Dina’s Compromise

This is the last catch-up entry.  Things will progress a lot slower from here on out… pictures will also be more consistent after this.

After the scandal revolving around Lola’s birth, Dina relented and accepted Alec’s proposal of marriage.  It was a quiet, quick sort of ceremony.  It still made Dina incredibly nervous.  She only survived because her mind was thinking about everything but the huge commitment she was making.

The wedding reception wasn’t so small.  Half the town was invited and the bar was hopping, especially with Dina herself whipping up drinks.  Nina may have had a few too many and made a pass or two at Alec.  Surprisingly, he wasn’t really digging the whole ‘twin thing’ and was quick to put her in her place.

Dina was more amused by it than anything else, but Nina was so shamed that she packed her things up and moved into her own house.

Lola quickly became a mobile little creature, getting into everything that she could.  While she had her mother’s bright blond hair and dark complexion, she did not inherit her eyes.  Lola’s were a dark violet, a keepsake from her father’s side of the family.

Lola wasn’t the only one getting older.  Dina was soon forced to face the fact that she, too, was advancing in age.  Alec tried to ease her mind a little by throwing her a large party–parties always made things better for Dina.

She aged as gracefully as she could with her friends and family present.

Nina had her own sort of things going on, despite leaving the house.  She somehow got involved with a much younger fellow and they had taken to sneaking out into the depths of night to fulfill their romantic desires.  The whole thing was unnecessary, he was young but still legal, but it added a little ‘something’ to things… besides, the Caliente sisters were nothing if not dramatic.

Lola seemed to have inherited it, too.  She had taken to throwing random fits for absolutely no reason at all.  Even as a toddler, her every desire was fulfilled.

Alec was primarily to blame for Lola’s intolerable nature; he spoiled her absolutely rotten.  Dina couldn’t really argue the point, it was easier to give her the things she wanted than to deal with the fallout that followed… but it was sure to affect her development later on in life.

Daughter worries aside, Dina had the world by its strings.  She was living the life–she was famous, she was gorgeous, and she was loaded.  There wasn’t a thing she wanted but was denied.

The world was her oyster.

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5 comments to Dina’s Compromise

  • M.J

    Very cool pictures! Lola is beautiful although she doesn’t have any of Dina’s genetic.
    Is it just me or is it really that the adult has so much wrinkles on their face?
    Still, Dina is beautiful though.
    Too bad about Nina dumped or getting dump by Jonah. Are there any new romantic option in LN? (of course beside cuddling in the hot tub). I really miss cuddle under the star and the slow dance option.

    • Mao

      No, it’s not just you, MJ! I think Dina’s are even MORE pronounced by her unnatural “Jersey Shore” esque skintone. My husband said she looks like a leather handbag, LOL!

      So far, I haven’t seen any new romantic options… unless you consider vampire biting, lol.

  • Aw, Gordon! He was so awesome.

    So Bridgeport is no improvement over whatever that Ambitions town was called, with all the fugs?

    So far, Lola doesn’t seem too much like her mother but now that she’s a teen and wanting to stir up trouble…well, I might be starting to see some similarities! Poor Lola though, it looks like she’s barely more than an occasional inconvenience to Dina.

    Is Lola a celebrity as well? I know you said Shana was but I’m a little unclear on how Sims become celebrities. I thought they’d have to be in one of the new careers but then I read that someone had their Sim meet a townie who was in the medical career but was still a celebrity. Which is just weird.

    • Mao

      I really miss Gordon. :( I lost him with my TS2 HD crash…

      Bridgeport sucks. I’ve played it very little since getting Late Night. That’s why I have been playing Barnacle Bay (which is where Lola and Dina reside, Dina and Nina are premades there). Bridgeport is like the Downtown that came with TS2, only without the option of suburbia and terrible design. Yuck.

      Celebrity really isn’t that big of a deal, I’ve found. You get free stuff sometimes and people ‘recognize’ you. Sims can become celebrities two ways–they can inherit it or they can acquire it. A sim child of a celebrity has a chance to inherit some of their parent’s status. Lola inherited three of Dina’s five celebrity stars. Not quite sure how it decides how much. The game automatically generates celebrities, so you can acquire celebrity status by meeting and greeting them. You have to impress them and then you can befriend them, bolstering your own star status.

      Celebrity status is not hampered or improved by any job status unless you are in films. So, you get people that are criminals/etc and can still be “celebrities”.

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