This started out as my first attempt to blog anything The Sims 3 related.  I originally tried to do a sort of storytelling/gameplay hybrid based in Riverview.  You can find these entries via the Riverview category.  Recently, I’ve realized that I’m still kind of messing around and experimenting with TS3 and I can’t really isolate myself to any one thing quite yet.  So, this blog will act as a place for all my TS3 related endeavors, instead of creating various blogs/etc for each individual one (unless they should require it).  My legacy is still on its own blog over here, though.  I won’t be changing that, it merits its own space.

I was quite active in TS2 and still am with certain things.  You can check out my current and completed sims 2 stuff by visiting the portal.

I don’t have a lot of time anymore, so updates/etc will probably be really sporadic.  I play when I can and blog when I have the time!

Some info that might be of interest on my current game status: