Townie DecaDynasty – 1:2

Anna gets cracking on her homework, because every DecaDynasty heir has to get Honor Roll in both elementary and high school!  Her little friend is Alora Platt.

Also, notice the tacky Fanta fridge.  Woo, classy.

Matias throws lots of parties, both for friends and campaign money.  For some reason, I’m not seeing the huge boost to friendship I’m used to when I throw parties in TS3.  It’s usually a sure-fired way to get friends, but it’s not working so well for Matias.

Maybe it’s because everyone knows he’s a diva.  :b

Where parties fail, one-on-one time succeeds!  Matias makes the repair woman another NPC best friend to the family in front of the Fanta fridge.

I really hate that thing.  Why did I even download it?

When the babies get to be too much, Matias sneaks out into the garage and steals the top bunk of Anna’s bunk bed.  He won’t be able to do that for much longer.

Of course, if the alternative was this, wouldn’t YOU want to get away, too?  Even the repair woman has to pitch in!

Also, Priscilla (the Challenge Clown Car), is pregnant again…

The twins become little gremlins... ahem toddlers and immediately, one of them is screaming.  I can’t even remember who is who.  One second.

Addison is screaming.  Sigh.

Alan becomes a child.  I’m losing track of these kids!  I don’t even know when they’re going to age up anymore.

He hugs his clown car of a mother, who is about ready to pop with yet another baby.

Alan – Virtuoso, Clumsy, Daredevil

Matias gets the midlife crisis wish to flirt with his boss, Therese, so I allow it.  I didn’t realize that poor Anna was working on her homework in the corner!  She is not amused.

I can’t say I’d fair any differently.  Who wants their dad to be a tool?

Annnnnd baby Abel is born.  I kind of thought this would be the last one.

But, I kind of thought wrong… as usual.

Abel – Easily Impressed, Eccentric

Dude, I don’t even know WHAT is going on here.  I was paying attention to Anna and then I saw this.  Matias is still wearing the black spandex from when he got a midlife crisis tattoo.  Why is he lecturing Alan about girly hair?  I dunno.  Maybe he’s telling him not to grow girly hair like his mother.

What is wrong with this family?!

Anna chats up Sebastian Gooder.  He has the possibility of being an eventual spouse for her, but those ears!  Matias’ ears are already plaguing the family.  I think we’ll have to pass, buddy, but thanks for your interest.


I really, really just want to slap all celebrating sims with a trout in this game.  It’s like levels beyond tolerable ridiculousness.  Still, she’s the heir and she gets a party–she’ll horse-face if she wants to.

Anna has, unfortunately, inherited EVERYTHING from her father.  No cute Priscilla clones here, sigh.  Oh well.  At least she looks only slightly avian.  I’m actually used to her now.  She’s unique.  I wonder what she’ll look like as a YA.

Also, note the creeper outside.  No clue what his deal is.

Anna – Artistic, Loner, Lucky, Loves the Outdoors

Okay, let me first tell you that I also have not really explored the Pets expansion pack.  Let me also tell you that I forgot to mention that Sonya and Raiden had THREE KITTENS.  Now that you’re caught up…

WTF HAPPENED TO THE COUCH?  I should have taken a picture before I fixed the rug, also, but I was too shocked and disgusted.  THIS HOUSE LOOKS LIKE AN ANIMAL HOARDER’S HOUSE!

Quick, someone call Animal Planet!

This crap is out of control.

Priscilla can barely keep up with all the little gremlins err children demanding her attention.  She passes out often.

This woman has been to work like, one day out of her entire career.

The twins finally become children.  FINALLY!

Abigail – Athletic, Virtuoso, Good Sense of Humor

Addison – Clumsy, Easily Impressed, Cat Person


Poor Anna has been trying to work on her painting, but that’s kind of difficult when the screams of her siblings can be heard from miles away.  I do not foresee Anna having oodles of children.  No way.

If I had planned better, I would have put more outside activities for the kids down sooner.  Unfortunately, I did not and so they wreak havoc in the house after school and on the weekends.  Yikes!

I haven’t had this many kids in a sim family for a VERY long time.  This is bananas!

Abel demonstrates how one improperly uses the turtle table.  He’s pretty miffed all he can do is chew on blocks.  That is bogus.

Somebody get a crowbar and extract that kid from the table!

Oooh, look who is knocked up again!  Addison is NOT amused.  She takes a cue from her father and gives her mother some sass about the toilet.

All these children are going to be mini-Matiases… that’s a scary realization.

Also, check that classy opportunity thing in the corner.  IT’S LIKE I DON’T EVEN CARE!

(mostly because I don’t)

Abel is the only child to get ALL of Priscilla’s features.  At least, I’m pretty sure he has all of them.  I can’t be sure.  Pudding children are eerily deceptive in their faces.


Abel – Easily Impressed, Eccentric, Angler

Priscilla gives birth to her last gremlin… baby and is Stir Crazy, so I send her out for a stroll.  Like we’re surprised she’s stir crazy!  Again, the woman hasn’t been to her job in SIM YEARS!

Is she even still employed??  Hooow??

Adam – Excitable, Brave

Alan becomes a teen and joins his sister in going to Prom.  He does not dress for the occasion, but at least he looks better than plaid suit boy over there.  Wow.

A first for any of my prom teens, they do NOT come back with romantic interests.  Bummer.  They do both score crowns, though.

Alan – Virtuoso, Clumsy, Daredevil, Over Emotional

I finally install some fun kid things outside so I don’t lose my mind and start deleting sims.  The twins love playing hopscotch.  It’s cute.

Abigail always wins.

Priscilla’s last toddler emerges… Adam ages up unbeknownst to me because there’s too many freaking kids in this tiny house!

Wow, maybe Priscilla will actually go back to work and stop cashing in her LTH points for Inheritance from estranged family members!

Somebody call up the babysitter!

By the way, the babysitter sucks at hopscotch.

Just thought I’d throw that one out there.

Holy crap, RANDOM FIRE!  I don’t even know what happened, but I can guess.  Looks like Alan decided to grill IN THE MORNING instead of getting leftovers from the fridge.  Sigh.

At least he put the fire out.

Anna was the one to call the fire department.  Unfortunately, he showed up too late and ran into the bathroom while Anna was showering.

Endless humiliation for her, but at least now we can befriend the fireman.  Score!

The twins become teens and Addison tries bathing in the middle of the living room.

You may be asking yourself why there is a bathtub in the living room in the first place… well, let me tell you something…

When you have FIVE INSANE CATS, those cats get fleas.  And then they throw fits about flea baths and then I have to put a stupid tub in the middle of the living room.

Why is Addison ducking down and looking annoyed?  YOU’RE BATHING IN THE LIVING ROOM, of course there WILL BE PEOPLE!  Dummy.  Get out of that tub so I can delete it.

Anyway, here are the twins as teens.  Abigail is in blue, Addison is wearing purple.  Abigail makes an adorable teen.  They seem to have a mixture of features from both parents.  I may have to save Abigail to the simbin.

Abigail – Athletic, Virtuoso, Good Sense of Humor, Eco-Friendly

Addison – Clumsy, Easily Impressed, Cat Person, Good Sense of Humor

Whew.  That’s about all I can handle for now.  My game even died on me and wiped out an hour and a half of progress.  I was angry.  My husband was shocked when I told him this happened and there wasn’t another dent in my computer case.  I told him that it was because it was not the computer’s fault.  Poor computer, it always takes the blame…


This is my on-going attempt at the Townie DecaDynasty Challenge by Metropolis Man.

2 comments to Townie DecaDynasty – 1:2

  • Sorry, but I seriously love Sebastian Gooder! I would be marrying that kid into the family so fast. I think he’s adorable, ears and all. And he’s got like a “bitch, please” face going on, which I love!

    Oh, lord, WTF is going on with the turtle table?! Or does Abel just have issues?

    So assuming you’re right and Abel will be a Priscilla clone, do you think he’ll be heir? Or maybe Abigail? Addison is pretty cute too.

    I feel like I have to try making one of my Sims bathe in the living room now. Too funny!

    • Mao

      Unfortunately, the challenge states that your first born is your heir. Even if you have multiples, the first one you NAME is your heir!

      It’s okay, though. Anna didn’t turn out too bad. She looks cute as a YA.

      Sebastian Gooder looks a little less awkward as he gets older. I’m glad I didn’t hook him up with Anna, though, because (if I remember correctly) Addison ended up hooking up with him at prom!

      The turtle table about killed me. I have no idea what happened!

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