Messing Around With Worlds

I’m taking a break from my legacy because of time constraints and whatnot, not to mention the lot is lagging since installing High-End Lot Stuff and I can’t quite figure it out.  Maybe it was me having to reinstall around 1,000 simpack files?  Perhaps.  Anyway, I finally updated and everything.  Create-A-World is beyond anything I’ll ever mess with, but I have enjoyed playing worlds made by other folks!  I’m especially in love with Neverglade.  I was originally just using it to test the lagging issue, but I ended up enjoying it quite a bit… I know, me enjoying just playing The Sims 3… what is wrong with this picture?  Unfortunately, I have so little time that its short, to the point play is a lot more accessible to me right now than anything I do with TS2.

Anyway, I loaded up Neverglade and started with a sim that had an interesting mix of traits.  Meet Petra Delgato… don’t ask about the name, sigh.  I let my husband name them.

Petra Delgato
Childish, Inappropriate, Hot-Headed, Loner, Handy

The Neverglade I downloaded comes completely empty.  That’s right, no random, pudding ugly squatters waiting to infest your houses!  I took advantage of this and moved in some sims that should be pretty familiar, especially on this blog.

I added the infamous Sydonie Carmondy… who, strangely enough, became Petra’s best friend.  Go figure on that one.

Of course, I added CloneBeryl.  Her facial features are too much to resist!  I never got to see her progeny.  She’s with CloneChristian, but as per usual, he’s hiding somewhere not in view of the camera.

I put CloneChristian and CloneBeryl in the same house, but they married different people.  As sims, they are seriously not compatible!

Demetri Donovan came along for the ride, too.  I didn’t add Lila simply because she and CloneBeryl share some similar traits.  Sydonie seems to think this is her chance, but I think Petra beat her to the punch.

Despite being a Loner, Petra throws a lot of parties.  Why?  Because I want to SEE my sims be crazy!  Sydonie brings over some of her crazy, skanky friends and Petra is bemused at best.

It’s worth mentioning here that between my story mod and this empty hood, no random pudding families are moving in.  There are plenty of homeless folks I refer to as “townies”, but aside from that, the only sims with actual houses are the ones I moved in.  That’s too damn cool!  It’s about as close to a prosperity as I’ll ever get with this game, but I’m enthused nonetheless.  I should also note I’m only playing Petra.

CloneChristian never fails to be creepy, which amuses me greatly.  Demetri is a married man (random townie), but that doesn’t stop Petra.  I’m curious as to what CloneChristian is doing here–does he disapprove or was he eyeing up Petra, too?  That’s kind of creepy, since I used CloneChristian’s sim as a semi-base for Petra.  They share coloring, but most features are changed too much to resemble one another.  Still… creepy.

Most of the parties that Petra throws end up looking like some wacky swinger party from the 60s.  I made a lackluster effort at personalizing her house.  Sometimes I feel like decorating, sometimes I don’t… given her lack of funds, not feeling the draw.

As classy as ever, Petra congratulates Demetri on his recent nuptials after rolling around on the bed for awhile.  Seriously?  I can’t make this stuff up, this was completely autonomous.  Geeze!

Demetri heads back home after his fun and CloneChristian follows behind, bringing a snack.  Seriously, he never fails to bring then CREEPY factor.  It amuses me sooo much.  I also have never seen a sim take food home with them, WTF?

Demetri and Petra take the party to his place and well… we know how that goes.  I have no idea what his wife does for a living, but it apparently has her coming home earlier than I had anticipated!

Demetri gets to face the music while Petra makes a quick getaway.  So classy, that Petra Delgato.  Sigh.

Demetri tries to flirt with his wife, but she isn’t having any of it.  The minus signs that were above her head as she walked towards the house prove she’s freakin’ telepathic and knew what they were doing in the house.

It’s worth noting here that while Demetri and his wife never had kids, they also never divorced.  Until their dying days, they were married and Petra was not Demetri’s only dalliance!

Petra immediately heads to Sydonie’s house to share her tales of conquest and skankery.  The more I think about it, the more these two make sense.  It’s so messed up.

Of course, all that messing around leads to consequences!  I have another mod by Twallan called ‘The Woohooer’, it gives you an extra option to have risky WooHoo at a 10% chance.  I love it.  It’s not as random as TS2, but it’s better than nothing!

Petra decided to pop right after work, so she got some lovely army boots and a silly hat to go with her maternity dress… too funny.

I sent Prego Petra to CloneChristian’s house so I could fix his last name.  I forgot to set my mod so that it doesn’t do double-barreled names in this hood.  They drive me insane!  Anyway, I went to do that (I have the Master Controller, it’s very nice, I can change names easily!) and CloneChristian autonomously opts to flirt with Petra right in front of his wife! She is not amused, not in the least.

Immediately afterward, Petra makes fun of CloneChristian’s wife’s face.  Seriously?  Again, this is all autonomous.  All I wanted to do was change their names!  Agh! I foresee a lot of couch surfing in CloneChristian’s future.

Petra ends up with my first set of unforced twins!  Ack!  Lila’s twins were somewhat influenced, but not these.  Oh boy.  My first single sim with twins… Petra would have to be difficult, wouldn’t she?  My husband dubbed them Claudia and Maria… because of their last name.  Sigh.  At least it’s better than Rick Shaw!  Yes, he tricked me into naming a sim that once…


Note from Mao: I originally put this on my livejournal because I was just messing around and wasn’t sure if I’d ever actually do anything else with it.  As I mentioned, I did this to test and see if the lag issue with my legacy house was universal due to the addition of High-End Lot Stuff and the idiocy I had to go through to reinstall my CC.  I’m not having lag issues, so I’m going to tack it up to something else.  I haven’t given up on my legacy, I just haven’t had the time to focus on it.

I wasn’t planning on blogging this or anything, so I mostly only have goofy pictures I show to my husband and one of my friends.  Because I have the need to share silly things, however, I will continue to post about this.  Everything in this post happened a week ago… I just figured it’d be easier to have it on its own instead of crowding it into something a bit more ‘recent’.  I’m currently on generation three… so there’s some catching up to do.

I should also note that I am really enjoying Twallan’s story mod and all the tweaks I can make to it in-game.  I’d highly recommend it for anyone who isn’t happy with EA’s sad excuse.  Imagine my surprise when Petra got child support from Demetri!  I didn’t realize that was a part of the mod.

7 comments to Messing Around With Worlds

  • Twallan’s story mod makes the game a LOT more playable, especially seeing I can’t use Awesome Mod any more.

    I love Sydonie, that old skank! She’s got a partner in crime now, it looks like!

    But oh, your Sims always bring the crazy, don’t they? I love that CloneChristian didn’t even take any good food home from the party. He should have hit them up for some salmon or something but he takes home cereal! LOL.

    Demetri is kind of reminding of one of my TS3 Sims. I left him and his wife alone for a while and then got a pop up that Meg had had enough and was calling it quits. I entered their house and they were still living together but had divorced. But my gosh…he had at least 15 “romantic interests”! I’ve never seen anything like it! Definitely been just as busy as Demetri and his wife was about as impressed as Mrs Demetri!

    • Mao

      I really love it! You can use it in conjunction with Awesomemod, you just have to turn Awesomestory off. But seriously, this mod is endless amusement for me!

      My sims seem to just bathe in the crazy. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I wonder WTF is going on. LOL, CloneChristian is a man of simple needs, apparently. ;)

      OMG! That is insanely hilarious. Was he a casanova or something? Too funny. I was so surprised when Demetri and his wife kept on going. I’d get pop-ups about them taking romantic walks like, right after he left Petra’s, LOL! Talk about guilty conscience!

      • LOL, if he is a casanova, I must have missed the pop up! It seems likely though. The weird thing was they hated each other but still slept in the same bed. My TS2 Sims would never sleep in the same bed as someone they hated!

        I haven’t tried Awesomemod since it started crashing on me. That was pre-WA and HELS though, so maybe I should try again.

  • Hi, Mao. I was sweet avenue but now M.J, lol. I am so glad to see you back. I’m kind of miss the Donovan family, but i like this one too. I was curious about Dimitry and Petra. You mentioned they did it autonomously. Do you have the autonomous woohoo mod? All I know is inappropriate sims will kiss another sim autonomously. I once installed the mod, but after the shock seeing my sims fooling around with all their friends, I decided to delete it from my game. And oh that drama, you will have much of it from Sims 3 ;)

    • Mao

      Hey there! I still have my family in Riverview, but I used Awesomemod to play them, so I have to have it installed to return to the hood. Sometimes, I like to just play the game, too. So you get posts like this. I tend to get more autonomous drama that way! Unfortunately, TS3 has been pretty bland for me in comparison to TS2 with drama, but I’m making it better… slowly.

      LOL! I didn’t even know there WAS an autonomous woohoo mod. Nope, I just have the woohooer… I have to initialize it myself. It’s weird, because the sims autonomously flirting/etc aren’t even flirty! I like it, though.

  • Oooh, fun, more Maostuff to read! I enjoy all the things where you just play around with the game because it’s interesting to see all the features sims 3 has. I still don’t think I’ll get it for a very long time, but maybe I’ll know a little bit what to expect if I ever do.

    I know Sydonie was a total wench in your prosperity, but I love her. :) And yay for CloneBeryl. Shame she and CloneChristian can’t get along even here. :p

    • Mao

      Hey there, Shannon! Yeah, it’s sort of a touch and go thing. I’m glad you like the gameplay stuff… it’s my favorite form of blogging, lol.

      I love Sydonie, too. You gotta have someone you love to hate. ;)

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