Townie DecaDynasty – 1:1

I don’t want to get too far ahead of my blogging with my prosperity.  I’m only posting around twice a week (since the updates take time), so that’s impossible with how often I like to play my sims.  I saw a challenge by Metropolis Man called ‘The Townie DecaDynasty.’  I did some moderate to easy challenges in TS2, but this thing is epic in its record keeping and points tracking.  I figured it would keep me from overplaying my prosperity, so I’m going to try it.

I’m probably going to fail… hard, but whatever.  Worth a shot, right?  I’ll blog it, so you can point and laugh at how awful I am at hardcore challenges.  My gen 1 heir is only a child and already I am like “ommmgg whhhhhy?”  It’s fun, though… and it forces me to do things I usually hate, like ‘super maxing’ skills and doing opportunities (bleeehhh!)

I printed out the PDF tracking file linked on the forums, so I’m using that to keep myself in check.  If you’re curious as to how it’s going, you can click on the ‘read more.’

You have to pick a townie or townie family with no generations (ie, no children or parents, period) in one of the EA worlds, so I went with the Singhs in Starlight Shores.  It’s the world that came with Showtime.  I picked them because I think Priscilla is adorable.  I kind of wanted to start off with a single sim, but I didn’t want to kick Matias out!  So, there you go.  I, however, cannot stand that hair on Priscilla so I change it.  I’m too lazy to bugger with anything else.

Priscilla – Technophobe, Easily Impressed, Family-Oriented, Good, Good Sense of Humor (Surrounded by Family)

Matias – Absent-Minded, Ambitious, Diva, Light Sleeper, Unlucky (Living in the Lap of Luxury)

Matias has the worst bread winner traits EVER.

The rules state that as soon as you start the house, you must have a baby within 10 days.  Priscilla starts out near the end of her YA years, so it’s time to get crackin’.  She’s pregnant the first day.  She’s also a sim that will spend most of her pregnancies paying her respects to the porcelain throne.

I decide to get them a kitten and Priscilla is so psyched, man!  This is like the HYPEST thing she’s ever done.  Seriously?  It’s a scratching post, woman.  Chill.


For some reason, the brain dead adoption lady drops the cat off at the house across the street.  Priscilla has to go and get poor Raiden.

Yeah, that’s right.  Going with a naming theme for the animals.

I’m bored, so I sent Priscilla to go harvest some of the public plants.  This is Starlight Shores, so everyone and their mother is some sort of performer… so, when Simfest happens at the park she’s harvesting at… it’s a big turn out.


Whhhhy??  I have done literally NOTHING with Showtime, so this is all new to me.  So funny.

Some emo dude tries to hit on a classy lady and gets rejected.

Seriously, I had to look twice because I thought it was another chick.  WTF, dude?

Some creeper comes over and rubs on Priscilla’s belly.  She’s starting to smell, so it’s time to take her home before this dude lures her into his van with puppies.

I get a second cat, Sonya, but because I am an idiot, I forgot to make sure it was a kitten.  GO ME!  I AM SO AWESOME AT THIS!

This has nothing to do with the challenge itself, but I was hoping to have the cat generations follow the heir.

Priscilla goes into labor with the generation one heir in the boring bathroom.  Raiden is not amused.  He’s hungry and he’s pretty sure if she’d just stop whining and put food in his bowl, the world would be a better place.

Anna Singh is born.  All kids born this generation will have ‘A’ names, because I suck at coming up with a better theme.  Woo!

Anna Singh – Artistic, Loner

Hooray for an heiress!

Of course, no sooner has Priscilla recovered from the labors of birth is she back in the saddle, trying for another one.  She rolled up a baby wish REALLY quick.

I’m not entirely sure why Sonya is there, but she’s totally doing the creep.

Matias is my dedicated friend maker.  You have to have 10 NPC friends, so I am overlapping that with the 10 Best Friends moving requirement.  I probably should have thought this through better, though…

Bhatt Kerkar is the pizza guy.

Also, I got bored and redid their house in their favorite colors, because that’s what the cool kids do.  Now their house looks like a freaking Michael Bay film because Priscilla’s was Blue and Matias’ was Orange.

Because I can’t just do one thing at a time, my attention was on my other monitor while I clicked through boring conversation options.  Somehow, I made Matias give Bhatt flowers.  ARGH!  Which turned their ‘outing’ into a date since Matias invited him over (because anytime Invite someone over, I totally want it to be a HUGE THING, argh)…

I was sooo afraid that Priscilla was going to flip out, but she didn’t.  She walked into the room and started throwing a fit… about the television.

Priscilla: “ARRGH!  TV IS THE DEVIL!!”

The reason I mentioned that I should have thought things through more is that I forgot Matias is a Diva.  I’ve never had a Diva sim, but apparently, if you have ANY negative interaction, the Diva sim goes bananas.  Matias slapped the silly out of Bhatt and I have no idea why.  But it totally removed ANY progress I had made with them.


Stupid Diva sims.

Anna becomes a toddler and I am groaning because I’m going to have to live through four more toddlers.  And since this is a challenge, I had to set aging on normal and leave toddlers at SEVEN DAYS!  THAT’S AN ENTIRE SIM WEEK!  Aaarrghghhhhhghghg, I don’t like TS3 toddleeeers!


Priscilla gives birth to Alan Singh.  He is also bugged and I have to freaking reset him every single time they put him in the crib.  Fun times were NOT had by all.  Stupid buggy baby.

Alan – Virtuoso, Clumsy

Raiden finally becomes an epic adult cat.  He’s super cute.  I love the cats in this game!

Matias just proves how much of a tool he is when he complains to Priscilla about dirty dishes while she’s dealing with a crying baby and a toddler.

You fail at being awesome, Matias… fail.

Priscilla is pregnant again.  Also, look at ALL THAT BLUE!!!  Are your eyes burning yet?  It’s Anna’s favorite color, too.

I love blue, too, but playing this house makes me feel like I’m watching freaking Transformers all over again.

Alan becomes a toddler and his favorite color is Seafoam, but I’m ignoring that right now because he looks cuter in yellow and red!

Priscilla finally becomes less annoying and ages into a child.  Unfortunately, her first task is to nag me about being hungry.  You’re a child now, go get your own food!

Anna – Artistic, Loner, Lucky

Her skill is going to be Painting, so she gets an early start.  I had her reading toddler books, so she’ll have this skill maxed before she hits teenager (I hope.)  This is a skill I do a lot, so it won’t be difficult to max out everything… but I probably should have started with a harder one right now while it’s easier.

Ah well.  That’s how I roll, makin’ things difficult for myself, woo!

Priscilla gives birth to TWINS! because she’s now an adult and I gave her fertility treatment as a LTR.  Matias could care less, he was too busy befriending the baby sitter and NOT being a Diva for once.

I forced Priscilla to ignore her motives and care for her screaming gremlins, so these babies had predetermined traits.

Abigail – Athletic, Virtuoso

Addison – Clumsy, Easily Impressed

Addison really got shafted when it came to traits!

Matias becomes an Adult and feels the need to tell me he’s having a Midlife Crisis.

Really?  Because I couldn’t tell that from looking at your crib factory of a bedroom!

That’s right, I’m so classy I just shove the cribs in there.  I converted their garage into a bedroom for the eventual stream of children/teens.

Build?  Are you crazy?  I suck at building.  Maybe later.

2 comments to Townie DecaDynasty – 1:1

  • “Also, walls down shot… THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW THIS IS A CLASSY CHALLENGE!”

    LOL! I’m already excited! Not quite as excited as Priscilla was about the scratching post though. Girl has issues, clearly.

    And can I just say, their house is looking WAY better than what EA did with it. Even with the crib factory in the bedroom!

    Ha, possibly Matias is not the best choice for designated friend make, if he’s going to have a diva tantrum every time things don’t go his way. But then again, it makes it more hilarious for us.

    • Mao

      Haha! It’s so fun to just do a random caption gameplay challenge. It makes things easier, that’s for sure.

      The house is driving me mad. I’ll be happy if I never see orange and blue together again!

      Matias was a terrible choice. If I knew what I do now when I started, I would have kicked him to the curb and found Priscilla a better husband!

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