Townie DecaDynasty – 1:3

Addison and Abigail decide that being twins just isn’t enough, they have to be BFFS 4 EVAA also.  This option is so weird.  I don’t understand it at all, but in this challenge, happiness points are everything.  So even inane things like this get fulfilled… woohoo!

Now this… this is terrifying.  Who wants to wake up to a squadron of cats parked at the side of your bed, their hungry eyes looking up at you from behind less-than-playfully poised whiskers.

Priscilla should be afraid… very afraid.

That, or she should learn to feed her cats!

I’ve found that having a lot of idle teens in an household at one time results in an almost constant parade of pranks.  Poor Anna finds herself the victim of a particularly brutal hair dye prank.  Who doesn’t want their hair the color of a highlighter?

Anna: ‘I’m going to kill Alan!’

I was trying to take a picture of the twins playing a nice game with their younger brother, Abel, but was distracted by the cat flopped out on the end table.  It’s seems that there’s always a cat parked in a really strange place in these pictures.  Why don’t they ever sleep on the cat condo??

I think Addison is going to make a good mother some day.  She takes care of little Adam without much fuss or direction from me.  I usually force the parents to do everything, but Addison more than happily picks up their large slack.

Good on you, Addison!

Abel is a child now and enjoys playing video games… a lot.  Also, again, there’s a cat.  Welcome to the cat hoarders house!

Abel – Easily Impressed, Eccentric, Angler

The Singh family finds themselves the victim of a robbery.  I find it a little strange that the burglar used the door to the children’s room to pop in from.  Seriously?  I don’t even know how to begin explaining that mess.

The cop fails at apprehending the perp, who makes off with their television and some other random things.  Anna wants to immortalize this failure forever in a painting, much to the cop’s embarrassment.

I could care less either way, as the two of them combined makes up the final requirements for the NPC friend move requirement… woohoo!

Priscilla becomes an elder!  She spent the majority of her YA and Adult life pregnant, so I think she’s earned the right to retire her clown car.

She still works (for the time being), but she also lives the high life of getting just about every wish she wants granted!  She’s going to be my ‘death on home lot = awesome tombstone’ moving requirement, since she’ll probably die first.

Adam becomes a child just before Abel is set to be a teen.  Poor guy is going to be a lonely child in this house full of teenage hormones!

Adam – Excitable, Brave, Neurotic

Remember how I said Abel was close to becoming a teen?  Well now he’s a teen.  The house is officially filled to the brim with spawn and even though Priscilla wished for more babies well into her elderhood, it’s not happening.  No more.

This house can’t handle anymore pranks!

Abel – Easily Impressed, Eccentric, Angler, Flirty

Abel is Flirty, so he immediately wants to make nice with the nearest girl possible.  That girl happens to be Alora Platt, long-time friend of the family.  She’s a bit odd looking, but whatever.  Mack on her to your heart’s content, Abel.  Maybe you guys can have weird looking, elf-like children together or something.

Hooray!  Anna is finally a Young Adult and ready to spend the next part of her life trying to fulfill the rest of the moving requirements.  That’s right, in this challenge, you don’t get to move out and have babies until you’re an Adult.  Crazy!

She still hasn’t finished painting masterpieces for the last painting sub-opportunity, so she works on that.

Anna (Heiress) – Artistic, Loner, Lucky, Loves the Outdoors, Virtuoso

Her LTW is the one where you max painting and guitar.

Meanwhile, Matias is working on those final few best friends for the moving requirement… this means he throws LOTS of campaign fundraisers and spends most of his time schmoozing.  Addison and Abel take this time to get some romance in their lives.

Addison met this dude and wanted to know his sign, so they started flirting.  Abel is, of course, flirting with Alora Platt.  Addison nails this guy as her boyfriend, but Abel isn’t ready to commit just yet.

Anna manages to get her property to the max level and the family heads out on a Saturday to celebrate that fact by breaking it in.  Of course, anyone who does a challenge that involves maxing out properties knows that hot tubs are key!  So, even though this place is a secluded fishing hole… it has a hot tub.  A big one.

This place overlooks the town below, so it might just be the spot where Anna gets married.  It’s a got beautiful view of the sun setting.

After making use of every facility available, the large family settles down by the fire while Anna and Addison soothe them with some sweet jams.

Abel gets his first kiss while on a date with Alora.  Of course, his first kiss happens in the midst of two creepers.

Seriously, guys… that’s just weird.

Alan becomes an Adult and I have him move out because this house is so freaking crazy I can hardly stand it.  I’m hoping he’ll go find himself a sweet girl and settle down, but alas, the game instead decides to immigrate him somewhere else.  He disappears from his family’s panels and locked wishes forever.

Sadface.  Bye, Alan.

Alan – Virtuoso, Clumsy, Daredevil, Over-Emotional, Genius

Matias becomes a rather grim elder.  He’s already talking about Death and in front of his youngest son, too!  What a cad.  But then again, what else can be expected of this Diva sim?

Anna finally paints her final masterpiece and ‘supermaxes’ Painting, which completes yet another moving requirement.  All of this have to (or should be) finished by Adulthood, so she can move out immediately and bring in the next generation.

For those curious, ‘supermaxing’ a skill just means you complete the skill in its entirety–that means all the little ‘sub’ things, as well.

I just wanted a picture for posterity.

Because Anna is a self-employed Painter (the career she’s maxing out for yet another moving requirement) she’s home while everyone else is at school or work.

I find it hilarious that, even though the house is silent, the presence of her family is obvious in the state of the house.  Just look at that messy kitchen!

Anna is halfway through being a young adult and still has yet to meet the man she’ll marry.  I had hoped she’d pick up some random schmoe during prom, but as we know, that did not happen.  So, I send her out on the town to find a beau.

She meets this guy.  I can’t remember his name.  I know he’s part of the Luck family, though… I think?  I dunno.  He’s got bad traits for a spouse (a running trend in this challenge for me, it seems), but his genetics are good.

Her father would much rather hook her up with Talan Sagar, but I’m not feeling it at all.  His traits are much better suited to being a spouse, but his face is nuts.  You can’t see it here, but his face is very long and angular, which his chin and nose being several sizes too big.  It’s frightening.

Anna’s choice is obvious.  Her dad already introduced weird genetics into the gene pool, there doesn’t need to be anymore this generation.

Talar is, understandably, a bit put off by all of this.

Anna finally, finally graduates.  I have no idea what the hang-up was, only that when I booted the game up again, I got to see her don the cap and gown and march her entire family off to graduation!

She got voted most likely to never leave the house… ha!  That’s kind of funny, given the nature of this challenge.

Graduation shot with some of the family.  Woo.

Anna is so thrilled.  It would have been a bummer to become an Adult without ever graduating high school, ha.

Okay, this had me laughing.  The Grim Reaper was apparently int Anna’s class.  What?  How?  I don’t even know.

I’m not sure I even WANT to know.

What the hell?

He also has no face.  It’s completely not there, it’s just empty space.  Wow.


This is my on-going attempt at the Townie DecaDynasty Challenge by Metropolis Man.

2 comments to Townie DecaDynasty – 1:3

  • I actually think the cats are pretty realistic, based on my own cat experience! I didn’t think cat owners had any choice but to have their cats staring at them until they woke up! Or at least, that’s what my cat always did. He wasn’t after food – he just found it offensive that I was asleep when I could be awake and looking at him, lol. He also never slept in his bed – he slept on top of the wardrobe, for some reason!

    I would go nuts in this challenge. You can’t move anyone out until they’re adults? Yet this challenge still sounds odd, in a masochistic kind of way!

    LOL at Alora and Abel kissing in front of the creepers! They look like they’re trying to check them out without being noticed!

    Do you have to supermax all the skills? Because if you do, I would so dread having to do Guitar (or any of the instruments, I guess). The amount of money you need to earn in tips is ridiculous!

    And man, my Grimmie is going around wearing graduation robes! I wondered what was up – he must have attended a graduation ceremony. For some reason???

    Oh man…end novel!

    • Mao

      I didn’t get a cat until I was around nine or ten, but my mother was afraid of cats, so she was confined to my room and then the upstairs for a few years before being allowed to roam the house. Even then, she was very skittish and not adventurous at all, the most she climbed up on was laps, lol. Loki is about the same way (my current cat), but he does like to get into naughty things now and again. The cats in this game crack me up, they are super adorable.

      You actually can’t move out anyone until they are adults AND they’ve met the “movement requirements”!

      You just pick ONE skill per heir/heiress and then supermax it. So, you can pick any and you only pick 10 (one for each generation), so you can ignore some completely!

      HAHA! He’s graduating everywhere. That is too funny!

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