Ambitions: A Quick Overview

I know a bunch of people are probably doing this right now, but I did it with WA, so I figured I’d do it with this new expansion, too.

I figured I’d do a really quick brush over of the new things in Ambitions to kick things off.  There’s actually a lot to this expansion.  In fact, I think it’s added more than World Adventures did.  Sure, World Adventures offered us new worlds and tombs, but that was outside of the neighborhood.  Ambitions brings things a little closer to home by offering up a new job set called ‘Professions’: Private Investigator, Ghost Hunter, Firefighter, Architectural Designer, and Ghost Hunter.  It also adds some new options for sims in the medical career.

There’s also a completely new hood called Twinbrook that has a bit of a bayou twist to it.  It also makes an example with the new community lots; the fire station, salon, junk yard, and consignment shop.  These all tie into the new profession system.

I’ll delve into the individual things later, but for this post, we’re going to breeze over some of the other newly added features/etc.

To be honest, I thought they were kidding in a preview when they mentioned laundry.  Guess what?  They weren’t… laundry is in the game.  It even comes with its own associated moodlets.  Before those of you who never wanted it or are indifferent (like me) freak out, don’t worry.  According to devs, it isn’t mandatory.  They added it in because of all the folks who wanted it.

"What does this look like, a Chinese laundry??"

Laundry is “made” whenever your sim switches outfits.  When you order them to, when they have a bath/shower, and even when they slip into bed for the night.  A little pile will be created on the floor and a sim will have to pick it up and put it into the washer.

You can have a sim collect laundry by clicking the washer and selecting “Do Laundry.”  They’ll run around and gather up the laundry cluttering up the house.  You can also only run one load at a time and you can’t add to it once it’s started (at least with the cheaper models).  You can also change the cycle modes, but I haven’t found a reason to do so yet.

A sim also has to come round and change the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  Sims with one of the new traits that comes with Ambitions will not like using the wasteful, cheap washers.  There is a perk to doing laundry, however, and that’s moodlets.  Your sims will get a ‘Fresh Clothing’ moodlet worth 18pts that lasts over 12 hours and another moodlet when they are on their beds called ‘Clean Sheets’ worth 12pts that doesn’t seem to expire.

Moving away from laundry, we’re also given new traits and life time wishes to go along with the new professions.  The new traits are Born Salesman, Dramatic, Eccentric, Eco-Friendly, Perceptive, and Savvy Sculptor.  For the most part, these really only pertain to the new professions and the choices/requirements within.  Some, like Perceptive, also add other benefits like an increase when learning logic.  Dramatic has no impact on professions, jobs, or any single gameplay element.  Much like Over-Emotional and Grumpy, it just functions to add a bit more ‘difficulty’ in maintaining your sims mood and reactions.

Along with the new traits and professions, we’re given new hairstyles for both males and females!  There’s more than two this time.  For the women, the hairstyles seem to take a cue from the swishy hair offered up in World Adventures.  Still, they’re nice to have and there’s even some new ones with headbands, clips, and hats.  For the men, there’s some diverse short cuts and a few “cool guy” shags and a really silly emo cut that covers their eyes.  The girls also have this cut, as well.

There are some new outfits, but nothing to write home about.  Do you remember Open for Business?  Think of that.  There’s some assorted aprons and other things to tie in with the new skills.  Those, by the way, are Sculpting and Inventing.  At least, as of this posting, these are the only two I’ve run into.  They each get their own skill-related object, too.

Speaking of Open for Business, this expansion already reeks of it.  Just the professions and the jobs like Stylist (which has its own chair, as does tattooing), seem to echo the old expansion.  It’s almost as if EA figured out that porting Open for Business over wouldn’t work, so they found a new, different approach.  A lot of the new skills/etc remind me of that expansion, too.  All that’s missing is the actual “opening a business” and having control over the goods sold/etc.

Technically, though, you are opening a business by opting for a profession.  You have scheduled work hours and are no longer considered “unemployed”.  Some professions even have customers coming to your house… but we’ll get into that later.

I’m taking two sims through this journey instead of just one because I want to see how well this all ties into the core gameplay aspect.  You won’t just be playing a single sim 24/7 and certainly not every single time.  Maybe you want an established family involved.  Either way, I want to see how hard it will be to maintain the professions and new skills amidst all the chaos.

Of course, my chosen two sims are CloneBeryl and CloneChristian simply because they were in my saved sims bin and I don’t have time to make new sims right now (work tomorrow.)  I’ve touched them up a bit and given them some of the new traits.  CloneBeryl will be exploring life as a Private Investigator and part-time Sculptor while CloneChristian will be making ends meet as a Ghost Hunter and trying his hand at Inventing.

More on that later, though… hoping to get more time to play tomorrow and close up my PI part of “investigating” the new expansion.  ;)

8 comments to Ambitions: A Quick Overview

  • I can’t wait to see the result of your “investigating”. I think the laundry part is so cool. Clone Christian looks a lot better now :)

  • Ohhh!! This sounds interesting Mao! Maaaan!! I’m going to have to Snag this @ Wal-Mart or something! Usually I wait forever to get an EP! Can’t wait to see what you do! Could you post a link on twitter so I can keep track? You know how bad a flake I am!:P

  • Well, it already sounds more appealing to me than WA ever did! I’m still a bit sore that they never gave us tattoos for TS2 and then they jump straight in and give it to us in the second expansion for TS3.

    Can’t say I quite understand people so desperate to have Sims do laundry but whatever floats your boat, I guess. It seems like they did a decent job of it, at least.

    I somehow missed that Architectural Designer was one of the professions. Looking forward to seeing what CloneChristian and CloneBeryl get up to in their new lines of work!

    • Mao

      I am definitely a bit more curious about it than WA. WA had new locales, but this one, I dunno. It might actually be worth the money spent, LOL!

  • I played around with Ambitions last night before bed. I created a Sim who is dramatic, so it amused me when I figured out that she could “whine about her life” to everyone she met, complete with dramatic gestures and poses. ;) I also thought it was neat that she makes organic foods because of being eco-friendly. Though she annoyed me by getting a negative moodlet because she took a taxi from home to town. Well, why didn’t you just walk then? I didn’t make you call the taxi! I had to buy her a bike to keep her happy.

    I like that they added tattoos, but I don’t like the placement of the ankle ones. My ankle tattoo is on the outer side of my leg, but my Sim’s is on the front of her leg and I wanted it in the same placement as mine. Need some new custom tattoos soon though because I don’t like most of the ones EA gave us.

    Right now I’m playing around with the Stylist career. I like that you can build your portfolio and you actually have to work with other Sims in the hood to build your job experience. Oh, and my Sim very much enjoys going over to the fire department and jumping on their trampoline for a while, lol. ;) So far, I really like this expansion, but then Open for Business was also one of my favorites from TS2 and this opens up a few more possibilities in my gameplay.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what CloneBeryl and CloneChristian do in their jobs! The ghost hunting and inventing intrigue me, but I didn’t get a chance to try them out last night.

    • Mao

      Wow, Shana! I think you had more time to play than I did! Did you see the recycling bins? I’m not sure what they do, but it’s neat. I’m DEFINITELY Eco-Friendly… my husband rolls his eyes everytime I go on a “why you should recycle [insert item here}” spiel at work!

      I’m really curious about the stylist career, but haven’t had a chance to mess with it. The trampoline cracks me up. I need to get some pictures of that! And the tattoos, I like they added the functionality, but they look really cartoony to me.

      CloneChristian spun up a want to be a Ghost Hunter and PI just seemed appropriate for Beryl, LOL!

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