Afraid

Laurel Carmondy Cannot Cope

Laurel spent much of her time indoors. She didn’t mind raising the kids and she certainly loved her work as a painter, but sometimes, she felt a little stifled. Almost like a caged bird forced to look outside and know that they’ll never be a part of that world. Some → Read More: ‘Laurel Carmondy Cannot Cope

Emma Bane Goes Home

Gavin Bane had been assigned to the special task force that focused on taking out serious criminals. His first task was to skim the populace, see if they had any information. Their target was a newly formed syndicate that was slowly, but surely, making its way up in the criminal → Read More: ‘Emma Bane Goes Home

Brayden Carmondy Comes Around

Laurel Carmondy wasn’t quite sure how she was going to manage a baby while caring for toddler Lucas. It would seem that her and Brayden’s reconciliations had led to a surprise pregnancy, one that she hadn’t told him about yet. She was planning on it, of course, but it never → Read More: ‘Brayden Carmondy Comes Around

Gavin Bane Is Not Prepared

Laurel Carmondy had slipped into her role of motherhood easily enough, after a small snag, but she hadn’t anticipated what came along with it. It wasn’t easy trying to maintain her painting along with Lucas’ demanding schedule. He was a needy and clingy baby. It didn’t help that Laurel was → Read More: ‘Gavin Bane Is Not Prepared

Emma Donovan Breaks Free

Laurel Carmondy was having a bit of a trial lately. She just couldn’t seem to sleep through the night. She’d lay down and no sooner would her head hit the pillow that she’d just feel incredibly anxious. Nausea would quickly follow and she’d eventually end up making a run for → Read More: ‘Emma Donovan Breaks Free

Laurel Donovan Refuses to be Boring

Brayden was surprised when he saw Laurel jogging up to him. He hadn’t really known her to jog or be athletic, never mind the fact that it was rather late to be out jogging. He’d just returned home after a rather long shift at the hospital and was hoping she wasn’t here → Read More: ‘Laurel Donovan Refuses to be Boring