Catching Up With Neverglade

Now that I’m more familiar with some of the features in Ambitions, it’s safe to move to an established hood.  I’m not ready to jump back into my legacy yet, there’s still stuff to uncover and mess around with.  So, I headed back to Neverglade… but before we get to any of that, we need to play some catch up!

The couple that meditates together... stays together?

Last we left off, Malachi dumped his girlfriend Carissa and hooked up with the Asian local cutie Sun Young Kim.  Sun Young Kim moved into the house and the entirety of her traits were revealed to me.  Nothing special, but a bit more diverse/different than Carissa’s!

Sun Young is Adventurous, Flirty, has a Good Sense of Humor, a Great Kisser, and Artistic.

I’m not terribly convinced on the “artistic” front yet.  She continually painted the most childish paintings I had ever seen before!  Even later on in the skill, she continued to produce silly things like this.  I was wondering if she’d ever improve…

Fast forwarding a bit, they moved house so they had room for Sun Young and Malachi’s little accidental bun in the oven.  I spent some time decorating the place, but I’m still not happy with it.  I should’ve just moved them into a modern house… it fits so much better with them.  Ah well, I’m stuck with this until a later date…

It took Maria and Malachi until their twilight years to realize how completely different they truly are.  All they do is argue!  I’m not sure what changed, but wow… it’s mostly Malachi, given his nasty traits.  Poor Maria.  She can’t even enjoy her elder years without being yelled at about random things like llamas!

It took only a night or two for me to remember why I hate fireplaces in this game!  Even if there’s nothing in front of them, there’s still a random chance they’ll explode into flames.

Of course, because they’re sims, everyone had to come running dangerously close to the scary flames.  Way to go, guys.

Mason and Malachi were nearly consumed and for a minute, I thought I might get some drama.  Just think of it, an unwed, pregnant mother from another locale stuck with her baby’s daddy’s momma!  It just smacks of crazy sitcom/soap opera appeal.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.  I swear, TS3 has training wheels on it or something… I have yet to have a sim accidentally die!

A firefighter decided to jump into the fiery death to try and save the two men and succeeded.  However, another firefighter had to come rescue her and so on and so forth.  It took about three firefighters in total to take down this nasty blaze.  It was really quite huge… it even got Maria for a few seconds, sheesh!

Skipping forward again, Sun Young gave birth to a little boy my husband named Don Kim (Evil, Brave).  He was hoping he’d be an Asian bad ass like the one from Crank.  No such luck, he looks as white bread as they come and even has his grandpa Mason’s green eyes.

Sun Young realizes that good things come with marriage, like insurance policies.

The fire must’ve stirred something in Sun Young, as she starts to finally consider marriage.  These two have been quite happy keeping things pretty casual as boyfriend/girlfriend.  I wasn’t going to push, but it seems Sun Young is pretty intent on getting hitched.  It hasn’t happened yet, though… she just wanted to propose, haven’t gotten any specific marriage wishes yet.

They might want to hurry it along, though…

"You're hearing wedding bells?! Sounds like a death knell to me!"

As Sun Young is expecting again, another accidental baby!  My game crashed, but I had saved directly after her pregnancy.  The first time she had a girl, but this time, it was a boy.

Mason and Sun Young do not get along at all, he’s always yelling at her.  Now he doesn’t even seem to think she’s good enough to marry his son.

To be honest, I think he was always more partial to Carissa.  ;)


A little side-bar involving Ambitions… did anyone hear anything about them adding an Education career to the game?  I somehow missed it in all of the promotional materials, so imagine my surprise when I load up the Delgato/Kim house and Malachi immediately rolls up this wish!

I checked out the Town Map and sure enough, there was a career available at the school.  It doesn’t show up if you browse on the computer, though!  What else have they hidden?  I’ll need to do some more investigating.  This is a big reason why I wanted to experiment outside of my legacy for a bit, to find things like this!

So far, Education seems to require Charisma and Logic.

8 comments to Catching Up With Neverglade

  • Wow, I just knew it now, about the Education Career. I also wondered about Doctors. My sim wanted to hold a free clinic. How to do that? Could they do that in their house?

    • Mao

      I THINK they can do it in their house, but the issue hasn’t come up with Mason yet. I have done a few of the other doctor things, but it doesn’t seem much different other than taking house calls and being able to take experimental drugs, lol!

  • No such luck, he looks as white bread as they come… LOL!! That had me cracking up!! He does look completely white bread though!

    Interesting factoid about Ambitions though! I have to really play it some more!

    • Mao

      That career snuck up on me, I saw the weird icon and was like, “whhaaa?” I’m seriously wondering what else they’ve hidden in there!

      And yes, Don Kim is very, very white bread, LOL! I was kind of shocked, to be honest. xD

  • Oh, whoa, an education career! I haven’t heard about that. I’m a little sore they didn’t include that from the start considering the school is RIGHT THERE!!!

    And man, are they doing a surprise engagement at the table, like the TS2 interaction? I didn’t know they could do that in TS3! LOL, I learn so many things from your blogs!

    • Mao

      Hahaha, no, no surprise engagement… she’s just discussing it. I like that when they start wishing for something or get engaged, they’re more apt to think about it or discuss it! Sorry for the confusion.

      Yeah, that should have been there right from the start.


    I hope the next baby looks more like Sun Young…she’s so lovely!

    • Mao

      She really is! I am going to track her down every time and find some way to put her into the genetics. She is the prettiest pudding I’ve seen yet!

      AND LOL!! I hadn’t even thought of that. xD

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