The Fall Out & Some Descendants

Just a short post this time, I really haven’t had much of a chance to play this week.  I spent most of the time decorating a new house, buh.  I like to decorate, but it can be really time consuming, especially when you kind of want to play.

Anyway, I figured I’d make a quick post about the whole break-up situation.

Sun Young and Malachi flirted in front of Carisa outside, but she didn’t get the Betrayed moodlet from that.  I was experimenting, so I kept it going.  I let them kiss in front of her and bam, there it was.

I haven’t had my sims have much break-ups/etc.  There never seems to be much of a need, as a sim’s reaction over cheating (flirting, kissing) seems to be pretty null.  I haven’t tried the whole woohoo thing yet.  To be honest, I wish the system was more… developed.  Remember in TS2 when if a relative saw someone cheat, they were supposed to run and tell someone?  Sure, it was removed… but why can’t they do that here?

It was funny, Maria got mad that Malachi was cheating, but only because she was friends with Carisa.  I tried to check and see if there was any special dialogue, but no.  Very lame.

I’m assuming that once a sim gets the Betrayed moodlet, they can accuse their significant other of cheating.  That’s exactly what I had Carisa do, though I wish the whole jealousy system in this game was more autonomous.  I shouldn’t have to force my sim to feel cheated!

The whole thing does nothing, it’s just a contextual pretty trying to distract us from the incompleteness of the situation.

Fed up up with this lackluster show pony, I have Malachi initiate a break-up.  I’ve experienced many of these, thanks to my legacy spare that had the Heartbreaker LTW.  I loved Sun Young’s face here.  She’s smiling and looking at Carisa, completely unintentional, but in picture context it makes perfect sense!

Carisa declares Sun Young to be her nemesis and Sun Young gets a wish to be mean to Carisa.  Ahhh, the opportunity for a cat fight?  How can I pass that up?!

A slap fight ensues, but it doesn’t have the same resonance that TS2 seemed to.  Is that just me?  If you’re wondering why Mason is lingering in the background, it’s because I had him taking pictures for his collections.  I’m sort of peeved that the break-up scenario isn’t in any of the collections!

Carisa does a very stupid thing and autonomously engages Sun Young in a fight.  Are you serious?  Anyway, the outcome should be obvious.  Sun Young has a level 9 Martial Arts skill, she’s no skinny waif!

Malachi looks very pleased by this situation.  I’m disturbed.

I moved Carisa out and was really disappointed when she just up and moved away! I couldn’t recover her.  Geeze, I was hoping for some ex drama or something.

Before I started on the new house, I went around town and tried to track down some of the descendants of my original sims.

This is Jarvis Carmondy, I’m pretty sure he’s Sydonie’s youngest child.  She had all of these kids to different dads, but their facial structures are all very similar.  The only big differences is the coloring!

Kurt Carmondy is Sydonie’s eldest child.  I love his coloring, it’s very exotic looking, really makes those eyes pop.  He’s an Adult here, I didn’t catch him before he lost his youthful fullness.  Both Jarvis and Kurt look a lot like Brayden.

Sydonie’s middle child is Tamika Qualls.  That’s her maiden name, at least.  She’s married in the game now, but I forget to who!  Either way, she named her child Shamika… WTF?

Again, she looks very much like her mother.

This terrifying looking dude is one of CloneChristian’s kids.  His eyes do not translate well to being huge and wide-eyed, that’s for sure.  Otis freaks me out a little.  He looks like he’s in a constant state of shock!  He took after his mother quite a lot, unfortunately.  Stupid pudding face!

CloneBeryl’s only son and the youngest of the three kids she had just became a YA, so I’ll have to hunt him down and get some pictures.

I’ve got some free time before I have to get stuff done, so I’m going to enjoy my day off and go play a little.  :P

8 comments to The Fall Out & Some Descendants

  • “Remember in TS2 when if a relative saw someone cheat, they were supposed to run and tell someone?”

    YES, and I still bitch about how they took that out whenever it comes up! That would be so awesome.

    Man, how come your paintings are so clear? Mine always, always turn out so dark you can barely make out what they are!

    I’ve never seen a Sim react to infidelity in the game, so this was good, though it seems like the TS2 system is more realistic. The only break-up I’ve ever initiated was for one of my hot-headed Sims. He insulted his wife, she got upset and then he rolled the wish to break up with her! LOL! Because he should just be allowed to bitch at her and she should just stand there and take it!

    And what, Carisa moved away?!? I thought that couldn’t happen with Twallan’s mod unless you let it?

    • Mao

      I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who remembers that! The only time it was ever really mentioned was in that one producer preview a few months before its release. I still grumble about it, too!

      For paintings, it could be that your sim just has a “negative” trait that changes the paintings. Certain traits affect the outcome of paintings. There’s more info here. Also, the pictures in the background (aside from the lilies) are actually pictures from the camera. They are tons clearer than painted stuff, blegh.

      OMG, I am so jealous! I’ve never had a sim spin up that wish. It’s a pain to even have them want to get married. Haha, I love that… hot-headed sims amuse me greatly. :D

      I’m not sure. The only thing I can guess is that she had a crappy relationship with her family and her only substantial relationships (she had two romantic interests) were non-moved in sims, so they didn’t count. Once she lost Malachi, that was it and she was gone. Still… she was friends with Maria. I dunno, it’s still boggling my mind!

  • Carisa and Son Young are very pretty. Most of my time playing the sims 3 just to experiment this kind of things. It’s good that other sims noticed that their friends were being betrayed. They got the negative moodlet.
    It is so easy now for them to get betrayed, but I noticed that after the guilty sim apologized to their partner, their partner will not have the negative moodlet again?? except if the cheating turn their relationship bar turn into red. My sim once slapped/fought her partner after her best friend told her that her husband was cheating behind her :D

    • Mao

      I am really disappointed with TS3′s jealousy system, sigh. My sims just don’t seem to care all that much. :(

      That sucks that if they apologize, it takes a lot more for it to happen again. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? LOL

      How did you get the best friend to report him cheating? I’ve never had that happen!

  • Hi Mao, they can do it autonomously (especially family oriented sims). There’s an option to it in the friendly section, lol! So funny that family oriented sims can confess on Cheating to their partner autonomously. But, I had a weird glitch, my kid sims have an option to confess (to what??). The one who is cheating is other sim in the lot, but why do they have it until now?? I wonder about it until now, and the option won’t go away.
    Flirting will only cause less jealousy, but kissing, cuddling, or (worse) woohoo-ing will make them go mad. Hopeless romantic will accuse their partner on cheating, autonomously, even after their partner have apologized to them. It will make the relationships decay.

  • Holy crap…all comments I was going to make were completely obliterated by the utterly disturbing expression of Otis. O.o I’m scared. :’(

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