Dina Caliente’s First Scandal…

We’re going to play catch-up with the Caliente sisters in Barnacle Bay.  They started out as a test, but I’ve really come to enjoy them and their offspring may have a future on this blog.  First, though, we’ve got to to back-track a little…

I took these pictures rather randomly and before I had really planned to do any sort of blogging (aside from random “hey, this is from late night!” stuff), so… it’s kind of hodge-podge.  It’ll slow down and be more cohesive once I’ve caught up.

Dina Caliente had come from a rather humble home, despite her party-going lifestyle.  She enjoyed parties, she loved having a good time, and nothing was better than being surrounded by people, but riches was never something she had seen in her future.  If someone had told her early on that she’d end up living in a house straight out of  Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, she’d never have believed it.

Yet, here she was; she was standing on imported marble tile, surrounded by artifacts from places she didn’t even know existed.

She was suddenly living the good life.

It wasn’t on purpose.  Alec Trebo had always been one of her ‘go-to’ guys.  It was a fun date and maybe a late night, but nothing serious.  That was how Dina liked things–it kept everything simple and free of drama.  Somehow, though, things got complicated and Alec invited her to move in.  She still had other guys she went out with and Alec even had a girlfriend.  She wasn’t sure why he even asked, but she wasn’t about to decline.

It was a smart move.  Not only did Dina’s status as a celebrity increase, but she finally had enough money to purchase the bar she’d worked at every night since moving to Barnacle Bay.

Of course, Dina didn’t come alone.  Nina followed along, feeling everything like a third wheel, but saying nothing about it aloud.  It was just the way things were–Dina and Nina were a package.  Most probably thought Alec was doing shady things with the twins behind closed doors, but he wasn’t.  There was nothing between Alec and Nina, she was simply a house guest.

Alec’s large hall was a perfect place to throw parties and Dina found herself growing more and more pleased with her situation.  The house the twins had shared prior was a bit too small for lavish galas.

Nina, unfortunately, had no such luck in love.  She didn’t ‘fall’ back into her ex-boyfriend’s arms so much as enter into a casual arrangement with him.  It was an odd situation and no one but Nina would ever understand why she did it.

No old feelings grew from these encounters, however.  It was simply a means to an end, a way to get Nina’s mind off finding love and focused more on her career as a budding Journalist and Author.

Juan Inkbeard was a known philanderer.  Nina had dumped him because she caught him macking on someone at her sister’s own party.  Sneaking around behind her back was one thing, but doing it right under her nose was simply unacceptable.

Dina had no misfortunes when it came to men.  In fact, her recent step up in status had just brought out the big fish.  She was suddenly being propositioned by rich men at parties.  They offered her numerous things–jewels, fame, fortune–none of which she particularly wanted.  Their flattery was welcomed, though.  She never rebuffed them or shooed them away.  She simply smiled, laughed a little, and charmed them with her ways.

At the end of the night, though, she always went home.  Most of these men were very married and their promises were hollow attempts at getting her to sleep with them.

She didn’t particularly mind this, but she wasn’t exactly desiring of scandal now that she had a place of business.

These suitors and their amorous declarations caused their share of trouble between Dina and Alec.  He had since left Juliet in the dust–she was not at all happy about Dina taking her meal ticket–and had expected that maybe Dina might calm down her running around, too.

Dina was young, though, much younger than Alec and not completely ready to settle down yet.

She would placate him with her charms.  Eventually, though, it came down to brass tacks and Dina found herself in a relationship for the first time in her entire life.  It made her nervous, but she did her best to ignore it.

It didn’t really change anything, anyway.

Being a local celebrity meant hamming it up for the photographers and that was something Dina was extremely skilled at.  She always made it a point to include Nina, too.  It helped her book sales and definitely gave her the ‘inside scoop’ when it came to writing her articles for the local publications.

The paparazzi were always happy to catch Dina at play.

Time passed, as it always does, and Dina eventually found herself in a rather tough situation.  It had taken a long time for it to sink in, but when it finally did… Dina found herself at a loss.

She was pregnant.

Telling Alec wasn’t the unfortunate situation she had made it out to be in her head.  She expected shouting and anger.  Instead, Alec was oddly calm about the whole thing.

He even tried to do the right thing, though Dina carefully turned him down.  She was pregnant, yes, but nothing would force her into marriage before she wanted it, not even a baby.  Alec was understandably upset, his male pride considerably hurt by the rejection.

It was a logical decision on Dina’s part, but logic does not always factor in when it comes to love.

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4 comments to Dina Caliente’s First Scandal…

  • Lola is the perfect name for a celebrity baby. Especially Dina’s. It just seems to fit.

    So do you only get those little pop-ups and moodlets about scandals if your Sim is a celebrity? I can imagine them being annoying if you just wanted to play a regular couple with a baby and didn’t want them to get married, for whatever reason.

    • Mao

      Yep, the scandal and things associated are if you are a celebrity. I think it can happen if you sleep with a celebrity, but only to them… since, of course, you are not a celebrity or however that works. But if you woohoo in public, or do lewd stuff openly… or apparently, have a baby out of wedlock, well… the paparazzi has your number, LOL!

      You can also be falsely accused of things, too.

  • M.J

    This is so interesting. I love it.
    It’s ashame that I could not get this before. The mood and news could have been appropriate with my story.
    I love how you told the story of Dina and Nina. Even though Nina doesn’t have any luck in romance department, at least she could get rich by adapting her sister’s life into her fictions.

    • Mao

      Thanks, M.J.! I’m just telling the story as the sims make it happen. It’s one of my favorite things to do. :D

      Poor Nina really has no luck with men, but she’s got a cash cow for a sister!

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