Table Dancing!

I figured I’d post this for those who wanted to see the table dancing first-hand.  Unfortunately, I have yet to get a sim to actually club dance and the how/why is still unclear.  So, you can just search those on youtube, there’s plenty!

I put a little party machine in front of her so you could see some of the neat effects.

My favorite animation is probably the hip swish/gyration.  I also like when the dudes walk past and she’s all, “hey, wassup??”

This is a terrible video, by the way.  I turned off all story progression crap and it still kept popping up, which forced me to continually pause and remove them, thus the clips.  Youtube also compressed the fudge out of it.  Also, FU Sony Vegas.

I forgot to turn off sound capture, so… pardon the music.  xD  Just be glad my custom station wasn’t blasting out hiphop!  My husband always complains about it, lol.  I tell him it’s either that or obscure European techno…

For those curious, that’s a Young Adult Lola Trebo with a dye job.

4 comments to Table Dancing!

  • That is awesome! I wish they danced like that in TS2! TS2 dancing leaves a lot to be desired!

    • Mao

      I know! I just wish you could get sims to do it reliably when dancing off of tables and when dancing together. It looks super cool when two sims are dancing with one another.

      Giving the nature of this dancing, I wish they’d added an option for sims to get a little closer when they’re club dancing. Not everyone dances with several feet between them!

  • M.J

    This is awesome. Finally, they designed a real dance movements for these sims
    The effects are really cool too!

    • Mao

      The dancing is definitely nifty. Wish I could get them to do it reliably, though! The party machine is just AWESOME!

      The black lights are pretty cool, too…

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