World Adventures Explored: Randomness & The Annoying Bug

Since I’ve already gone over the main areas, I figured I’d show some random shots and give random information I’ve found in regards to the expansion since I started playing.  Most of it is silly, some of it is random information, and other… well… the bug?  It’s unfortunately very common and very annoying.

I just thought this was neat.  It’s the Terra Cotta Army from China.  Very cool.  The tomb’s stairway is a little hidden, though.  The husband completely missed it until I pointed it out to him.

CloneBeryl making nectar and thinking about meditation.  The nectar-making process is kind of tedious.  Grow a bunch of fruit, throw at least 10 fruit in the nectary machine, stomp fruit, press a button, viola… nectar.  The process itself can take some time, especially since the machine needs to idle a bit before you get your nectar.  You can then place the nectar in a little nectar shelf.  I haven’t had the chance to figure out if letting it sit in the basement or not gives it a better quality.  I do, however, know that there is a new Lifetime Wish associated with nectar.

CloneBeryl flirtatiously joking about her boyfriend to one of the French locals.  That’s cold, CloneBeryl, even for you!  This actually happens a lot.  I figured it was just France, everyone is very… friendly.  CloneBeryl has no romantic traits, yet the flirts keep coming, both intiated by her and everyone else.

CloneBeryl ain’t afraid of no ghost.  If you’re doing the Photography crawl, be prepared to scope out some ghosts.  There’s an entire collection dedicated to the paranormal.  I had CloneBeryl waiting at the cemetary to get some good shots of the ghosts in Champs Les Sims’ cemetary.

Have I mentioned sims do their traits idle motions way too much now?  They never did it this much in basegame, I swear it.  Christian walks around doing this (and clipping his arms through the doors) or crying randomly (over-emotional).  It used to be random and amusing, now it’s just… annoying.  I mean the Athletic one especially.  Both he and Beryl walk around checking their pecs like every hour.

You can invite your foreign friends to visit and even stay awhile.  You may even see them in town by themselves, having their own sort of ‘adventure’.  I had CloneBeryl invite her one friend over to interview and noticed that he had the ‘Console’ option.  The animation, when paired with man and woman, looks nothing like Console.  Good thing they’ve got some space between them, otherwise this would look questionable, LOL!

A random shot of a path lined with ruins from Egypt.  I seriously love Egypt.

Another picture from Egypt.  I took this because it really reminded me of a game I beta tested before The Sims 2 came out, The Children of the Nile.  It really, really makes me think of it.  I’m not sure if it’s good or bad The Sims 3 is suddenly reminding me of every game but it.

I have never seen this before in my time playing TS3.  CloneBeryl had to hack a crime boss’s PC for some intel and… well, she did this afterwards.  Some kind of Fonze “Heeeeey” with thumbs up and everything.  What is up with that face?  I just thought it was amusing.

A really cute mosiac on the floor of the Oasis tomb.  The little push button is in the sun!

More flirting.  I sent CloneBeryl to get information, but she warned me they needed to be friendlier.  So what does the dude do?  He flirts.  This is hilarious and ridiculous.  Flirting EVERYWHERE!

If you find all the fragments, you can have your own sarcophagus right in your own home!  Of course, if you’re not into the “supernatural” elements, you may want to stay away from the optiong to Summon a Mummy.  The funny thing about sarcophaguses is that you can sleep in them, you can also woohoo in them.  I am uncertain if they have the same “flag” as the ones in the Egyptian cemetery, so I don’t know if you can use them in tandem with the curse to become a mummy.

And here we have a fun one… food animation’s being assigned wrong.  This is a cheese plate and he’s eating it like a sandwich.  Everyone was, actually, which I found rather odd.  You can see that clearly, it is not a sandwich and probably has no business being chowed down on as one.  To each his own.

The Bug

And now, for the bug.  Before I get to that, though, a little backstory.  Up until I experienced this bug, I had been taking CloneBeryl on vacations solo.  When I finally purchased a Vacation House in France, I decided to take them both.  All of CloneBeryl’s friends are in France and I figured, what better place to have insane parties?  So, parties were had, more friends were made and by the end of it, CloneBeryl had about 20+ friends.  Eight days had passed and it was time to go home.  I tried both waiting for the timer to expire and sending them home with the telephone.  Both resulted in the following bug.  You can click to make it bigger:

Instead of the usual screen fade and then you see your sims driving home, I saw my sims snap out of place at their house, appear at the “point of entry” for Sunset Valley and then get in their car and drive.  When they arrived home, I noticed that their relationships panels were completely empty.  When they socialized, I saw that all the text was gone and the bar completely red, both ways.  They also seemed to remember one another, although not quite.  I got pop-up notifications of them discovering one another’s traits.  I could still have CloneBeryl call all of her friends, but they never showed back up on the relationships menu.  I have tried everything I could think of to fix this.

The worst part of all?  I am not the only one with this problem.  A lot of people on the official forums and elsewhere are reporting this bug.  I am completely patched, too, so it isn’t that.  The corruption/issue seems to happen inbetween the transition of the vacation lot to the home lot.  My sims are also not wearing the clothes I had assigned them for their trip.

So, 20+ hours of skilling, adventuring, etc all lost.  I can’t fix the bug, it happens every single time, without fail, no matter what I do.  So, until they release a fix, I have to just sort of leave them in limbo, which pisses me off.  I was having fun, but now?  Not so much.  I’m just mostly angry.  Don’t they beta test anymore, seriously?  This should never have made it through the process, ever.  The worst part is the people that have the issue, there’s no constant except that it happens between transitions.  People who take just one sim or multiple sims are having the issue, with all vacation locations, not just France.  Sigh.  Apparently, with this issue also comes the inability to interact with any sim your sim hasn’t already met.  I didn’t encounter this simply because I didn’t play the bugged game long enough to try.

I am also running zero mods, so it isn’t that, either.  Multiple checks on google and the official forums have turned up no favorable responses; no response from EA at all, either.  So who knows if it will even be addressed when the next patch comes out in a few months.

Not such a good end to my World Adventures exploration…

10 comments to World Adventures Explored: Randomness & The Annoying Bug

  • Wow! That’s a pretty bad bug. I hadn’t heard about that one yet. Geez, I wonder what other gems are waiting to be discovered in this expansion pack (pun fully intended).

    My game played fine up until this afternoon when it started lagging to that point where it locked up the computer. I had to hit the power switch. I removed all of my custom content and it seems to be playing better now.

    I want to like this game, I really do, but EAxis is making it so hard. I’m a programmer myself, so I am astounded at the level of defects that were allowed to ship in this game. Too many idling animations is one thing, but wiping out relationships and preventing people from saving is game breaking and should have never been released. I just don’t understand their logic. Why alienate your fan base by releasing such a buggy product? *scratches head*

    • Mao

      Oh, definitely. I’m no programmer, but I’ve done beta tests before and this crap should not have got through. At all.

      That’s weird! Thankfully, I haven’t had any lag issues, even with the core game. Which is surprising, given all the crap riddled code.

      It’s a shame, really, the level of quality. I really liked Egypt. :(

  • The Terracotta Army is SO COOL! And that’s a great picture of Egypt at night.

    So the photography skill is more like one of the collections, like bugs and rocks? Where you have to collect pictures of certain things? Kind of cool, I guess.

    That’s a pretty major bug you’ve got there! That is a huge problem and if they do beta testing at all, I don’t understand how they could have missed it. I haven’t been following WA except at your blog and Lunar’s, so this is the first I’ve heard of it.

    • Mao

      It’s a shame, it really is. I was having fun until this happened. The expansion isn’t great, but it was enough to get me playing again, even without mods! Sigh.

      It’s all over the official forums, unfortunately. I played for a long time before it cropped up, too. :(

  • Beta testing must have gone the way of the dinosaur. That’s one hell of a bug they left behind. It would annoy me to no end to lose all that time and with no way to fix it. >_<

  • Sweet Avenue

    Mao, is in your game family oriented sims will autonomously flirt with their best friend even though they have already married with someone else? It happens in my game… everyone become more flirty. I’ve noticed that it happened since patch 1.4.6. especially for charismatic sims, I thought it was because of Awesome mod, but then i realized now that it is all because of EA bug. Pescado make a correction in it. I wish he would make a correction for WA also.

    • Mao

      I haven’t actually noticed anything like that. Beryl and Christian weren’t married, just boyfriend/girlfriend. Beryl didn’t do the worst of the flirting, though, Christian did and he was family oriented, but that’s it. He would flirt with complete strangers once the greeting ended. It was weird, possibly a bug, but I just thought it was hilarious. I haven’t noticed it with any of my recent families, though… I will keep an eye on it.

  • sandra

    when i returned home from the trips, everything I had in my inventory which came from the trip were gone.
    very annoying.
    this will be enough for me not to continue playing the game.

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