Davina Donovan Makes a Mess

Things were tense in the house the next few days.  Laurel didn’t speak and Davina was left to go crazy in the silence.  Finally, she confronted her sister, cornering her and not allowing her to push past.  She’d had enough of the silent treatment.  She was sorry, wasn’t that enough?

“Please, Laurel,” Davina began, her voice pleading.  “I just want this to be over.  Let it all out.  Whatever you feel, whatever you want to say.  We need to fix this!”

Laurel balled her fists and gave her sister a terrible look, “Let it all out?  Are you serious? If I do that, I’ll do it all over your face with my fists!”

“Er,” Davina took a cautious step back.  “Talking, Laurel.  Talk to me.  Please!  I’m sorry, I’m sorry, how many times do I have to say it?  How was I supposed to know you liked him?”

“I don’t!”

“Oh, you are so full of crap,” Davina replied, making a face.  She peered at her sister carefully.  “Look at you, all bent out of shape and seething with rage.  You’re like a scorned lover or something out of one of mom’s novels!”

“I am not!” Laurel said vehemently, crossing her arms over her chest.  “I’m mad because my sister is an inconsiderate phildanderer!”

“…oh, now you’re even using her vocabulary!  Sis, come on, I’m sorry, okay?  It didn’t mean anything.  It just happened.  Even if you don’t like him, you guys have been friends forever and this is ridiculous!  You can’t be mad at me for not being telepathic and you sure as hell can’t be mad at him for it, either.  Guys are simple creatures.”

“You’re an idiot, too.  Just leave me alone.”

Davina was saddened by her sister’s inability to come to grips with her feelings, but she wasn’t about to let it hamper her love life.  She still enjoyed the company of band mates, as well as older men, quite frequently.  She still saw Eugene Shelley pretty steadily, but they had an open agreement.  Davina still thought she was way too young to settle down.  She wasn’t sure if she’d ever be capable of such a feat.  She’d leave the baby rearing to the rest of her family.

Laurel continued to be silent and even slighted her sister by denying her deliciously cooked breakfast.  That was kind of the last straw for Davina.  Sure, she had made a horrible mistake, but did it really deserve the punishment of starving to death?  She grumbled over the sound of her rumbling stomach while Laurel silently ate her tasty breakfast.

If Brayden and Laurel didn’t talk soon, Davina was going to orchestrate her own kind of intervention.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the neighborhood, Sydonie Carmondy-Wilson was marrying her latest free-ride.  Sydonie became Sydonie Carmondy-Wilson-Lessen and moved into the massive house that Jon Lessen enjoyed by himself.  If she was lucky, he’d have his second foot in the grave soon enough and she’d be able to enjoy her newfound riches in complete solitude.  Okay, maybe not complete… she’d probably have some lovers over now and again.

Of course, the marriage meant that the house was Rayne’s completely and totally.  She rushed into her father’s old office to find Brayden looking up real estate on the internet.

“What are you doing?  The house is mine!  You don’t have to move now.”

Brayden sighed, “yes, I do, Rayne.  This is your house, you deserve it.  I need my own place.”

Rayne frowned, “why?  You can stay with me!  There’s no reason to leave, it isn’t as if mother will be around…”

“The fact that she’s next door is reason enough,” Brayden remarked, clicking the mouse.  “Don’t make this difficult.  You’re an adult now, you need your own space, too.  You can’t have your big brother following you around everywhere.”

“But I want you here.  I thought you’d be happy.”

He moved from the chair, “I am, for you.  You deserve this, enjoy it.”

He gave her a firm hug and a gentle pat on the back, “you’ll be fine, Rayne, I promise.  I’ll call you when I get to my place.  I’m leaving all this stuff here for you.  Do whatever you want with it.”

Rayne sniffed, hugging him back furiously, “I wish you’d stay.  I don’t want you to live below your means.”

At this, he laughed and broke the hug, “what means?  This is your life, Rayne, not mine.  Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.”


And so, I’m back!  I’ve changed the way I’m doing things here.  I’ve decided to allow aging, because trying to play several houses and the random zombies never aging annoyed me.  So now, hopefully the hood will keep itself populated and I can protect my sims from the game stupidity with awesomemod.  I haven’t changed the lifespan.  We’ll see how this works.  I’m hoping it’ll be okay, though it feels weird to give up control, even if its temporary, of my beloved little sims.  I am really crossing my fingers for SOMEONE to come out with something that allows you to freeze aging for select houses.  That would be awesome.

I’m thinking that instead of focusing on everyone, I’ll just follow whatever story thread is occuring at the time until it ends and then start up a new one.  Think of how Soap Operas function and how you watch them.  Like that.  I’ve never extensively sat down and watched them, but I like the formatting.  Hopefully it works out.

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8 comments to Davina Donovan Makes a Mess

  • Davina has really messed things up, hasn’t she? I hope eventually Laurel can forgive her and talk to her again. How is Davina supposed to know Laurel liked Brayden if Laurel won’t even admit it?

    I hope Brayden will be okay wherever he’s going…

    • Mao

      Laurel is a complicated sort, but Davina should know you don’t try to hook up with your sister’s best friend! Davina isn’t known for her stellar commitment values. ;)

      Brayden has his own place and he loves it.

  • OMG, Emma cracks me up! “The world won’t take over itself, after all.” :)

    Oh my, Davina! Shame, shame! Doesn’t she have enough dudes already, she has to go dipping into Laurel’s territory?

    And LOL, Brayden! You missed a lot, buddy! :)

    So how does jealousy work in this game? Did Laurel have a real jealousy reaction to Davina and Brayden, or was that just storytelling?

    • Mao

      There is pretty much no jealousy, really. They lose very minor relationship points and the sim gets a moodlet that is essentially, “Rude Guest”. They don’t slap, they barely react. All they do is make a face and that’s it.

      Laurel and Brayden didn’t have a relationship past friendship, so there was no jealousy. But I’ve tampered with it on several occasions and been disappointed everytime. Sims just don’t care anymore.

  • Welcome back Mao and what a good update.

    Poor Brayden, kid can’t catch a break and I especially feel for Laurel. It must suck to not know what you want until it feels like its slipping away

  • I thought Awesome Mod allowed freezing of specific houses? No? It’s been a long time so I’m probably very wrong!

    Poor Laurel. I really felt for her, but I think it’s a sucky situation all around. Brayden must be pretty confused and it seems like Davina is too.

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