Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting…

I really wish I had more pictures of Maria and Mason, but I think FRAPs closed and this was mostly played while I was cooking dinners last week (yay multi-tasking.)   Anyway, Maria went into labor at the fishing spot behind their house.  I was kind of hoping she’d have the baby there, but she ran home.  Boo!

They had a boy named Malachi.  I swear the “M” names is NOT a theme.  Malachi was the result of the Woohooer’s 10% chance.

This is the only picture I have of Malachi’s youth!  He very obviously got CloneChristian’s color from his dad, Mason.  He had a pretty uneventful childhood… I was surprised by Maria and Mason’s parenting skills.  I kind of pegged them to be the struggling type living in government housing and all of that.  Not so…

Maria wanted to go into the military (Petra started out in the military) and actually made her way up the ranks pretty effortlessly.  I have no idea how, as she’s not Athletic or Handy.  I did have her fixing a lot of stuff and upgrading it, though.  I’d send her to the gym… still, it’s weird.  Sims outside of their comfort zone, for me, don’t usually do well in those careers.

This face cracked me up.  Absent-minded sims are silly.

Malachi as a teen.  I’m not sure where the glasses came from, he spun into them with his martial arts outfit!  His LTW is to max Martial Arts and become Grand Master.  I sent the family to China when they had the money so they could buy the necessities and get Malachi an early start on his dream.

He’s a very girly looking male sim.  He reminds me a lot of Castor, my gen 1 heir from my legacy.  He took his features from his mum, but I’m pretty sure he has CloneChristian’s eye shape, which Mason also has.  The girly vibe is heavily influenced by the lips, which he got from Maria.  I think if they were less… well, full, it’d be less creepy.

He’s not a Young Adult in this picture, but I thought I’d include his traits anyway.  He’s Neurotic, Over-Emotional, Disciplined, Clumsy, and Family-Oriented. To me, he seems like the type who has trouble making decisions and when he does, they’re hasty ones.  The only solid thing with Malachi is Martial Arts, everything else is a variable.  He has good intentions, but that doesn’t mean he executes them properly!

Like, for instance, his interest in Carisa Eggleston.  She’s dating Chris Snowden, a descendant of CloneBeryl’s line (his mother is Aubrey).  This was all well and good, Carisa and Malachi have only ever been friends.  Well, during the last days of being a teen, he sees Carisa at one of his mum’s parties and rolls up the ‘First Kiss’ wish.  Oh boy.

The girl in the hat seems amused by this, “now it’s a party!”

I had them Go Steady once Chris was out of the picture…

That’s one of Sydonie’s descendants dancing with hat girl.  I need to hunt them down and get pictures.  She had three kids to three different guys and was married four times.

This is Mason’s half-sister, Christie Koenig.  She is very obviously carrying some of CloneChristian’s traits with her, despite the pudding influences.  She’s interesting looking, the small eyes make her look thoughtful.  She’s very mean, though.  She always fights at Maria’s parties!

This just about KILLED ME.  I have never had anyone climb to the top of the military career, so this was the first time I’d seen the Top Gun outfit.  OMG!  Am I the only one hearing the music?  Ahahahaha, too hilarious!

Insert “future’s so bright, gotta wear shades” joke here.

I never want her to get promoted.  I want her to walk around like that FOREVER.

Malachi becomes a Young Adult and just plain beats the crap out of the training dummy.  This is my first time with anyone getting relatively high in the Martial Arts skill.  I know, I know, I’ve had the game how long now?  But I’m weird, I like things to correspond with traits and he’s my first Disciplined sim.  Anyway, he does crazy Jackie Chan/Jet Li stuff on it and it amuses me.  I can’t wait to take him to China to kick butt!

I tried to get another picture of his girly face and instead got this.  I’m pretty sure he’s doing the Over-Emotional animation, but it doesn’t look at all like crying.  He looks like he got something in his eye.

Carisa Eggleston aged a day or two before Malachi, so when he grew up, I had her move in… mostly because he had a wish to travel with her, but you can’t travel with someone unless they are in your household.  This picture cracked me up, even though I missed where she was cackling evilly.  I think her intentions for this are obvious, sigh.  Her traits are Loves the Outdoors, Technophobe, Excitable, Easily-Impressed, Evil.

I’m kind of “meh” about her traits, I’ve already had an outdoorsy sim with Maria.

Oh WOW!  The sparring is insane when you get two top level martial artists together.  Look at that old lady go!  I’m not sure what’s with the colored movement lines.

This is some Matrix stuff right here!  So funny.  The facial expressions kill me.  Why so serious, Malachi?

Now I’m just having Mortal Kombat flashbacks.  He did a bicycle kick, seriously?!

While working his way through the tournament champs, Malachi meets Sun Young Kim… who is a very fetching lady of the Asian persuasion.  I’m intrigued and given that they flirted after he beat her, so is he.  Never mind that Carisa came with him…

She may look like a cute little Disney princess, but her throne is in great jeopardy.  She isn’t as compatible with Malachi as Sun Young seems to be… she seems to know it, too.  Look at that face she’s pulling while dancing with some random adventurer.

Sorry, sweet cheeks, but when it comes to choosing between Snow White and Mulan… I’ll go with Mulan every time.  Besides, did you see her arms?  She’s beefy like Trogdor!

Malachi heartlessly beats an old man in mourning.  He just seems to be thinking, “he’ll get over it.”

Oh, Malachi, you’re so mean!  Why can’t you be friendly like your mother?

I need to get a better picture of his face.  He’s still pretty girly looking, but not as bad as when he was a teen.  I need to grab a picture of Mason, too, before he ages up.

I smell trouble.  Only a few days home and Sun Young Kim is in town and flirting with Malachi.  Carisa is there to witness the whole thing, too.  They’re not engaged, they’re just committed.  In the sims’ world, that doesn’t amount to a whole lot.  I will say, Sun Young Kim cleans up really well


I’m actually at work while most of these are posting… isn’t scheduling nice?  This post actually contains stuff I played very, very recently… as in while in the midst of writing it.  It’s pretty obvious that I’ve moved Sun Young Kim in and given her a makeover.  Let’s just say, the house is really crowded right now.  We’ve still got to cover the fall out that occurred and as of this, I haven’t played through it yet.

I am really, seriously going to jump through the town and try to snap some descendant pictures.  I’m kind of sad that Demetri’s line is also blended with Petra’s.  I kind of wanted him to have his own kids, but oh well.  Carisa is actually the daughter of a sim I made (I added a brother/sister combo to the hood) to help battle the pudding.  She is a replica of her mother, only with darker features.  I hate to throw her to the wolves, given her good genes, but… well, things happen, right?  ;)

4 comments to Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting…

  • Shame about Carisa, because she really is too cute! Has Sun Young got blonde eyebrows?

    That Top Gun outfit is AWESOME! Is that what the top level of the career is called too? I don’t know if I’ve had a Sim in the military career yet.

    I love that badass grandma. I haven’t had any high level Martial Arts Sims either so that’s all new to me!

    • Mao

      Sun Young’s eyebrows were weird, but her hair is actually dark black. Sometimes, the eyebrows screw up. No idea why, sigh. Carisa was cute… but Sun Young won me over, LOL!

      I WISH that was the top, but it’s not. I didn’t get to see Astronaut because Maria became an elder and they don’t wear their outfits. But Top Gun is the second to the top… LOVED that outfit!

      I was cracking up so bad at him fighting this crazy old lady. It reminded me of some of the Kung Fu movies I’ve seen.

  • Iiiiii weeeent toooo the DANGER ZONE. Oh yes.

    I reallllly love the looks of Sun Young. I’m definitely pro-her. Nothing against Carisa, but it seems like she was only a convenience romance for Malachi anyway. They would make amazing-looking babies, I think. Neat way to see how two really different-looking sims combine.

    Two questions about genetics: Is it the cheekbones that makes him look so much like Castor? I definitely see it, but I can’t place why.

    And the second: are those CloneChristian’s eyes that Christie has?

    • Mao

      Hahaha, YES!

      I know! I really need to get back to these guys, they have one kid so far and another on the way and I can’t wait to see how they look. D’oh! So much I want to do, so little time to do it.

      I’m thinking it’s the fact they both look really, really girly. At least Castor had a reason, he was a copy of his mother. Here, there is no reasoning! Mason didn’t look girly! LOL

      Yup, those brightly blue eyes are CloneChristian’s. Petra also had them because I used CC as a base for her.

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