Townie DecaDynasty – 1:4

Annnd we’re back!  As you can see, Addison is THRILLED to be graduating.  Aww yeeeaah!  It’s graduation time!

This house is so full of sims it gives me a headache.

Also, I hate that stupid bear hat.  Stupid hair fail.

Obviously, if the twins have graduated, they are Young Adults.  Aren’t they adorable?  I saved them to the sim bin so I can throw their genetics into my Prosperity hood.  They look like Disney animals!  Sooo cute!

Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to write down their final trait.  Oops.  It’s okay, though.  It’s not like they’re relevant to the challenge!

Poor Anna spends all of her time painting.  She needs to max out her career and fulfill 10 opportunities before she can move out as an Adult, so she pretty much never leaves the easels.  She’s forced to watch her siblings live their lives.

Abigail is busy smooching up her highschool beau, Barry Whitfield.  She digs that smoking jacket.

Abigail also digs causing massive traffic jams on the front porch with her stupid piano!  Arrrgh!  Sometimes, I think to myself, “Mao, why don’t you do an ISBI?”

And then I see crap like this and I remember why I don’t attempt one in TS3.


Abel becomes a Young Adult the only way he knows how–shirtlessly.  Does that even make sense?  No, it doesn’t, but whatever.  He’s shirtless.  What were his traits again?  Let me look…

Oh, I actually wrote his down.  Wut?

Abel – Easily Impressed, Eccentric, Angler, Flirty, Evil

He was voted something along the lines of being the class clown.  I dunno.  That’s what my notes say!

This house is a HOT MESS!  It irritates me to no end, but I have a philosophy for this challenge and that is this:  we’re supposed to be exploring already built houses, so I’m not going to change them.  Instead, I’m going to do my best to work around their tiny, cramped spaces and make everything awesome.

Obviously, I am failing.

But, it’s okay, because Abigail rants constantly about being a composer and how I’m snuffing out her dreams by not bothering to get her a job in Music!

This house is such a war zone that it takes two maids to clean it!  Seriously, people, two maids!  My Legacy house was HUGE and they never had to hire two freaking maids!

Those two maids suck, though.  They only do half of their job.

Priscilla, noo!  We were in the middle of re-stocking the fridge with army rations!  What am I going to do without my prolific cook around to feed the starving masses?  Ugh, they might actually start trying to cook themselves… the AGONY!

Grim turns up in his graduation robes.  He remembers Anna.  It looks like he’s trying to chat her up, but Anna is disinterested.  He is kind of reaping her mother, after all.

Also, note the new cat at her feet.  That is Sindel.  She’s giving birth to kittens and Anna will be taking one of them with her when she moves.

While I am saddened I’ve lost Priscilla as my line-cook, I’m glad she left a whooper of a tombstone!  Score!

And, yes, Anna is still painting… because that’s really all she does.  Being a DecaDynasty heiress kind of sucks.

Abigail is FURIOUS that she missed her mother’s passing because of Abel’s stupid graduation.  He didn’t even graduate with honors!  Poor Abel.  Everyone but Anna was at his graduation ceremony when Priscilla was selected by Death!

Desperate for some space in the house full of crying sims, I have Abel invite Alora Platt over.  She looks even more ridiculous as a YA, but whatever.  Matias is also quite unimpressed by her.  He wishes she looked more like her mother.

Despite her weirdly long face, Abel proposes.  Again, Anna is painting.  They have a quickie wedding and Alora moves in.

For a day or two, Anna actually has some company out in the backyard… not that she wants it.  If you remember, Anna is a Loner and gets a mood boost from being alone.  Alora is totally harshing her mellow right now.

Sindel gives birth to two boy kittens I name Noob and Smoke.  I am so awesome with naming themes.

It doesn’t take long for Abel and Alora to head for the hills.  This place is a DUMP!  Look at that big old pile of trash.  I have no idea where it came from!

They move into their own house and are now free to pursue their lives as Twallan’s Story Progression sees fit!

Addison has no romance in her life, but she does enjoy chatting up one of the maids.  His name is Kacey O’Niel.

Hey, Kacey… stop macking on Addison and clean up that disgusting pile of trash!

Angry that her little brother beat her to the punch, Abigail invites Barry over and moves him in.  He instantly proposes and they have a small wedding.  They move out immediately after, back in with Barry’s family in this big, modern house.

I am so jealous.  So not fair.

Addison isn’t letting her siblings have all the fun.  She makes her move on Kacey after rolling up a wish to find out his sign and kiss him.  I move him in and they get married.  They’ll be staying in the house.

It’s kind of empty with everyone gone!

Priscilla visits, but mostly just to nap in one of the bunk beds.  The room is pretty barren with most of the kids moved out.  Only Anna, Matias (after being kicked out of his bedroom by Addison and Kacey), and Adam remain.

Anna FINALLY maxes out the Painting career… hooray!  One more moving requirement conquered.  All she has left is some opportunities.  She’s inching very close to Adulthood at this point.

Adam becomes a YA with some crazy prominent ears.

Adam – Excitable, Brave, Neurotic, Star Quality, Born Salesman

His traits are so random.  It’s hard to believe the last child is a Young Adult now!

Newly pregnant Addison decides to lecture Anna on the dirty dishes.  Hey, she’s got painting to do, sister.  Why don’t you get your jobless but in there and clean them up yourself?  Stop distracting her!

Anna is two days from Adulthood at this point and is on her last opportunity.  I have her track down Chad and try proposing to him.  He turns her down the first time she tries.  I rule at picking out terrible spouses for my sims in this challenge!

After some wooing, she asks a second time and he accepts.  He jumps around like he didn’t just tell her to get bent a few minutes earlier.  What the hell?  This dude has issues.

Anna throws a bachelorette party and her pregnant sister is definitely up for a night of debauchery.  Anna invites a bunch of ladies from around the neighborhood to celebrate and the house is actually pretty full of crazy dancing women.

Then, the dancer shows up.  This is my first time seeing the ‘cowboy’ dancer.  How funny!  His name was ‘Gustav Gusto.’  Anna was all about his rippling man muscles grooving in the kitchen!

Anna: ‘Hot dog!  There’s a half-naked man gyrating in my kitchen–this is HEAVEN!’

The next time we see Anna, she’ll be an adult getting married and leaving her childhood home behind.  Say goodbye to the Michael Bay color scheme!  I can’t say I’ll miss it!


This is my on-going attempt at the Townie DecaDynasty Challenge by Metropolis Man.

4 comments to Townie DecaDynasty – 1:4

  • LOL, Michael Bay colour scheme! Too funny.

    I can’t believe you’ve had the house crammed full for so long and then in just one session, you manage to get rid of two of them and are close to getting rid of a third. I’m going to have to read up on this challenge, because I just realised I don’t know what’s supposed to happen once all the kids have moved out and Matias dies!

    And awww, RIP Priscilla! I guess she starts out halfway through her YA years, so it figures she’d shuffle off a little early. Or at least, it seems early to me!

    • Mao

      I am SO glad to have some sims moved out. That place was a madhouse. Sims were constantly getting get stuck behind one another trying to go through doorways! Argh!

      The premise of the challenge is: each generation, a sim marries a ‘townie’ and moves into their house. Then, they start the process over again. When a generation moves, they MUST birth the next generation within a few days of moving, I think. I’ll have to read up on it again… the rules are linked to my first post!

      I’m playing on Normal, so it probably did seem quick! I do enjoy the brevity of challenges, though. It’s a nice break from everything else.

  • Alexy

    I know this is an old post Dx but I just had to say I loooove the MK reference.. (Hoping that was the reason for the cats names), if not then what a coincidence(lol). Also, your S3 looks soo fun, I’ve always loved BIG families since S1. In Sims 2(what I play now) my biggest family has 36 members growing around my neighborhood, we just had one(of many) HUGE family reunions, plus two people in the family are pregnant.. I just got my mum all the S3 games up to Pets and this actually makes me want to put them on my computer and give S3 a whirl.. Bleh >.< ./longcommentover ??

    • Mao

      Hey there! It took me a LONG time to get used to TS3. I’d been playing since TS1 released, but TS2 was my favorite of all. I really loved it. Switching to TS3 was a long, hard road and there are still things I dislike about it. But, I’ve converted for various reasons. It’s a lot easier with hacks to make it do what I want!

      I love huge families, but having to manage everyone after the initial house is where I lose interest, LOL! I love seeing how the genetics mix. xD

      Yes, I’m glad you caught the reference! xD

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