Ambitions: Inventing & Sculpting… Junk Ahoy!

Inventing is one of the new skills introduced with Ambitions.  To me, it pretty much functions like combining the mechanical workbench and the toy bench from The Sims 2 together into one thing!  You can make little gadgets, decorative items, toys, and some really neat mechanical whiz-bangs.  Did you like that technical terminology I just used?  Oh yeah, whiz-bangs!

What you make is saved, so if you ever want to make it again, you can select it.  Otherwise, it’s random chance depending on the skill level of the inventor.

An inventor would probably function better if they have the Eccentric trait, which allows for quicker skill gain and better inventions.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to help out in the next department…

The whole “oh crap, I’m on fire” department, that is.

Speaking of which… FIRE!  It’s on me.  How about putting it out?!

Aw, calm down, CloneChristian.  You’re not going anywhere.  Anyway, yeah, fire is a hazard to using the inventing bench.  Go figure.  It sure surprised me, much like the combustible train set from TS2!

There, see?  All taken care of.  No more fire…


Aw, I dunno, CloneBeryl seems pretty happy about it.

Anyway, be forewarned… first-timers might want to keep a shower or a fire alarm nearby.  My friend also reported this happening, so I’m going to say it’s not a rarity for the newbies.

For those who are looking into a life or hobby of inventing, be prepared to dig through a lot of junk!  Inventing in general uses up quite a bit of scrap, whereas specific items will list how much they’ll consume.  You can go and gather your own scrap from the junkyard located in Twinbrook (or placed by you in other hoods) or you can be lazy and just purchase various quantities by clicking on the inventing bench.

It’s worth mentioning that Inventing will also increase your Handiness skill, but at a much slower pace.

An example of two inventions... a new gnome and the harvester. Yes, it does what you think it does.

You can make a bunch of really neat things with Inventing!  Actually, part of the fun is finding out all the quirky items your little inventor can make.  You’d be surprised, really, the things they come up with.  I won’t spoil anything more, trust me… it’s worth figuring out and discovering for yourself.  I’ll just say that it isn’t all useless doodads and whatchamacallits!

Now, onto the next skill…

Sculpting is pretty dang cool, too.  You can make a variety of things out of a bunch of materials.  As with Inventing, what you make once is saved and you can remake it, otherwise, it’s random chance.  You can make crazy decorative items right down to even having new stands to put your plunder from World Adventures on!  It’s very cool.

Sculptors will gain a huge boost if they have the Savvy Sculptor trait.  It not only increases skill building, but allows for unique sculptures that only those with the trait can make!

Sculpting allows you to meld clay, wood, ice, and stone; once its maxed out, you can even make topiary!  There’s a ton of different items to discover for each particular medium.

I'm not really sure if I'd trust CloneBeryl with a chainsaw...

Once you get up to ice, you can actually sculpt sims in ice… how cool is that?!  As you can see, sculpting functions a lot like painting, but it’s still diverse and neat enough to be new and exciting.  Besides, who doesn’t want an army of ice sculpted sims on their lawn?!  C’mon!

If you want a bit more “interaction” in the buying and selling process, you can opt to consign your items at the local consignment shop.  Please note that if you’re playing any hood other than Twinbrook, you’ll have to place this special community lot yourself.

Any crafted item can be consigned, even books; Just remember that sculptures need to be in your Family Inventory to be able to consign them.  So, the older skills aren’t left out in this one.  You can also find some pretty nifty and sometimes hard-to-find things here, like cameras and other odds and ends.  It’s worth checking out now and again.

If you choose to consign your items, you’ll have to wait awhile until they sell.  Those with the Born Salesman will find that their items sell for more!

12 comments to Ambitions: Inventing & Sculpting… Junk Ahoy!

  • Can you tell I come over here after I get off of work!:P

    My Sim is new to inventing but so far I’ve had fun with it. I’m really feeling ambitions and all the things that come with it. When I moved into a house it had ghost already and a neighbor came over and got rid of the problem for me! Huzzah! Good times!

    I like the tidbits that you give us without spoiling it!:)

    • Mao

      Have you reached the skill level where it allows you to detonate things?? I had CloneChristian exploding the furniture… it was cracking me up!!

      I was wondering if NPC GHs worked like that… how awesome!

      And thanks, part of the fun of new expansions/etc is finding out all the little changes and new surprises.

  • These two careers both look really awesome! That gnome CloneChristian made reminds me of the creepy Japanese Santa from that Simpsons episode with John Waters.

    The harvester sounds really cool too. Harvesting takes so long! Hmmm…so if one of your Sims sold his harvester to the consignment store, could another Sim buy it? Did EA think that far ahead with this?

    • Mao

      Yup! You can totally do that. :D Other sims will sell their wares autonomously, too. It’s so cool that skills can be professions now. I didn’t have CB or CC list themselves, though, they just kept their regular jobs.

      LOL! The crazy gnome cracked me up.

  • V

    I got SO MAD during gameplay because first my sim died by meteor–I didn’t know you could just move them out of the way of that ominous dark shadow–so I reloaded and THEN she had the audacity to die via the workbench! Needless to say, she was a single sim. :P After that, I totally cheated to give her money and place fire alarms EVERYWHERE. Damned game.

  • V

    Yeah, I didn’t know that either. :P I had her searching the junk piles for a long time when she died, and I got my first one when she was hunting ghosts. They’re kinda neat if they don’t kill you, because they land a hugebig meteor you can sell for 5-8k. The ones I got, anyway.

  • I need an ice sculpture Christian in my front lawn. That would be a fun promotional sales item for sims 3…design an ice sculpture in-game, and we’ll make a little model of it and mail it to you. Oh, the possibilities…

  • lala

    i made an ice sculpture and put it in my family invintory, and i go to a guys house to give it to him but i cant i ripped 3 pillows in half help!?

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