Davina Donovan Makes a Mess

Emma Donovan is gaining quite the reputation around town.  The brazen youth has taken to accosting complete strangers, despite her small stature.  She’s got an acid tongue and a razor-sharp attitude to go with it.  She’s on the fast-track to becoming a bully to everyone of all ages.  Even adults are a little afraid to cross her path downtown!

Mark Donovan, thankfully, is a bit easier to handle.  He spends most of his time inside and when he does socialize, it isn’t to terrorize, but to hopefully plant a seed of love in one particular lady.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem she’s completely receptive to his advances.  She’s put him in the friend zone, an unfortunate spot for a young man with romantic ambitions!

Emma, knowing full well that everyone in town probably wants to beat her into a pulp, spend most of her downtime exercising.  She has a natural talent for athleticism and is intent on becoming so fearsome that no one will stand up to her bullying!  She doesn’t care about boys or make-up, she’s much too busy plotting.  The world won’t take over itself, after all.

Melody Donovan dreams of becoming a great cook and so often looks to her mother, Lila Donovan, for guidance.  Unfortunately, Lila and Melody have differing opinions on what makes a good cook.  Lila is all about structure and perfection whereas Melody prefers a more fun and chaotic environment for her cooking.  She wants to make it fun and kooky, something Lila can’t really wrap her head around.

When Lila isn’t trying to keep up with her rapidly growing children, she’s working on her masterpiece novel.  She’s waited her life for this moment, her chance to truly shine and become a creative genius!  She spends as much time with her novel as she can, but it’s quite hard when her kids seem intent on driving her crazy or giving her gray hairs early.

The most recent issue is Melody and Emma.  The two girls are completely incapable of getting along.  Anytime they see one another, they scowl.  Emma usually starts it by saying something smart and Melody, not exactly a quick thinker, just digs herself a deeper hole by trying to retort.

The two have been punished endlessly for their squabbles and it’s done nothing.  Any attempt to build a bridge between them is met with complete and utter disgust.  Demetri tries to convince Lila that it’s all right, they’ll grow out of it… but Lila isn’t so sure.  Melody and Emma are truly opposites in every sense of the word.


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8 comments to Davina Donovan Makes a Mess

  • Davina has really messed things up, hasn’t she? I hope eventually Laurel can forgive her and talk to her again. How is Davina supposed to know Laurel liked Brayden if Laurel won’t even admit it?

    I hope Brayden will be okay wherever he’s going…

    • Mao

      Laurel is a complicated sort, but Davina should know you don’t try to hook up with your sister’s best friend! Davina isn’t known for her stellar commitment values. ;)

      Brayden has his own place and he loves it.

  • OMG, Emma cracks me up! “The world won’t take over itself, after all.” :)

    Oh my, Davina! Shame, shame! Doesn’t she have enough dudes already, she has to go dipping into Laurel’s territory?

    And LOL, Brayden! You missed a lot, buddy! :)

    So how does jealousy work in this game? Did Laurel have a real jealousy reaction to Davina and Brayden, or was that just storytelling?

    • Mao

      There is pretty much no jealousy, really. They lose very minor relationship points and the sim gets a moodlet that is essentially, “Rude Guest”. They don’t slap, they barely react. All they do is make a face and that’s it.

      Laurel and Brayden didn’t have a relationship past friendship, so there was no jealousy. But I’ve tampered with it on several occasions and been disappointed everytime. Sims just don’t care anymore.

  • Welcome back Mao and what a good update.

    Poor Brayden, kid can’t catch a break and I especially feel for Laurel. It must suck to not know what you want until it feels like its slipping away

  • I thought Awesome Mod allowed freezing of specific houses? No? It’s been a long time so I’m probably very wrong!

    Poor Laurel. I really felt for her, but I think it’s a sucky situation all around. Brayden must be pretty confused and it seems like Davina is too.

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