Waiting, Waiting…

I have Showtime, but I haven’t bothered installing it yet due to the fiasco that was patch that came with it(which I guess they fixed it now?) I’m patched up fully now, but I’m still waiting until Awesomemod is officially updated. Sigh. That’s the only thing I don’t like, waiting for mods to patch… not → Read More: ‘Waiting, Waiting…

Aging Problem Solved!

Well, after sitting with my husband and jotting things down while I calculated them on my phone… I think I’ve finally cracked the aging dilemma. I used a mishmash of everyone’s suggestions after running them by my husband. He’s like my think-tank. I am extremely lucky to have a spouse that not only endures my → Read More: ‘Aging Problem Solved!

Prosperity Issue #1: Aging

Playing Prosperity style in TS3 really isn’t that complicated. In fact, if you don’t mind loading screens (or if you have the correct mods), it’s pretty effortless. It’s all gravy until you’re confronted with one thing–aging.

Aging is perpetual in TS3. It continues to happen to the sims surrounding you even if you’re completely ignoring → Read More: ‘Prosperity Issue #1: Aging

Where’s My Lightbulb?

I really could use one of those convenient little lightbulbs that pops up over your head when you get a brilliant idea or reach some sort of conclusion to your train of thought. Unfortunately, I’m having no such luck and my brain is going total ADD pageant princess with too many pixie stix (styx? sticks? → Read More: ‘Where’s My Lightbulb?

Merging CC Package Files

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue or not, but I know that my game has been running like a slug, even after I fixed my gameplay issues. Turns out, CC package files slow down your game… a lot. Guess what? I have a alot of CC. 95% of it is made by → Read More: ‘Merging CC Package Files

Back in Action

So, I’ve been back since Saturday and slowly getting my momentum again. I’ve finally updated my Legacy, woohoo! The hood is functioning again, so that’s good. I’ve also got Generations and I’m enjoying it… aside from the annoying memory system. Leave it to the TS3 team to take something great from TS2 → Read More: ‘Back in Action

Cough, Cough…

Oh, wow. Has it really been half a year?! Wow. Yeah. That’s a long time…

I haven’t played The Sims in that long, that’s pretty crazy. In my defense, though, my secondary OS that they take up is getting very full and runs very slowly. So, there’s that. Also, the whole switching to it is → Read More: ‘Cough, Cough…

Outdoor Living Stuff

I guess I’ve been under a rock, because I didn’t even know about this pack until my husband presented it to me. He’s a great husband. Anyway, I figured I’d put up pictures for those who are curious about getting it. Apologies beforehand for the grid and pictures. It was night time on my legacy → Read More: ‘Outdoor Living Stuff

Still Around

I’m still around, just ridiculously busy with the two jobs (one of them involving RIDICULOUS CHRISTMAS HOURS) and all the holiday stuff. We’re going to (my) home for Christmas, so I’ll be gone from my computer awhile. Things should pick up again after all this holiday stuff is over…

Which means, I’ll see you next → Read More: ‘Still Around

Barnacle Bay: That’s What You Get

It was a nice, warm spring afternoon when Nina came over to visit. Dina grabbed a drink and they headed to the new hot tub Dina had just been gifted thanks to her fame. The two sat in silence for awhile enjoying the bubbles and the soothing heat. It was → Read More: ‘Barnacle Bay: That’s What You Get