Where’s My Lightbulb?

I really could use one of those convenient little lightbulbs that pops up over your head when you get a brilliant idea or reach some sort of conclusion to your train of thought.  Unfortunately, I’m having no such luck and my brain is going total ADD pageant princess with too many pixie stix (styx?  sticks?  see!) over here.

My legacy is done (even if I haven’t blogged that part of it yet) and I’m more than ready to return to my first love of simming–creating a prosperity-like neighborhood where my sims can be insanely dramatic and ridiculous.  They do this no matter what, but there’s something about an entire neighborhood coming together and just sort of… growing.  I still ache for Boreal Springs.  I deleted all the image files/etc the other day to make room and my heart lurched.  I loved doing that blog–it was my favorite out of any I’ve ever done.  It’s my natural play style.  I did that crap even before TS2 was a thought in some Maxis’ dude’s brain (and a glimmer in an EA producer’s wallet).  I won’t rant on what a drastic change (not necessarily for the better at all) TS3 is… but instead, will focus my mental energies somewhere productive.

Shana, over at Pine Hollow sims, did a few posts on converting her TS2 Prosperity into a TS3 one.  It’s really informative.  You can find them here: ‘More Sneak Peeks and Thoughts’ and ‘Adapting TS2 Play to TS3′.  They were extremely helpful for me and a nice scaffolding for my own needs.  I know some other folks are doing the same thing, but they do it on such a grand scale (Laura!! ;) ) to suit their specific needs (be it story or gameplay confines).  I do not have the time nor the patience (or even the ability) to endeavor such a feat!  I am happy to be on the other side of the glass, looking in and admiring.

That still leaves me with the issue of what am I going to do?  I’ve finished my Legacy and truly, that’s the only thing that’s kept me with The Sims 3 for this long.  I have to figure this out or just give up the game.  The most important part of this whole thing is I want to still feel like I’m playing a game.  As much as I love creating personalities and stories around the zany things my sims do, I never want that to preclude gameplay.  I did that, and it was fun… for awhile; it eventually made me turn my back on a game I’ve loved for half my lifetime and I almost didn’t come back.  Yikes.

I guess that’s what I truly loved about Boreal Springs.  While I did try to get pictures that explained the actions my sims took, I never directly manipulated or posed them.  It wasn’t work, it was like I was eight again playing barbies.  I want that back!

First order of business–finding a proper hood.  Oh my GOD, I am so picky… the only hood I’ve ever liked is Neverglade.  I’ve played it to death, though.  I’ve recently stumbled upon mysimrealty worlds and I am in awe.  I am looking specifically at Anne Arbor.  I want a blend of Downtown and Residential like I had in my TS2 hood.  I am actually about to start testing it right now.

After the hood, I need to decide on mods.  As much as I love, love Nraas Story Progression, tailoring it to fit my specific needs seems daunting.  I’ve done those menus so many times and the popups get irritating.  I may go back to it, but for now, I’m going to return to Awesomemod.  If you remember, I used it when I played Riverview.  It’s changed a lot since then and I’m eager to see if the TS2 Gameplay option can deliver what I need.

I’ll try to go more in-depth once I figure out these two things.  I’m pretty… ridiculous about things when I get an idea in my head, so I’ll probably be spamming this with my progress.  I want to have stuff ironed out before I leave on a trip home March 17th.  I know that if I don’t give myself a deadline, I’ll never finish it!

Here’s hoping.  Sorry for the rambling!

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  • Hi Mao! It’s been so long since I’ve stepped foot in WordPress that I’m honestly unsure if I ever commented here, lol! If not, then I’ll take a brief moment to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Cheezy, I love your legacy blah blah blah ANYWAY…. ;)

    Playing prosperity-style in TS3 is surprisingly easy for me (and easier than TS2, even!) I play one week with each household, but I leave myself open to change (i.e. playing 2 weeks with a family but dropping someone off the list, moving certain families I’m anxious to play further up the list, etc.)

    I find that if you don’t get *too* rigid with rules and you try to work with the game instead of against it, it becomes a lot less frustrating and gameplay becomes a bit more fun. :) Town events help bring families together, and regularly sending my sims out to socialize after work or school helps them meet new and interesting sims.

    Anyway, I just realized that you weren’t asking for advice (d’oh!) so I’ll go ahead and post this rambly comment now. :P

    • Mao

      Oooh! You are doing this? Ramble away! Ideas are welcome, definitely. I love knowing how other people play and even better, it gives me ideas on how to make my own game work for me. I’m trying to decide if I want to just “jump” in and see how it goes first or try and regiment things. Knowing me, I’ll probably jump in… but I hope it doesn’t cause me to go bananas!

      I cannot stand pudding faces, so I’ll probably crank out a ton of “randomized” sims and have them hang out like old-school townies (since global aging will be off), and then bar any other sims from moving in. I’m more than happy to populate the place with my own sims… and given how they like to breed, it shouldn’t take long, lol!

      I think my biggest issue with TS3 is the families progressing without me. I like that “stasis” where I am there to see everything that happens. Yes, I am a control-freak, lol!! It’s definitely going to be an experience.

      But thanks for commenting! :) And if you have anything else you do, please feel free to share!

      • Have you tried downloading slider hacks? Individual slider mods tend to frustrate me, but you can always download a slider hack that makes the sliders more sensitive. I use the 3x Default..I think :Phttp://awtmk.blogspot.com/2010/07/slider-hack.html

        I recommend that you dive in as a test drive just to see what you would want in your prosperity hood before making any concrete decisions or plans. That way, you can sort of get a feel for whatever settings, mods, and controls you have and you won’t be too heartbroken if something winds up corrupted (hypothetically speaking). Then, once you know for sure what you want (and you know what the game can do), you can either pick up from where you left off or start fresh. :)

        • Mao

          The mods I use always seem to make the sliders go past the defaults (mastercontroller and awesomemod), but the game automatically loads default vanilla face for some reason and rarely ever randomizes sims when it “creates” them. Awesomemod addresses that, but I ran into that problem quite a lot in earlier testings with Nraas.

          I’ve definitely been building up to this point. I tried it a long time ago with Riverview and I definitely learned from that experience. I doubt it will take me too long, as I want to “build as I go”… but I definitely want to mess around and make sure a “world” is right for my needs before I put everything in place. I don’t like to be a flake and I know from playing I am definitely flaky with worlds!

  • Oh, I forgot to mention that you might be getting a lot of comments from me as I catch up with your legacy. I apologize in advance. :D

  • I’m glad you found my posts helpful! I love Laura’s hood and her Sims, but I knew that I would not have the patience to start from a blank slate or do the scope of what she’s doing. I’m too lazy for that. ;) Like you, I wanted to make sure I could keep gameplay as part of my experience. I love my Sims and the characters they’ve become, but it all comes from gameplay and that was important to me in adapting to TS3. (I got very easily bored whenever I tried to do a strictly story-based game.) Prosperity style is how I played with my Barbies as a kid too. I would set up different families (I had only one Barbie house though, so most of the families ended up living in cardboard boxes or under my desk, LOL) and I’d play a neighborhood where they visited each other and the kids went to school together and some of the adults worked in the same office. When I first tried out TS3, I got so bored focusing on just one family and ached to have all of my Pine Hollow sims there, so I knew I had to figure out a way to make it work.

    My gameplay is still a work in progress. I learn new things and figure out the best ways to handle certain aspects as I play. I’m always making adjustments and have some other tweaks I plan to make in the works. I need to post a gameplay update on my blog sometime! I love writing about the inner workings of gameplay and reading how other people play their games. So, ramble away, I’d love to see how you make the game work for you! :)

    • Mao

      With how long I’ve been following your blogs (wow, that’s a long time), I’ve definitely gotten the sense that we kind of like the same style of gameplay. So, I’m always interested in your notes in particular because we both have the same needs/etc and if you find a solution to something, I can usually work it around to fit my needs, too. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOOVEE seeing what people do with how detailed and creative they are (I still remember Isle of Thyme!); I’m just not capable of that level. So, I see it more as like reading and going “ahhh, that’s so awesome” and less “oh, I can DO that!”

      So, please, definitely, post more in-depth notes. You can be sure I will be reading it and taking my own notes!!

      Also, I did the same thing with barbies. I actually had two play rooms (only child), so my cousin would be in one room with a house or two, and I’d be in the other. We’d send mail, write newspapers, have these long, interwoven stories. It was such a blast! Whenever we see one another now, we always think back to our Barbie days… LOL! :D

      I’ll do my best. I’m not nearly as good as explaining stuff out like you, Laura, and some others. I’ll definitely try to track my progress, though. I’m glad you guys are interested!

  • Playing TS3 the way I play TS2 seems a bit daunting to me but I’ve never given it a really good go. I guess I haven’t needed to, seeing I’m still happy with TS2.

    That said, I lap up any and all gameplay posts for either game and have loved Shana’s and Laura’s posts about how they’re making it work for them. So I’m pretty excited to see what you do with this. I don’t mind Sim-rambling in the least!

    • Mao

      I saw it as daunting, too. It’s just such a dramatic leap and it almost seems counter intuitive to what the game wants you to do. But, since my TS2 stuff I held dear is gone forever, I have no desire to go back. So, I can only move forward!

      I’m honestly surprised people are interested in this. Like I said above, I’m not really as well put together with my thoughts/etc as others! I’ll do my best, though.

  • Ooo, should be interesting to see how you adapt TS3 to TS2 playing style, can’t wait to see you get started :)

  • Ha, late to the party here, but I agree with Cheezy – if you find the right hacks, playing prosperity in TS3 is a TON easier than in TS2, which makes me laugh because of how worried we all were, lol!

    Having gone from full-gameplay to pretty much full-storytelling in my own hood, I totally get what a big job it is! It was something I had to learn on my own, I guess (since I’m stubborn and can’t be told a damn thing, lol!) I’m actually in the process of trying to end a large bunch of my storylines on the blog so I can get back to more gameplay-based stuff now, lighten up on the posing, and save all that writing for my books, lol! ;)

    I’m glad to see you’re going to try again! I still miss Boreal Springs too! Have you considered remaking some of them for something like a spin-off?

    • Mao

      I actually had and I did try… but I couldn’t do it. To me, they just weren’t the same. It was like making a mask and putting it on someone and telling them to act a certain way. It’s easier for me to start fresh, even though I miss those sims!

      Oh boy, storytelling with TS2 was fun and definitely got my brain working. It was a nice experiment, but I won’t be repeating it probably ever, ever again. Time to go back to what I love and what doesn’t burn me out or cause me stress! I am definitely intrigued by you going back to gameplay. That should be an interesting switch! But I can understand it. I would have quit completely, but my HD did it for me, lol. And now, I think I can handle a prosperity. ;) I’m excited about it, even!! I haven’t been excited about sims stuff in a long while…

      As you know, I am also quite stubborn and this was driving me NUTS! I love everyone’s ideas and I am more than grateful for the help, but I always have to find my own, convoluted way of doing things! Even if it’s the exact same result, I still have to make my own weird, windy path to it. Sigh. Why do we do this to ourselves? LOL!

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