Gameplay: Just Milling Around…

So, I’m just kind of “playing” right now.  Nothing story-wise is hitting me and I kind of just want to advance things.  I don’t like languishing around too much.  I like playing my sims to play them and watch them age at something a bit quicker than actual humans do, LOL!  Thus the “gameplay” blog thing.  ;)  Right now, I’m just wandering the hood, playing a few days here and there.  Not sure when we’ll pick back up with story stuff.

For those curious, both Lucas and Julia Carmondy are now teenagers.  There’s pictures behind the cut.

Julia turned out rather exotic looking for a TS3 sim, but that’s mostly due to Sydonie Carmondy’s looks.  Brayden takes quite a bit from his mother’s facial structure, but in Julia, it comes out tenfold except… the gap between her nose/mouth stems from Laurel, I think.  It’s interesting, she definitely sticks out.  She got her grandmother’s brown/gold eyes.

So far, Lucas looks like a cookie-cutter copy of his father.  His eyes aren’t as bright, though.  Not sure what’s up with that.  Otherwise, they are very similar.

Demona Bane is a child and a michevious one at that!  All TS3 kids look the same, so it’s really hard to say what she’ll turn out to be like in the end.  I think she’ll end up looking a lot like Emma, though.  She has Lila Donovan’s nose, which all of Lila and Demetri’s kids except Laurel and Melody ended up with!  She also has Demetri’s purple eyes.  Shame she didn’t get Gavin’s red ones.

She’s insane, so she talks to herself quite frequently.  I forgot how amusing Insane sims could be…

She’s also quite Evil, so she loves torturing the maid.  I’d feel bad for the maid if she weren’t so terrible at her job!  That’ll teach her to stop in the midst of her work to brush her damn teeth.

I love watching grown-up sims try and help younger sims with homework.  It’s a silly animation, but it amuses me.  I’m not too sure I’d want Gavin helping, though.  He’s a good cop, but obviously, not so bright upstairs.  Probably doesn’t matter anyway, I bet Demona cheats her way through school!

When I first entered the Bane house, I was startled to find that Emma and Gavin’s relationship had TANKED.  I mean, seriously, there was only a sliver of green left.  These two have ALWAYS got on, despite their contrasting traits.  Then I realized that Emma had hit top of her career, and Gavin, too.  Any level 10 gets some sort of ‘reaction’ when another sim is around.  So everytime Emma walks into a room, because Gavin is a spy, he gets a thought bubble of Emma with a “no” sign over it.  Buh.

It was so bad that they both refused to WooHoo.  For these two, that’s major.  So I cheated their relationship back up for now.  I don’t want them killing one another while I’m off at another house messing around!

I find it hilarious that Demona does her homework in Emma’s super secret evil basement lair.  I guess her training is going well, then?

Melody Durant (formerly Donovan) is quite horrified to see I’m back.  No worries, Melody.  I’ve only stopped in to take a peek at your spawn.  I found it pretty amusing that they had taken up residence in Laurel and Davina’s old place.  They are not set to ‘Sacred’ and are at the mercy of AwesomeStory.

Their first child, Melonie, has her father’s face shape, eyes, hair color and her mother’s everything else.  Interesting… too bad she’s failing high school.  Tsk, tsk.

Their second spawn, Destiny, is a bit glub looking.  Again, TS3 children all look so similar its hard to tell.  She has Lonnie’s eyes and Melody’s hair color so far…

I peeked in on the original Donovan house just in time to see Lila pass on to the other side.  Sniff!  I can’t believe it… one of my first playable sims in Riverview is passing on.  I mean, it’s well overdue, but still.  Sadface.

She shuffles off this mortal coil with a good-natured handshake with Grimmy.  How pleasant, Lila.  I guess she was more than ready to go.

That’s as far as I got before my game finally crashed.  My computer is ridiculous and outrageous in all ways (it laughs at supposed “high end titles”), but no matter what I try (even using 3booter and FPS limiter from MATY), I can’t force it to be stable.  Maybe it’s Awesomemod, who knows.  At least I have been able to save… so far.  The Error 13 has gone by the wayside temporarily…

8 comments to Gameplay: Just Milling Around…

  • Wow, Demona looks amazing! I love the purple eyes with that red hair! Such a striking combination!

    And whoa @ the whole Emma and Gavin thing! That is so rich for storytelling though – you might imagine he actually found out about her or something.

    OMG, lol @ Demona doing her homework in the lair! :)

    Awww, RIP Lila! She started a good thing.

    • Mao

      I want Demona to be a teen before we face that, so we’ve got some time to go yet. ;)

      Lulu Shelley, Davina’s daughter, has the same combo. It definitely looks cool!

  • I think Demona will become a pretty girl. It’s funny to see her scaring the maid like that.. Too bad for Gavin and Emma.. If I were Emma, I better watch out, because Gavin is a hopeless romantic sim. Luckily he has the unflirty trait. But Emma should be cautious with his female friends ;)

    • Mao

      I know! I thought about that, too, but then I saw the unflirty thing. So, he’s the perfectly obedient husband, LOL!

      I can’t wait until Demona becomes a teen, that’s when the fun starts.

  • Wow, Julia turned out really cool looking! Melonie is cute too.

    That’s pretty awesome about Emma and Gavin actually reacting to the other’s job. You know, EA could have made a pretty amazing game if they had combined what we already liked in TS2 with the good ideas they’ve put into TS3.

    You know, my computer has had trouble with TS3 the last few times I played too. Really laggy and eventually…crashy. I think it might be AwesomeMod but I find the game unplayable without it. :\

    I’m glad your Error 13s aren’t giving you any trouble right now.

    • Mao

      Even when I take Awesomemod out, I get random CTD. TS3′s programming is pretty horrible, especially graphically, so it’s probably just issues with that. :(

      Apparently all sims react to people at level 10. There’s an annoying thing where people will always be “in awe” of a composer or rock star. Every time they enter a room! Insane, LOL!

      You’re right, though, a combo of the two would have made for a great game.

  • wow demona looks very pretty for sims3 child…u are so right, they all look so damn same as children generally.

    Its interesting to find out about this level 10 thing, as I haven’t had any sim get to level 10 yet so I had no clue there is this reaction thing going on.

    Also glad your error13 is gone for now.

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