Catching Up With Neverglade

Now that I’m more familiar with some of the features in Ambitions, it’s safe to move to an established hood. I’m not ready to jump back into my legacy yet, there’s still stuff to uncover and mess around with. So, I headed back to Neverglade… but before we get to any of that, we need → Read More: ‘Catching Up With Neverglade

The Fall Out & Some Descendants

Just a short post this time, I really haven’t had much of a chance to play this week. I spent most of the time decorating a new house, buh. I like to decorate, but it can be really time consuming, especially when you kind of want to play.

Anyway, I figured I’d make a quick → Read More: ‘The Fall Out & Some Descendants

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting…

I really wish I had more pictures of Maria and Mason, but I think FRAPs closed and this was mostly played while I was cooking dinners last week (yay multi-tasking.) Anyway, Maria went into labor at the fishing spot behind their house. I was kind of hoping she’d have the → Read More: ‘Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting…

Neverglade Gets More Dysfunctional

Petra’s attempts at childcare were mediocre at best. The only reason the twins survived is mostly due to the assistance of babysitters! I tried to get Demetri interested in the girls, but he ignored them. CloneChristian, however, was more than happy to play with them when Petra had parties. Very → Read More: ‘Neverglade Gets More Dysfunctional

Messing Around With Worlds

I’m taking a break from my legacy because of time constraints and whatnot, not to mention the lot is lagging since installing High-End Lot Stuff and I can’t quite figure it out. Maybe it was me having to reinstall around 1,000 simpack files? Perhaps. Anyway, I finally updated and everything. Create-A-World is beyond anything I’ll → Read More: ‘Messing Around With Worlds