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I guess I’ve been under a rock, because I didn’t even know about this pack until my husband presented it to me.  He’s a great husband.  Anyway, I figured I’d put up pictures for those who are curious about getting it.  Apologies beforehand for the grid and pictures.  It was night time on my legacy lot and I was too lazy to progress time forward… so you get grids.

These are raw pictures, no editing/etc… so you can see the items for what they are.

Let’s get this show on the road…

  1. Okay, seriously… who has a television outside? If you do, please give me your home address and don’t be surprised if that ginormous TV is missing in the morning.  It’s a very cool model, but outside???  What?  That’s asking a bit too much of my suspension of disbelief, sir.
  2. That’s a pretty rocking easel.  I love wrought-iron stuff.
  3. The fridge and grill combo are pretty cool, too.  Who doesn’t hate having their sim run inside for food?
  4. Grill case clutter.  Yay?
  5. New fire pits!  Yay!
  6. A new telescope… yay!

These are some pretty banging hot tubs, I must say.  We cried, complained, and petitioned for hot tubs and now… we’ve got them in spades.  Do you fancy a fountain that doubles as a hot tub?  We’ve got it!  Ever write fanfiction about a Battlestar Galatica hot tub scene?  So did EA!  Want to ante up your plain-Jane hot tub with some art deco?  No problem!  And then there’s the uber plain version for those Joe Schmoes out there.

Also, the little rock stereo in the middle.

We get two new outdoor chairs, both neat, but nothing ridiculous.  There’s a new table, a new bar stool, a new lounge chair, and a parasol to match the wrought-iron look.  There’s also an uber chic fountain to match the hot tub.  Last but not least, a cool, wrought-iron love seat for those who dream of being Romeo and Juliet… sans poison, of course… or with, if that’s your thing.

The lights are pretty cool.  There’s three lanterns–hanging, wall, and floor/surface.  There’s a wall sconce fancy-pants thing and then the big honking screen light.

The plants are probably my favorite.  The detail on them is amazing.  Look at them, look at them! No editing required.  Sweet deal.

And some outdoor clutter for those among you who enjoy that sort of thing.  I always forget about it, unfortunately.

We also get a bar and counter to match the outdoor set.  There’s also a new end table.

Finally, two new fire places–one that requires a wall, and one that is free-standing.  Both are pretty nice.

I missed the bar-top grill, unfortunately.  I’m sure I’ve missed a few things… but I tried.  I scoured the menus, looking for the icon.  Like I said, I knew nothing about this pack’s existence until right now.  So… apologies.

Onto the clothes!

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4 comments to Outdoor Living Stuff

  • I’m with you on the TV. That’s…really odd. The fridge grill is a good idea though! And geez, they didn’t give us that many hot tubs with TS1 and TS2 combined!

    Most of the objects seem pretty nice, actually. And the clothes, men’s capri pants excluded. Don’t we already have a hairstyle fairly similar to that men’s one though? And the women’s one, come to think of it?

    I don’t think the packs are ever all that cohesive. It often seems to be a dumping ground for extra stuff they couldn’t fit into expansions! Not that the stuff is crap because I usually like the pack stuff. But it seems very random sometimes.

    • Mao

      The items are definitely nicely done. I’m a bit iffy on the clothes, but probably because they just seem a bit too “silly” and I’ve never seen anyone actually wear anything similar to those outfits before. I do like the separates, though!

      The hairstyles look a lot like ones we already have… not sure if they are store or not, but I know I was confused when I saw them. They are shinier, though, which I don’t particularly care for.

      I think it’d be more reasonable at $20 if there were an actual set to be found. The patio set is woefully lacking. I know Outdoor stuff is hard to mingle together… but c’mon.

  • Jen

    Awesome, thanks for posting these, Mao! I got the pack but haven’t had a chance to look at everything yet. I do like some of the clothes, especially the guy’s shirts and the women’s top with the cardigan. It does seem like a very slender pack for $20, and I agree that it lacks some oomph. But I felt that way about HELS and Fast Lane stuff, too, so that just seems to be the rule when it comes to TS3 Stuff Packs. :-p I think because they have the store now, they don’t feel the need to put as much in the packs, but they still do the packs to get money from the folks who can’t buy from the store. They gotta milk us any way they can, ya know. ;-p It was nice of your hubby to give it as a gift, though!

    • Mao

      I had wondered if you picked up the pack, Jen! I don’t think I even bothered with HELs or Fast Lane, LOL! Maybe that’s why I’m disappointed, I had no idea this was a standard for their packs. Remember TS2 packs? At least they have reasonable amounts of stuff, for the most part.

      The husband is good, he knows that Valentine’s day means candy and video games. ;)

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