Barnacle Bay: That’s What You Get

It was a nice, warm spring afternoon when Nina came over to visit.  Dina grabbed a drink and they headed to the new hot tub Dina had just been gifted thanks to her fame.  The two sat in silence for awhile enjoying the bubbles and the soothing heat.  It was Nina who broke the silence:

“So, I saw the papers…”

Dina let out a long sigh, “don’t even get me started on that media mess…”

“At least no one was actually arrested.”

“That’s a very small consolation, Nina.”

Nina leaned back, unable to hide her amusement, “Lola’s quite the handful, isn’t she?  Doesn’t she remind you of someone?”

“Ha… what are you trying to say, Nina?  That I brought this on myself?”

“No, not at all.  Just that marriage is harder than you probably thought.  It’s not just commitment, it’s raising your kids and trying to protect your fame at the same time.  I bet you weren’t expecting that.”

Dina took a long drink before answering: “Yeah, it’s a mess.  I don’t know what to do with her… aside from lock her up in a closet until she’s an adult.”

Dina looked at her empty glass and moved to leave the hot tub.  Without opening her eyes, Nina said:

“You’re getting out already?”

“I need another drink.  Want one?”

“Yeah, I guess,” she replied after some hesitation.  “Did you know you’re not supposed to drink while in a hot tub?”

“Pffft, says who?  I’ll die in this thing if they let me.”


Lola tried her best to stay under her parents radar, at least for a few weeks.  She spent her free time hanging out at Shana’s or jamming it up with her father, Alec, when he wasn’t at work.  His love of music had passed onto to Lola and in typical teenage fashion, she took up the electric guitar.  She didn’t have the natural talent her father did, but she definitely had the stage presence.

The peace didn’t last long, however.  Lola just wanted to lull her parents into a sense of security before she did her next big thing…

Throw a party!

It was a relatively small gathering of some people from school.  She could’ve gone big and bold, but for her first outing, Lola decided to play it safe.  If she did get busted, the blowout wouldn’t be nearly as colossal.  She used her cunning to break into her mother’s liquor cabinet.  Thankfully, one of the other kids knew how to mix.  Once they had music and drinks, it was officially a party.

Both Alec and Dina were completely oblivious to their daughter’s underage party.  Alec was traveling on business and Dina was out at a lounge as part of their opening.

Shana and Lola danced together, as they always had.  Shana was the very definition of a ‘block’ and Lola knew it.  To be honest, Lola had little interest in teenage boys–she knew they were fickle and she didn’t want the drama.  Shana wasn’t immune to it, however, and paid them more mind than she should have.

“Warren has been staring at you since he got here,” Shana said to Lola over the music.

Warren Inkbeard was from a well-known, wealthy family that had lived on the island for a very long time.  He wasn’t much older than either of the girls, but he was still pretty prolific in their high school.  Plenty of girls wanted his attention on them, but he played it pretty cool and kept mostly to himself.

“Meh, let ‘em look.  Teenage boys are so last week,” Lola said, giving her friend a wink.  She then glanced over at Warren and smiled, but before he could react, she turned back to Shana and spun her around.  “I’ve got better things to waste my time on.”

Shana wanted to agree, but it was hard.  Lola took a lot of things for granted–her looks and charm high on the list.  Not everyone had the skill she had or the ability to beguile everyone in a room just by walking in.  Shana liked teenage boys, but it was mostly because getting them to notice her required something along the lines of a bright, blinking neon sign.

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6 comments to Barnacle Bay: That’s What You Get

  • But then, I bet Dina gave her own parents a few heart attacks while she was growing up. This is just karma, see!

    I wondered when you were going to get into the vampires. ;) When I was reading your Astrum update today, it occurred to me that Aludra already looks kind of vampy.

    Is Andrei part of your new family? He seems interesting.

    • Mao

      Oh, I’m sure she did and with Nina, it was a triple threat! But I guess Dina’s parents didn’t have fame and paparazzi to worry about.

      I wanted to make Aludra a vampire, so it’s hilarious you should mention it! Unfortunately, I realized I’d never get vamps without EA progression. :( So it wasn’t meant to be.

      Yep, the vampires are the Kristovas. I went for a Bulgarian-esque theme… I like traditional vampires. ;) His parents are actually two of the nicest looking sims I’ve managed to create! Still pudding, but nicer pudding? lol!

  • M.J

    ROFL @ the teenage party. Lola was in a deep trouble. It’s about time that Nina gives a lot of attentions towards her growing teenage daughter. Love that this one has lots of conversations between the sims.

    I noticed that too, that Twallan SP won’t let the townies to become a vampire. So, I turned it off at the first time entering the hood.

    I’m still curious about the next episode of this story. I think Wesley is cute.

  • M.J

    Lol, I often wrongly identified between Nina and Dina.

  • Jen

    Another fabulous episode, Mao! You’re so good at dialogue and character motivation…awesome. I know it’s been a couple months since you posted this, but did you ever play any more of this family? Hope you had a great holiday!

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