Davina Donovan Makes a Mess

Brayden Carmondy rings the doorbell, hoping to find Laurel Donovan in.  Instead, he’s greeted by Davina Donovan, who is off work and lounging around the house.  She informs Brayden that Laurel is out fishing, but should be back soon enough.  She invites him inside.  It’s a little awkward.  The two have never been terribly close, in fact, Brayden can count the number of times he’s spoken to her on one hand.

It’s hard for him to see Davina and Laurel as twins, as they’re polar opposites.  Davina laughs and wears her emotions on her sleeve.  It’s a little disarming for him.

She’s also silly without remorse and spends the next hour or so amusing him with tales of behind-the-stage antics and stories of her fellow band members.  It’s surprisingly comforting and a little disturbing how easily she puts him at ease.  He had always avoided her before simply because, well, she was Davina Donovan.  She was well-known for her exploits with those of the male persuasion.

“So you’re thinking of moving?  That’s great.  Moving was the best thing we did.  That house was insane!”

Brayden shrugged, “I guess so.  I hate to leave Rayne alone, but I’d really like my own space without mother’s influence hanging over my head.”

“So do it.  You’ve got money, right?  Go for it.”


Laurel arrived home to find her sister and her best friend in a most compromising position.  At first, she thought she was seeing things, but Brayden was unmistakable.  At first, a cold chill ran down her back, followed by the sensation of her stomach dropping to her feet.  She felt a little disoriented, unable to speak, her mouth hanging agape and her eyes as wide as saucers.

Her foot scuffling over the floor drew their attention and Davina felt horrible.  It was an accident, a monumental mistake.  It had just kind of happened and while Davina enjoyed her charisma, this was the first time she truly hated it.  Brayden was just as shocked, as Davina had initiated it.  He didn’t realize what was happening until he saw Laurel fleeing to the backyard and Davina following her like a red blur.

Laurel stood at her easel, brush held in her shaky hand.  She’d never been good with emotions, she wasn’t one to know precisely what she felt when she felt it.  Anything she had inside–joy, despair, pain, love–she put it on the canvas, left it there as a monument to her disassociation from everything.  She could paint such beautiful things with her emotions, but that was it.  She couldn’t actually do anything with them.

“Laurel, I’m sorry.  It wasn’t intentional, it just kind of happened,” Davina began, stopping just short of her sister.  “I should have just told him to come back later.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Laurel’s voice was deadpan.  She put her brush and easel aside, taking a deep breath.  “Just leave me be, okay?  I just want to be alone.”

Davina left her sister to her solitude, thinking Brayden had fled.  Unbeknown to her, he had made his way around the house and through the fence’s gate.  He was definitely surprised to see Laurel was waiting for him.  He’d never really seen her look angry, but right now?  He’d be hard-pressed to forget it.  The worst part was, it wasn’t just anger.  She was hurt.

“M-my sister!”  Laurel exclaimed, her voice hiking up a pitch.  She didn’t realize that perhaps her feelings for Brayden had bypassed friend and went immediately to something else until now.  What a poor time for a realization.  “I don’t even know what to say.  You’re an idiot!  It isn’t like you even know her… and you just, you do that?”

She wasn’t making sense and it wasn’t making things any easier on Brayden.  He stared at her dumbly, trying to find something to say, “I’m sorry if I upset you… but I don’t… I mean, I don’t understand why you’re so angry?  I feel really bad about this, it was a mistake… but… really, Laurel?  Did I miss something?”

“No,” Laurel replied firmly, her face pained.  She closed her eyes and took a breath, “you should leave, Brayden.”

“But Laurel–”

“Please go,” she repeated, not looking at him, eyes pressed firmly shut.  “I really want you to leave.  Now.”

Brayden sighed, but said nothing more.  Laurel listened as his footsteps faded out and the fence gate shut quietly behind him.  Her composure slipped and she found her cheeks moist.  She felt like collapsing in a heap.  What a terrible, terrible day.


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8 comments to Davina Donovan Makes a Mess

  • Davina has really messed things up, hasn’t she? I hope eventually Laurel can forgive her and talk to her again. How is Davina supposed to know Laurel liked Brayden if Laurel won’t even admit it?

    I hope Brayden will be okay wherever he’s going…

    • Mao

      Laurel is a complicated sort, but Davina should know you don’t try to hook up with your sister’s best friend! Davina isn’t known for her stellar commitment values. ;)

      Brayden has his own place and he loves it.

  • OMG, Emma cracks me up! “The world won’t take over itself, after all.” :)

    Oh my, Davina! Shame, shame! Doesn’t she have enough dudes already, she has to go dipping into Laurel’s territory?

    And LOL, Brayden! You missed a lot, buddy! :)

    So how does jealousy work in this game? Did Laurel have a real jealousy reaction to Davina and Brayden, or was that just storytelling?

    • Mao

      There is pretty much no jealousy, really. They lose very minor relationship points and the sim gets a moodlet that is essentially, “Rude Guest”. They don’t slap, they barely react. All they do is make a face and that’s it.

      Laurel and Brayden didn’t have a relationship past friendship, so there was no jealousy. But I’ve tampered with it on several occasions and been disappointed everytime. Sims just don’t care anymore.

  • Welcome back Mao and what a good update.

    Poor Brayden, kid can’t catch a break and I especially feel for Laurel. It must suck to not know what you want until it feels like its slipping away

  • I thought Awesome Mod allowed freezing of specific houses? No? It’s been a long time so I’m probably very wrong!

    Poor Laurel. I really felt for her, but I think it’s a sucky situation all around. Brayden must be pretty confused and it seems like Davina is too.

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