Late Night – Hidden Dancing Skill

After much searching and some experimentation, I finally figured out the whole dancing thing.  I’ve looked everywhere, high and low, and only seen it mentioned maybe once or twice that it might be a hidden skill.  Then again, I’ve also seen “just dance for a little bit and it’ll happen”… so, yeah.  I don’t really believe things until I know them to be a cold, hard, undeniable fact.

It’s true, they’ve made dancing a hidden skill like The Sims 2.  Only, instead of getting a scholarship, your sim unlocks the new rump shaking club dance moves!  For those curious… it takes quite some time.  I’d recommend having your sims dance as kids/teens and try to get it up there in preparation for club hopping.  :P

You’ll know your sim is on the cusp when they’re doing the more complicated moves from The Sims 2… and by that, I mean the ridiculous ones.  The ones where they jump in the air and look like they’re having a seizure.  Once they’ve done this, it seems they can get any sim they dance with to also do the club moves, though the other sim will stumble and fall if their skill isn’t actually high enough.

I’m posting a video because I have yet to see a video where the sims do the “crunk” dance moves that Dina and Nina do towards the end and again at the very end.  Too funny!

The club is colored funny because it’s supposed to have a black light, I just turned it off for the video.

It’s also worth noting that, according to the Prima Guide for Late Night, there’s a possibility that Dance Clubs will increase the rate at which you learn the new hidden dancing skill!

15 comments to Late Night – Hidden Dancing Skill

  • Wow, your videos make me want to go out and get TS3, love the dancing and movements.

  • Those are some serious dance moves.

  • Very cool! The movements are much more fluid than in TS2. It just occurred to me though, that I don’t think I’ve ever seen TS3 Sims dancing. It was an option pre-Late Night, right?

    What does that star mean that flashes over Dina’s head at one point? Is that a celebrity thing?

    • Mao

      Yep, but you probably forgot about seeing it because they are the exact same animations as TS2. 100% ripped and not even an attempt to make them better match the more complex TS3 models…

      Haha, yeah, that’s a celebrity thing! My husband asked the same question. Someone squealed and recognized Dina off-camera. It gave her a star point boost.

  • M.J

    At first, it seemed that Nina has lower dancing skill, but at the end, I love their duo dancing! Very cool.

  • yuki

    Well so far I decided to do a little investigating and I had my one sim go to the club to do an opportunity and what I came up with is this. Depending on the song playing in the club is the dance move u will learn. Not sure if u need the dance opportunity but I do know so far if u dance at a club u will learn a dance. Don’t hold me up to that tho cause I am about to finish the test I just learned rocking dance and going home to test it on there dance floor. Cause the club closed lol

    • Mao

      Hmm… I don’t think there’s any correlation between songs playing and dance moves, because it would be pretty improbable, especially with the custom station options! Are you sure your sim isn’t a Party Animal? Party Animal sims get random text on the pie menu when it comes to dancing, like “Rockin’ Dance”, “Smashing Dance”, etc. Then again, I haven’t gotten any Dance-related opportunities outside of the Celebrity-based one where you go dance for a few hours at a specific club. Maybe the opportunity boosts your learning or automatically gives you the Club Dancing moves? Hmm…

      I did some digging–both Dancing and Club Dancing are hidden skills. The values are -1 to 3, with 3 being the highest. I do know that at level 3, your sim does the “crunk” dance moves a lot!

  • yuki

    Yes! u are correct but going to the club and useing a party animal dance option then going back to my sims home they instanly new a new dance. but yes the option of rockin dance and things is cause of being a party animal i just learned. lol

  • SimDuff

    Thanks for the post, ever since I’ve seen that one male sim do this fabulous dance move, I’ve wanted to see it in-game but to no avail. I figured it could’ve been another one of those ”look at how awesome the game looks in the trailer but wait and see how it’s not even in the game!”-thing but thankfully it’s not. Thanks for the share!

    I’ll try making my sim dance for like two consecutive sim days (with testingcheats on for motives control) to see how long it takes and if you need to be in a club to learn specific moves; I’ll stay at home so I don’t have to worry about closing hours.

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