Neverglade Gets More Dysfunctional

Petra’s attempts at childcare were mediocre at best.  The only reason the twins survived is mostly due to the assistance of babysitters!  I tried to get Demetri interested in the girls, but he ignored them.  CloneChristian, however, was more than happy to play with them when Petra had parties.  Very odd.

Of course, two crying toddlers do not a rockin’ party make.  The dude in the middle seems to think it’s pretty bangin’, though.  “Hey guys, is this metal music?  It ROCKS!”

Demetri continues to be a deadbeat dad.  He’s even skipping out on child support payments!

He finally engages Claudia while staying the night after a party.  He was still awake, so he autonomously went over and cared for Claudia.  It would be cute if he weren’t such a terrible parent!

He tried to teach her to talk until Maria started squealing in the background.  When that happened, it was suddenly “time for him to go”… yeah, go figure on that one!

I did manage to get the girls all their skills, but I’m not sure how.  I wish I had taken a picture of Petra going through this process.  She was not amused.

Quite possibly the creepiest screenshot I’ve taken in the game yet.  Sydonie had a shotgun marriage after getting knocked up by one of her lovers and threw a party.  She went to bed at the beginning and well, Demetri decided to follow her.  SO CREEPY.  He’s just taken the throne from CloneChristian.  Auuugh, WTF?

Petra, not being the sharpest crayon in the box, wants to know what Demetri was doing in Sydonie’s room.  If the dude is willing to cheat on his wife and ditch out on child support, can you really expect him to stick with just two ladies?

The twins become children and Petra finally gets Demetri to come over.  She instantly complains about Claudia!  So funny!  I’ve never had a parent complain about their children before.  Way to go, Petra, you’re parent of the year.  Demetri doesn’t seem to care.

Petra takes her frustration out on poor Maria.  This actually happens quite a lot.  Claudia gets hugs and whatnot, but Maria gets yelled at a lot!  These poor kids, such an unfortunate upbringing!

Maria’s best friend is the literal Town Brat, Mason Koenig (CloneChristian’s eldest son).  I have no idea how these two had any kind of friendship.  He was always scaring her or teasing her.  Still, they were best friends and it wasn’t my doing!  He was constantly over, too, so they were playing a LOT of tag… Maria loves the Outdoors, so she loves tag!

Petra has a wish to visit Sydonie, so I send her over.  Sydonie only lives one house down, so it’s really simple for the two to visit one another.  Anyway, Petra gets there and what do I spy in the window?!  Oh yes, Demetri seems to have officially hopped aboard the town bike for a ride!  Before Sydonie turned to look out the window, they were in the middle of flirting.

Petra was oblivious, but I was amused greatly.

Maria as a teenager.  She’s an Excitable sort, so she’s squeeing over a cooking book.  I have no idea why, as she didn’t have one.  Maria takes after her mother with the coloring, but has Demetri’s eyes.  Maria also seems to have Demetri’s face shape, but Petra’s features.

The girl in the foreground is CloneBeryl’s eldest daughter, Aubrey.  She looks like a cute, woodland creature to me.  She is also Claudia’s best friend since childhood.  Claudia is in the background.  I wish I had better pictures of her!  She looks a lot like Melody Donovan, with Demetri’s features and his coloring.

Mason and Maria continue to have a tenuous friendship.  It’s hilarious, because Maria is friendly and Mason is the Town Thug now that he’s too old to be the Town Brat.  He spends his time picking on people and stealing their money while Maria is all about being friendly.

He argues with her and she apologizes and then they are friends again.  What the hell?  Again, I’m letting my sims do their own thing in this hood.  I don’t really push things unless they have a wish for it!

Despite all that back and forth, Maria wants to Go Steady.  What is wrong with you, woman?  I think all the abuse from her mother has made her translate it into love or something.  I’m pretty sure this is doomed, but we’ll see.

I should note that while I’m not going the storytelling angle, I tend to play my sims like I played barbies.  I follow their wishes/etc, but I also have little “personalities” for them to help explain their silly desires!  Sometimes, I just like to play, but there’s still silly stories in my head.  It’s just less of a weight when I can just play and not worry about blogging it/etc.

Aubrey as a Young Adult, she’s really cute.  Very distinctive for a pudding sim.  This is why I wanted to included my own sims, I can tell immediately who belongs to what line.  The whole hairstyle thing helps, too, though I hate it.  Changing their hair EVERY time they age is just annoying, though, so I just leave it alone.  Who had the bright idea to make HAIRSTYLES genetic?  Ugh.

Maria becomes a Young Adult, too.  Her traits are Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Friendly, Absent-Minded, Good Sense of Humor.  A pretty well-rounded friendly sim.  To me, she’s the outdoorsy types who likes hiking and fishing, definitely not one for pink, frilly dresses and gobs of make-up.  She’s almost a Master at fishing.  Her LTW is 20 friends.

Petra and Maria are Friends, but their relationship consists of the same pattern as Maria and Mason’s, except Maria doesn’t apologize to Petra!  When they argue, she gets the wish to hang out with Mason.  He lives down the street in Sydonie’s old house.  Maria hangs out in her mum’s house until I decide to move her and Mason into a house of their own.

This is CloneBeryl’s other daughter, Harmony.  It’s weird, she looks like Aubrey, but also distinctively different.  It’s probably because they have everything but the same eye shapes.  Still, Harmony is pretty cute.

I like seeing sims different than the terrible default faces we’re given.  Blegh.  To me, they ALL look way too similar… but I also like “extreme” features.

Maria rolls up the want to marry Mason, silly girl, so I indulge her and they move into their own house.  I haven’t mentioned Mason’s traits yet, but he’s Clumsy, Genius, Mean-Spirited, Workaholic, Artistic. An odd mixture of traits, I had a hard time settling down on something for him to do, especially since his LTW is the one where you max Photography and Painting.  I eventually threw him into the medical career since it’s so damn easy, especially for a Genius.

I am amused by the fact they moved into Demetri’s old house.  It’s where he cheated with Petra and created the twins (since it correlates with the baby bump time).  Ha!

The wedding party and CloneChristian looks like some ridiculous Steven Segall rip-off!  Augh!  Those World Adventure outfits drive me bonkers.  The rate of them showing up (ie EVERY SINGLE TIME) when one ages seems to have decreased with HELS… but not enough for my liking.  So.  Annoying.

I’ve given Maria the LTR that gives you perfect parties every time, since her friend wish is annoying and the easiest way to do it is to throw parties.  Parties, regardless as to whether or not you talked to the sim, increase your relationship… provided it was a good party.


Note from Mao: I should mention that I’m randomizing traits when I’ve prompted to choose.  I usually go with whatever rolls up, unless it’s something I absolutely hate or it’s just stupid, like Never Nude.  I dig the Arrested Development reference, but it’s completely useless!  I’m also trying to not direct anything and just go with what my sims want.  It’s like an experiment to see how diverse the wish system is.  To me, thus far, it’s pretty damned redundant, though I was shocked at Maria rolling up a wish to marry Mason!

I’m also not using Try for Baby unless I’m seriously desperate or it’s a sim that wants a billion kids.  I really like not being able to decide when sims have kids and how many!

I’m still not completely caught up.  Mason and Maria’s son is actually a Young Adult now!

6 comments to Neverglade Gets More Dysfunctional

  • Aubrey is so pretty but I agree. I hate that you have to change their hair every time they age – argh! They can’t even make hair COLOUR genetic but they do it for hairstyles? LAME!

    Maria’s going through that whole bad boy stage, I think!

    And really? You find the medical career easy? That’s one of the hardest for me! It’s that “on call” thing. 99% of the time my Sims are on call, they’re going to get called in! They never seem to get to sleep!

    Good tip on the parties to make friends – I had no idea about that!

    I’m the same with the Never Nude trait. The only Sim who I’ve let have that trait is Tobias (or Gobias Koffi…whatever EA, we know what you really wanted to call him!)

    • Mao

      You see, I rarely ever get sims called into work! Mason has only had it happen twice, I think… and he’s now an elder. He’s had the medical career since before the middle point of his YA life stage, too. That’s nuts. He’s a workaholic, so he’d love all that extra work!

      The hair thing drives me bananas. I used to take my time and just fix it every life stage, but now, I’ve given up. Bah. Stupid, stupid decision! Especially since a lot of CC creations default to that awful hairstyle with the bangs and shag. Sigh.

      There are still a lot of things I’m clueless about with this game. When I found out the party thing, I jumped on it! I suck at making friends. A double-team is to have that sim also play guitar. Guitar is a super easy way to get friends, even if it’s also kind of annoying…

  • The girls are beautiful.

    Sometimes, I love sims’s wishes, but sometimes I get confused by their wishes too :)

    I found that sims do love flirting. I think Dimitry likes to flirt or compliment other sims because of his charismatic trait(I guess he often kept his wedding ring inside his pocket, Lol), and those sims like to cuddle autonomously too (which is worse, because their lover surely will see that as a cheating). Those sims can make their own drama ;) without the player force them too. Seriously, if I am a sim, I will ask my husband to stop making friends with inappropriate sims. They will kiss your husband in front of you, Ack! I noticed Awesome mod modified their original behavior, with that mod they are not a flirt anymore. I use the mod again now. Pescado has add some cool futures like able to go to build/buy mod in community lot without have to go to edit town.
    However, I admit that their original behavior makes the game (sometimes) interesting.
    lol Dimitri refused to pay child support?

    • Mao

      You know, the Charismatic thing makes a LOT of sense! I hadn’t even considered that before. You’re probably right! He definitely got around, sheesh.

      I haven’t any any sims autonomously cuddle, though. I’ll have to look out for that.

      I do miss some of the features with Awesomemod, but I’m using the Master Controller, so I can do some of the same stuff. ;)

      With the child support, I’m not sure if it’s completely random, relative to their actual wealth, or if it is based on personality. He would refuse sometimes and then pay other times. Probably just a random thing!

  • Wow, I actually kind of love the way Aubrey looks, and I think Melody looks super similar to Beryl. Maybe not SUPER similar, but I definitely see Beryl in her a lot more than in Aubrey, though perhaps it’s the hair color. Either way, CloneBeryl makes pretty kidlets.

    Congrats to Maria…I think. Hope their relationship isn’t as dysfunctional as it seems at present to be!

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