Aging Problem Solved!

Well, after sitting with my husband and jotting things down while I calculated them on my phone… I think I’ve finally cracked the aging dilemma.  I used a mishmash of everyone’s suggestions after running them by my husband.  He’s like my think-tank.  I am extremely lucky to have a spouse that not only endures my simming insanity, but encourages it and helps me out when I need it.

After some team work, I’ve finally figured out what I want to do.  It’s pretty simple.  I actually picked a number that rendered the formulas unnecessary (for the most part), but I’ll put the entire process here should anyone want to repeat it.  I will note, I’m not going for realism at all, so this may not work for you on that scale.  You can check out Laura’s post.  It’s more detailed and it has pictures!

First, I went back and looked at my TS2 hood.  I looked at how many rounds the average sim lasted.  Then, I tried to figure out a good number of rounds vs days to use in TS3.  I decided that 22.5 rounds total was good enough for a sim.  So, any sim born into my hood will live for 22.5 rounds.  I’ll be playing each house for 4 days total, which leads me to around 90 days.

I then decided what my age groups encompassed.  Basically, I had to figure out what ‘age range’ each age covered.

  • Baby 0-2 (2 days)
  • Toddler 2-5 (3 days)
  • Child 5-12 (7 days)
  • Teen 12-18 (6 days)
  • Young Adult 18-35 (17 days)
  • Adult 35-60 (25 days)
  • Elder 60-90 (30 days)

Again, this is just my perception of ages.  You can spread this however you like.  For me, I am seeing everything on the basis of how many rounds.  This means that I am thinking, “how many rounds will they be this age group” and such.

After doing this, we figure out how many days (sim days, in this case) each group is.  Then, we take the days divided by 90 and get the percentage each group takes out of a total of 90.

  • Baby 2.2%
  • Toddler 3.3%
  • Child 7.7%
  • Teen 6.6%
  • Young Adult 18.8%
  • Adult 27.7%
  • Elder 33.3%

Obviously I do not want my elder stage to be the one that makes up the highest percentage of a sim’s life.  However, doing these percentages can help you skew your numbers in a way that they make sense for your sim.  So, from here, I changed some of the days around–I took some from places and added them elsewhere, but I always made sure my end result was ’90 days’.

This is my final product:

  • Baby – 2 days
  • Toddler – 3 days
  • Child – 9 days
  • Teen – 11 days
  • Young Adult – 26 days
  • Adult – 24 days
  • Elder – 15 days

Since I’m not using the game to age the sims I am playing, I will be handling elder deaths as such: I’m going to roll a d20 every day after 85 or even 90 (depending on the sim’s happiness/points/perks/etc).  Each day, their chance of dying goes up (just like the game does).  So, I roll a d20 the first day and they live if it’s 19 or lower; the second day, they live if it’s 18 or lower… and so on and so forth.

My husband wants me to add that using the exact number of days you want a sim to live will not work if you utilize the game’s aging and death chances, basically because it won’t start to kick in chances of death until the elder maxes out his or her age… which will be the number you picked.  This leads them to living longer than you anticipated.  Basically, pick a lower number.

Again, I am looking at everything from the perspective of rounds.  For me, rounds define the passage of time because I lean very heavily towards gameplay.  Your scales/etc will change if you start to put a realistic scale on things or if you’re not even doing rounds.

It’s worth mentioning here that I have the townies set to epic and I’ve put their individual life stage sliders so they are triple what mine currently are.  This makes sure that, at least for the first couple of rounds, they will be around to add to the gene pool.  This will eventually become skewed, but at that that point, I’ll have figured something else out or stopped really caring!

As far as tracking the ages themselves, both my husband and I are masters of excel, so making a spreadsheet won’t be difficult.

I’ll be honest with you and say that this was the hardest part of this entire process for me.  I’ve been thinking about doing this for a year or more.  Each time I thought about it, I hit the aging roadblock and just gave up.  This time, I finally tackled it.  I definitely think this is going to work for me.

For those curious, here’s a picture of my spreadsheet for tracking ages.  I’ve got a nested if statement to automatically put in the transition day for each age group.  Note that my days do not equal years.  These are purely sim day values.  Click on it to see it full-size.

I’m going across with family names so I can add sims without having to move families/etc.  It’s simpler and less messy this way.

In regards to pregnancies, I found that Nraas Story Progression actually has an option for households called ‘Allow Pregnancy Progression’.  I still need to test it when it is set to false, but from the FAQ, it looks like it will force a pregnant sim to not give birth until you are playing them… which is exactly what I want!  ETA – it works!!  I impregnated a sim in a different household, set the ‘Allow Pregnancy Progression’ option to false and then continued to play my active household.  I invited the pregnant sim over, checked her pregnancy via Master Controller and she hadn’t progressed at all–it listed 0 hours!  I then switched to their household, played awhile, and check her status again… the pregnancy advanced!  Woo!

Next, I’ll be going through my world choice and my random occurrence scenarios, or ‘ROS’, if you’re familiar with the thing itself.

4 comments to Aging Problem Solved!

  • V


    Ahahaha no seriously that is very well thought out! If I were at all a proponent of prosperity style playing I would take a page from your book… except I stick to one family and that is IT. :x I hate playing other families! It’s too complicated for my midget mind. I like to play one until my patience runs out or until my game throws errors and becomes annoying and I go start a new one–which is what usually happens because I switch out too many mods!

    Also, your perception of aging? Totally mine as well. I figured out the same thing so I could apply it to the game span–three days for an infant? TOO MANY. I ended up kicking a few more days back to teens so I could take longer to find their breeding partners before they became adults and I needed to kick them out of the house. Buuut that’s just me.

    • Mao


      You are hilarious. I play that same, same way anytime I just randomly kick up the game to get something started. The past few hoods I’ve had were that way. Unfortunately, what happens to me is my house gets so crazy full and awful to play because I won’t let anyone move out because I want to control THEM ALL! Sooo, I give up and wander off somewhere else, lol.

      OMG BABIES SUCK! I am not a big fan of them in real life (I love children, not a fan of babies), but in this game? EVEN LESS OF A FAN. Toddlers, also, make me want to crash my head through a glass window. They are just so… irritating in this game… and useless. Very useless. GET OLDER SO THAT I CAN BREED YOU! I added more days to teen and up so my sims could have real relationships where they can break up/etc. I hate having one static partner for every sim for eternity. That is not how life works! It is also boring.

      In the end, I am glad you approve. Also, EAT MY TEALDEER COMMENT! Muahaha…

  • I didn’t even know Sims had individual age sliders! Is that an in-game thing, a hack thing or what?

    That’s good news about the pregnancy thing too, because that is actually my biggest stumbling block with TS2. I basically hate my Sims doing anything at all without me, lol, and pregnancy and giving birth was the one thing I couldn’t completely control.

    • Mao

      Oh, no, I need to use better wording! They don’t have individualized sliders, I’m just using Generations sliders for the townies. I wish they did, though! How convenient would that be? Just set individual households, lol!

      The pregnancy thing is an awesome discovery. I did NOT want to download or modify any mods to achieve my sims not giving birth while I’m away, so I’m definitely glad it works!

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