Merging CC Package Files

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue or not, but I know that my game has been running like a slug, even after I fixed my gameplay issues.  Turns out, CC package files slow down your game… a lot.  Guess what?  I have a alot of CC.  95% of it is made by EA, but it still slows everything down.

Well, I ran across a forum thread detailing how to make this problem go away, or if you have an uber amount of CC, make it less cumbersome.  You’ll need The Sims 3 Package Editor.  It’s really simple and easy to do, even if you’re not a technical wizard.

Here’s the thread.

This hasn’t been updated since the new S3PE, so just keep in mind you can skip the step about searching and deleting XHTML files, since the program does it automatically now.

It’s helped my game a lot… so hopefully spreading it out will help others.

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  • Oh, I totally need to do this. I don’t know if it was installing HELS or one of my recent downloading sprees, but all of the sudden, my game just crawls, when it was always very zippy before :\

    Thanks for the link!

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