The Sims 4

I have no intention of “moving” to The Sims 4, as I’ve stated elsewhere. I have, however, been playing it and attempting to give some insight into the game via my tumblr. If you’re not following me on Twitter @maonao, you can find my Tumblr here:

It’s not quite as scathing as my ‘failboat’ blog I did for TS3 years ago (holy crap, how has it been years?!) or as in-depth. More of just puddle-deep thoughts and views about particular mechanics with screenshots/etc. Not going to lie, thereĀ are some things I like… but the game is shallow. Think back to base game The Sims 1 and remove any of the “holy crap, this a BRAND NEW CONCEPT WE’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE” shininess. Yeah. You run out of stuff to do pretty quickly… but so far, it runs on laptops, which is nice!

I’ve every intention of going on with Aperture Valley and even finishing up my Random Legacy at some point, too. Unfortunately, gaming is slow for me due to being very pregnant. I’m due beginning of November and on maternity leave for four months after before returning to work. Yikes. So, things will be bumpy as I adjust to thisĀ huge life change!

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  • I still have to go back and look at all your TS4 pics! I’ve been so busy that I’ve missed most of them. Kind of want to see some pics from someone who is not totally in love with the game and is willing to give credit where it’s due but also not sugarcoat the not-so-great stuff. :)

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