Not Quite Dead Yet…

Okay, so I know I disappeared… but I fully intend to finish my legacy.  Unfortunately, I now have to contend with two jobs and a multitude of other obligations (such as playing a live MMO again)… not to mention I had a huge HD crash.

Yeah, I know, back up and all that… that requires you to have something to back up to.  My main gaming HD was full.  So, I lost a HUGE amount of TS2 stuff, but very little of my TS3 stuff… so, it essentially purged things for me I was too sentimental to do myself.

So, anyway, update incoming with legacy.  As soon as I figure out all the bits and pieces–like what hacks I was using and etc.  I have Late Night, but it isn’t installed yet.

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  • Jen

    Hey Mao!! Glad to see you’re still around. :-) I’m sorry to hear about your hard drive crash, though. Ugh. :-/ That is not fun. Although sometimes it can be nice to start afresh. Have fun with your legacy!

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