The Donovan Family is Chaotic

Despite her father’s ardent quest to keep his girls little girls forever, Davina still managed to get her first kiss… and from none other than Eugene Shelley.  He was older and the allure was certainly there, but they weren’t anything serious.  Davina wasn’t really a serious kind of girl, at least, not yet.  Maybe later.

Laurel, meanwhile, was the direct opposite of her sister.  She had met Brayden Carmondy as a child and they had been friends, but that was it.  Now that they were teens, there was a sort of distance between them.  Brayden was known to be rich, but he was also known to be a little… odd.  Very quiet, almost too quiet.  It freaked people out.

When Laurel had stayed behind to help the teacher, Brayden had also been there.  He didn’t explain why, but he did offer her a ride.  Ah, the benefits of not having five siblings… your own car.  He drove her home and she politely asked him inside, but he declined.

“That’s all right, I should probably go,” he said quickly.  He seemed a little bothered by something.

“Oh, okay.  Thanks for the ride.” Laurel said, not wanting to pry.  Brayden always seemed a bit highstrung for his age.  Rumor was that since his father’s passing… life in the Wilson-Carmondy house had gotten… interesting.

Meanwhile, Davina was pleading with Harmony.  Harmony had grown increasingly tired of being the one everyone relied on for homework advice.  She told them it was time they pulled their own weight.  Davina was understandably distraught.  She was on the honor roll thanks to Harmony!

“C’mon, Harm, you know I love you,” Davina said, but her charm fell on dead ears.

Harmony made a face, “I told you, don’t call me that and give it up.  Do your own homework for once!”

Poor Mark wasn’t having much better luck.  Not only was he the only boy amidst a sea of female siblings, but he never failed to get his butt kicked by them in video games.  His sisters beat him into the ground, every single time, effortlessly.  It was definitely a swift kick in his male ego, that’s for sure.

Feeding a family of eight is hectic and causes Lila to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing everyone’s favorite meals beforehand.  Due to all of this, she’s become quite skilled in the kitchen.  She likes to flaunt her skill by chopping with just one hand and flipping pancakes over her head.

It’s the little things you do that keep you sane and for Lila, that’s flipping pancakes over her head.

Melody is a cook-to-be, but she doesn’t have the same luck as her mother.  Just making pancakes is a trial and she finds herself continually trying to ‘cool them down’ by blowing on them.  It doesn’t work.  She’s learning, though, slowly but surely, she’s learning.  Lila even gave her some of her old books to read, happy to pass down her learnings.

When he’s not getting his butt kicked at video games by his numerous sisters, Mark spends his time in his room, writing brooding outlines for novels.  He’s inherited his mother’s writing urge, that’s for sure, and is quite ambitious about it for someone so young.  A budding young journalist, perhaps?  For now, though, he’s just trying to keep everyone from using his computer.

With everyone moving through the house, the living room still gets the most traffic.  It’s a wonder Lila can write, what with the music blaring, Davina playing her guitar, and the kids all dancing and laughing behind her.  It doesn’t bother Lila, however.  After years and years of raising children, she’s built up a filter.

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21 comments to The Donovan Family is Chaotic

  • That’s really cool that they can copy homework. I like the differing body shapes that they can get, it’s one of the things that really tempts me to get TS3.

    Aw, Laurel and Brayden are cute. I hope something develops between them.

    Poor Mark, stuck with all those sisters. But at least he’s getting plenty of inspiration for his writing! ;)

    • Mao

      The body shapes are neat… but let’s remember, the majority of genetics are “asspull” (JM’s Term). No method to the madness. Sometimes, completely freakin’ random. Like poor Laurel here. She should not be that skinny, genetically, it makes no sense. :\ Davina got her dad’s body type… muscled with some filling.

      Mark is definitely making use of all the dysfunction!


    That whole different body shapes thing is really interesting – has it been inherited from the parents or is it random?

    • Mao

      You have to remember how genetics work in TS3… in that they don’t. They can be completely freakin’ random, which is frustrating to someone like me. Very frustrating.

      Evil Emma is awesome!

  • Josh

    Davinia’s body shape is… interesting. :P

    I love Mark’s argyle outfits. Argyle ftw!

    Emma is so precious. I can’t wait to see what freshness she’ll get up to. :D

  • Christina

    So what’s your method in playing this game? Are you playing one household for a certain number of days, then switching to another? If you are, does that mean you have the Awesomemod’s TS2 Aging-style intact?

    Just wondering, because I’d love to do something like this but want to get a few of the kinks worked out beforehand.

    • Mao

      My intent was to play the Donovan family and then play each of the children individually and follow them as they grew. Once this happens, I’ll enable TS2 style aging on the Awesomemod, likely. And just do rotations with houses and check in with unplayables/etc to ensure they are functioning.

      • Christina

        Yeah, that sounds like a good method. With the neighborhood I’m testing right now, I created four families, but have found that it’s kind of boring to play a one-sim household? So I’m just sticking with the married couple I already have and doing the whole ‘playing with their offspring’ as well.

        Keep going with this, I really like it!

        • Mao

          If I need to spice things up, I add a fun household (like the Carmondy one)… but Brayden will probably end up being absorbed by one of the Donovans. ;)

          I’m still really experimenting and trying to find something that’s fun and playable for me. I’m not a fan of overly complex systems!

          Thanks! I’m glad you like it so far. Things are definitely subject to change, but so far, it works.

  • Yay, lots of neat gameplay details in this one!

    So was Davina’s detention really that specific then? Or did you add the chatting to Eugene part?

    Wow, Davina, lol! Looks like she’s even got the walk down! Are the girls living together when they move out, or separately? I’m really interested to see how your rotation play goes.

    I still love the body types, even if they don’t make sense. It’s nice to see some variety.

    • Mao

      I have no idea what truly happened with detention. I got a pop-up saying that sleeping, slacking off, and jabber-jawing were all grounds for detention. I had her chatting with friends at the time, but I also had everyone else in school doing the same. So I just assumed she was being too loud. ;)

      Davina and Laurel will start out as roommates. They’re twins, I don’t see them completely eager to separate, especially when Davina likes having Laurel around.

      I’m a very big genetics freak (even in RL), so it’s a big deal to me. I just wish they hadn’t screwed genetics up so badly. They were a major part of my TS2 <3

  • Ha, did they actually use the phrase “jabber-jawing”? How funny!

    I had to wonder about Brayden. What must his life be like now that he’s just got Sydonie for a parent? Poor kid. Poor all her kids, actually.

    The Donovans are great fun. Chaotic certainly seems like a good word for them!

    I still don’t know what to think about genetics in TS3. It seems both dumbed down and needlessly complicated at the same time. Like how did my Sim Jemima get black hair when one parent is a blonde and the other is a redhead? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    I’ve been trying to do the copy homework thing in my game and failing. Do you have to pull it out of their inventory or what?

    • Christina

      Genetics is definitely screwy: last I checked on MATY, it looked like if you had Sim A start off with brown hair but then dyed her hair Pink with purple highlights, if her kid inherited from her, she would 99% likely get the pink hair with purple highlights. Which is just bogus.

    • Mao

      The dyed hair becoming genetic is apparently a bug, or so JM has said.

      As for the homework, you have to pull it from their inventory and set it somewhere or put it in the sim’s inventory that will copy it.

      Genetics are like 10% asspull, 40% grandparents, and 50% parents, I think. The stats are on MATY.

      The genetics seriously tick me off. I loved them in TS2. I know a lot of people don’t think its a big deal, but most of those people haven’t played the game through multiple generations. It. Blows. No excuse for it, period.

      • Christina

        Totally agree. Like, I appreciate they put in the ‘make a twin’ feature in CAS and all, but I really wouldn’t like it if two siblings who aren’t even twins look EXACTLY alike. It’s boring and ugly.

        But so far, your Sims are pretty. I’m hoping with the new family I just started I’ll have better lucky (only one boy so far).

  • Koko

    Mark’s hair makes me laugh every time I see it. :P

  • This was such a delicious update, Mao! Sorry it’s taken me so long to comment on it. Anyhoo here goes…

    I love that picture of Mark at the computer. He looks so adorable there, but I have to admit that he lost some of that cuteness when he became a teen. And he definitely is set for life if he becomes a writer…he should have more than enough stories to keep him busy writing.

    Yay for evil little girls in skull outfits. Too cute. I’m really looking forward to what trouble she causes as a teenager. We haven’t heard much about her yet, so this ought to be interesting.

    I love how each of the kids has such a different personality and style. It makes for some very entertaining reading. And yay for two of them growing up and moving out! I can’t wait to read about their new lives.

    I’m surprised that Demetri and Lila are still so in love. After raising only 2 children, Allegra and Jared had a very low relationship with each other since they never had a moment to spend together..which makes for great storytelling. Just count that as a spoiler for you!

    • Mao

      LOL, yay, spoiler! No worries, Mandie. You’re a busy lady. Mark is a little odd, it’ll be interesting to see how he develops… as for Emma? I LOVE HER. Not playing favorites or anything, not at all. ;)

      Demetri and Lila are still all over each other and it cracks me up. They keep wanting more babies… uh, NO! I don’t really force them to interact unless they wish for it.

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