Gameplay Post: ROS Rolls & Crime

As most of you know, crime is a big part of my sims’ lives!  I never really had a reason to randomize it until now.  I want to make it more risky, with the chance of going to jail and being in there for multiple days, along with paying legal fees!

I’m already doing ROS rolls thanks to a program my husband made me.  For my crime rolls, I think I’m just going to manually roll for them.  For my thieves, I’m planning on rolling for successful heists, jobs, and fail chances.  Failure results in a chance of getting busted.  This is important because I currently have a sim on his way to becoming a master thief.

I’m going to try and factor in job opportunities into this.  Like, right now, I have a sim with an opportunity to visit France to deliver a package.  I’m considering that a ‘job’, so it carries risks.  Even though the game will count it as a success, I will still roll for success chance, getting caught, etc.  I want this level of risk because, otherwise, criminals lead a pretty easy life.  Sure, the game will randomly arrest them… but the only downside to that is they get stuck in jail.  They don’t lose any skills or money or anything.  Their family doesn’t even recognize they’ve been put in jail!  How stupid is that?

So, basically, I’ve got a notepad page filled with possible scenarios/etc and their chances (using d10′s and the like).  I will have specific ones for specific professions, with the bosses of each type of organization (crime and theft) being exempt from certain things and carrying their own penalties.  I still have a lot of work to do on both fronts, so when I have more, I’ll share it here.

Just thought I’d post my brainstorming here and see if anyone else does anything similar or if anyone has any suggestions/tips/etc!  We all know I’m not the most structured when it comes to my sim playing… but this is something I can dig into.

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  • Really great idea! I don’t have any sims in the criminal career but if I did, I think I’d be thinking about doing something similar. Sim criminals have it pretty damn easy, really! Crime totally does pay…as long as you’re a sim, lol.

  • Sounds like a brilliant idea, one that should have came with the game imo. are you going to change the chance of failure per each assignment? I would think new criminals have a higher chance of things going wrong. But then again, pros go for bigger jobs that carry more risk then warehouse robberies. No criminals in my hood. Not opposed, just haven’t had any yet. If I get some I’m going to utilize your idea.

  • I’m doing a bit of brainstorming for something like that myself. I don’t yet have a criminal in Newtopia Heights, but I’ve already been deciding chances of getting busted, getting hurt/losing skills, and being killed in action. Same for police officers and firefighters, even the military. I need more sims in these high-risk jobs; I have a firefighter, I have a couple of sims that want to join the police, and I had a sim in the military. But I’m trying to funnel more sims into it; I’m instituting a kind of JROTC program for my less well-off teens to be able to go to college in exchange for at least a few years of service to their community.
    (I’ve been trying to comment on posts in Aperture Valley, but they disappeared… :( )

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