Barnacle Bay: Lola Trebo Gets Busted

Lola Trebo glanced at her mother, Dina,  as she headed for the door.  She had a drink in hand and it was barely four o’clock.  That meant that she was going out tonight and Lola would be free to do as she pleased.  She smiled lightly and said:

“I’m going over to Shana’s.”

“Okay,” Dina replied, her voice sounding distant.  She wasn’t paying attention.  “Have fun, sweetie.”

“Yeah… you too, mum.”

Shana Lai was Lola’s closest friend and constant, if a bit unwilling, partner in crime.  Shana had lost her mother early in her childhood, leaving her aging father and older brother to care for her.  They had lost of a lot of their wealth, thanks to her mother’s incredible debt.

“You know it’ll be awesome, Shana… c’mon!”

“I can’t!  What if my dad finds out?”

“He won’t,” Lola insisted.  “I’ve got it all figured out.”

“That’s what you said last time.  It took months for my eyebrows to grow back, Lola!  Months!

Lola pouted, trying to appeal to Shana’s caring nature, “awwww c’mooon, Shana-banana!  It’ll be fun!  Don’t you want to go to a real club?”

“Well, yeah… but curfew!  We could get arrested!”

“Worry, worry… is that all you do?  I said I’ve got it covered!  It’s this tiny club on the other side of the island. It’s nowhere my mum would go, trust me… it’ll be amazing.”

Shana didn’t get a chance to respond.  Her older brother Wesley walked in and the girls fell immediately silent.  He gave them both a suspicious glance as he walked by.

“Something going on?”

“Nope,” they chimed in unison.

“Not suspicious at all.  You’re not plotting again, are you?  Shana just got those eyebrows back.”

“Not at all!  You know us, plain old and boring,” Lola winked at Wesley and then leaned in close to Shana.  “I’ll text you the directions.  Be there!”

Wesley watched as the two girls parted, taking special notice of Lola.  She’d been around since he could remember, a constant fixture right next to Shana.  It was pretty difficult to separate them.  It was due to this that he knew when something was going on.  He probably should have alerted their father, but he decided not to.  Lola’s charm was kind of hard to deny.

Later that night, Lola slipped into bed, smiling to herself.  Her father would peek in to check on her in twenty minutes before going to bed himself.  Then, once she was sure he was asleep, she’d slip out.  Her mother had already been gone when she got home, so there was no worry of getting busted by her.

Lola had to pat herself on the back, she was too awesome with this sneaky stuff.

When Lola arrived at the club, she was shocked to find that it was busier than she first expected.  Even worse, she was caught by some sort of amateur paparazzo with a phone!

“Argh!  What are you doing?”

The woman ignored her, closing her phone and muttering to herself, “this is going to net me some serious cash…”

Lola tried to chase her down, but she was faster than she looked.  Lola huffed, resting her hands on her knees.  The night was already off to a bad start and Shana hadn’t even arrived yet!  Where was she?

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5 comments to Barnacle Bay: Lola Trebo Gets Busted

  • I love that Lola got caught and poor naive Shana was the one who got away. That’s a nice little role reversal. And Nina’s getting a bad rep through her daughter! When you started talking about the falsely accused thing, I thought it would be something that would only happen if you wronged someone, but it seems like it’s triggered by other things too.

    It’s awesome that this was all gameplay!

    • Mao

      Shana booked it! I turned around and she was GONE, LOL! I also had no idea that the falsely accused thing would work like that… too funny. Poor Dina. She lost half of her friends because of it. Anytime your sim is involved in a scandal, they take a huge hit on their friend count!

      I was so happy this happened by itself. It’s more fun that way. :) I cut it super short just to focus on this.

  • I love Lola, haha. She seems to do the craziest things… I wish I had a more interesting sim like that… Somehow mine always turn out nice and boring, gah. Awesome that this was all gameplay!

  • Jen

    I’m super late on this (haven’t been good about checking blogs lately — I need to subscribe or something!), but I loved this story! It’s so fun to read something that was based on gameplay. Lola is such a troublemaker! LOL

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