Messing Around with Late Night

Soo… after several hours of buggering around, trying to get Late Night to recognize my other hoods (it turned out to be some random bug with one of my up-to-date mods; reinstalled the mod, everything worked), I finally got a chance to play.  I didn’t actually go to the Late Night neighborhood, it was just a bit too “urban” for me… I hate that we can’t attach it to an already existing hood.  I don’t think I’ll ever want to limit my sims to cement and crappy apartments.

Instead, I loaded up Barnacle Bay for the first time.  You can imagine my surprise when I found two familiar faces amongst the sea of pre-mades…

Looking... uh... 'good', ladies...

The Caliente sisters!  Probably one of the few pre-made families I ever actually played in TS2…

Unfortunately, aside from looking more akin to burnt toast than alien half-breeds, the ladies were also in desperate need of make-overs.  Badly.

They also start off with a four star celebrity rating.  For doing what?!  Their ages are also messed up, Dina is way older than Nina for some reason.  I fixed this.

Also, I booted out the third wheel… Luisa or whatever.  Why was she even there?  I don’t know.

Snake skin jackets are very responsible jackets.

Nina got a bit more of a sensible, but wild makeover.  Nina always seemed to be the more responsible twin.

Do you really want this girl serving your drinks? Do you?

Nina, on the other hand, is a total party hound.  She’s not stupid, but that doesn’t mean she has to concern herself with the day-to-day grind of mediocrity.

There's shady tattoo parlors and then there's just plain DARK tattoo parlors.

Dina wants tattoos, so she gets tattoos.  Who am I to deny her?

"Remember, Dina, don't run with sharp, pointy things."

And the girls are ready to go.  Well, after Nina warns her sister against running with scissors.

I know you miss out on a lot of the Late Night bar crawl without using the downtown, but essentially… most bars are the same.  I’m sad I can’t play with vampires yet, but it’ll happen soon enough.

I designated one of the watering holes on the island as a bar and spruced it up a tiny bit.

"Would you sign my baby's head as its cresting?"

Dina is more concerned with being a celebrity than Nina, so she gets invited to lots of parties.  I’m glad they finally added that in, the whole party invitation system.  It was supposed to be in base game, but I digress.  Dina goes to a lot of parties and signs a lot of autographs.

Of course, five seconds after this woman requests her autograph, she goes into labor.  Talk about a party killer!

'This is sooo going on my celebrity gossip blog!'

High-level celebrities aren’t even safe in their own homes.  Dina and Nina’s maid snaps constant photos of the two, especially Dina, who likes to bring her men home for a good old romp.

Walk of shame?  Nope, it’s the Stride of Pride.

So refreshing.

Nina is no slacker when it comes to causing a stir, either.  She gets a random wish to skinny dip in a pool.  The poor Goldbeard family just wanted to have a classy gathering… Nina had other ideas, like skinny dipping in their huuuge pool.

Luisa looks like she picked up a thing or two in her brief time with the Caliente sisters.

Nina, unfortunately, has no luck in love.  She didn’t in my TS2 games, either.  Dina could seem to get anyone she wanted, but Nina would always crash and burn or get her heart broken.

Poor Nina.  There’s plenty of other guys out there…

Vogue! Strike a pose!

Meanwhile, Dina is dancing on counters for the paparazzi!  She was moonlighting as a bartender when I saw one of the patrons hop up and do this.  Too funny.  Of course, Dina wanted to do it, too.  The animations kill me.

Between that and the ‘Stride of Pride’, this expansion amuses me greatly.  It’s a shame you can’t really integrate much of Late Night into pre-existing or suburban hoods, though.  For those of us who can’t stand the thought of 100% concrete crawl, it sort of makes the expansion seriously lightweight.

I’ll get to that area… eventually.  Until then, I’m enjoying partying it up with the pirates.  Y’aar!

6 comments to Messing Around with Late Night

  • Aww, lame that you can’t add the downtown as a subhood. That would be really cool.

    It does look like a lot of fun though, that aside. Love the dancing on the counters! And I can’t believe those prudes at EA added skinny dipping!

    • Mao

      I know! It really sucks. :\ People said, “they didn’t want load times like with World Adventures”… sooo… not having it with ANY pre-existing hood is better? Sigh.

      It’s quite the goofy expansion. I like it so far, but I don’t see it as big a change as Hot Date and Nightlife were to the previous iterations. I’m mostly disappointed by the lack of ‘real’ chemistry. No swooning, nothing. You have to dig through menus and you only get a temporary pop-up… no indication on relationship panels.

  • Jen

    Great pics, Mao! I agree with you about Late Night seeming a bit lacking, especially if you don’t play in Bridgeport. I plan on playing BP for awhile to get the most out of the EP, then going back to my slow redo of Riverview. ;-p It’s kind of like when I played my adventurer Felix Farr and got him to visa level 3 in all destinations — it was great fun, but now I almost never send my Sims on vacation. I guess in that regard all of the EPs have seemed a bit lacking — I too miss things like chemistry, dates, weather, family interactions, stuff that isn’t so focused on just ONE aspect of the game but have an impact no matter what town you’re playing. Anyway, it was fun reading about your adventures with Dina and Nina! Their makeovers are a MAJOR improvement!

    • Mao

      Hey there, Jen. I’m pretty sure we’re on the same page with our feelings about expansions. It’s the little things that keep you playing, that add some variety and depth. So far, it just isn’t there. It’s like shiny paint on something that’s as shallow as a ridiculously tiny mud puddle! Bah!

      Thanks about the makeovers. Their faces are a bit odd, so it was a challenge. Poor Nina has no lips!

  • M.J

    Hey Mao, thanks for the review and awesome pics. Nina and Dina is quite a pair of interesting sisters.
    I haven’t bought LN yet. It was very fun to read this. I am very curious about the vampires thing. I hope you will post about them later on.

    • Mao

      Hey there, M.J.! I wasn’t going to do a full gameplay overview of Late Night, simply because I’m sure tons of folks already have and I don’t have the time… but I’m definitely going to do something for vampires. They are my favorite of The Sims monster types!

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