World Adventures Explored: Egypt, Mummies, and Tombs, oh my!

I took my time with China, but nothing really noteworthy.  Just more Martial Arts and messing around there; I have my visa level to three in both China and France now.  Of course, that means there’s only one destination left… Egypt!  I’m excited.

I’m not.

And that would be why you’re hitting the “nectar”, right?  Less boozing, more exploring.  C’mon!  Egypt is going to be awesome.  Speaking of which, when sims go to drink nectar, they pour it into little glasses and serve it much the same way you serve drinks from a bar.  They get positive moodlets, too, if it’s high enough quality.  Unfortunately, no silly drunken sim animations.  Yes, I was disappointed.

Now this is what I call a “base camp”; it’s actually a freaking camp.  I feel all Indiana Jones already.  Egypt, visually, is quite amazing.  I mean, yes, it’s a very big, hot desert… but it’s so awesome looking.  I think I like it even more than China, probably because it’s just such a drastic departure from what I’m used to seeing.  Also, the music is great.  Love it.

I have to sleep in a tent?!  Augh.

Oh, get over yourself.  Indiana Jones wouldn’t balk at a tent!

…I’m not Indiana Jones.


Of course, as with every first visit to the Adventure Board, you’re tasked with talking to a randomly selected local about an “epic” adventure.  My selected lady apparently would rather be talking about dragons.

She knows there’s no dragons in Egypt, right?  Maybe she should go to China.

Maybe you should scurry over to the market and go get yourself one of those fancy-pants SLR cameras.  Apparently, Egypt is the only place to purchase the tier 2 and tier 3 cameras.  Go figure.

As with all the locales, the market is a central area dedicated to the various shops selling sundry and other items.  As mentioned above, you can get yourself a new camera and you can even purchase some Cherries and Pomegranates to grow at home!  Which is exciting.  I still have to find plums, I think they might be in China?  I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

Of course, because they use “pools” for most of the water features in all locales, Beryl tries to swim in the fountain.  Sigh.

It’s hot!  I mean, HOT!  We’re in a desert and I’m wearing a leather jacket.  How much sense does that make??

There’s also a Snake Charmer’s item you can use and also buy to take home.  I had CloneBeryl try it out, despite her inherent lack of musical talent.  At least, I assume it requires some musical aptitude… it is an instrument, after all.

This thing is broke.  It sounds awful!

No, that’s just you… and your complete lack of talent.

Because it’s not working, she sticks her hand in the basket.  You can see where this is going… she gets bit.  She even gets a negative moodlet called “hurt hand”.  You can get this from failing to break boards while practicing Martial Arts, too.

It bit me!  Shouldn’t I go see a doctor or something?  Cobras are dangerous.

Not in The Sims 3.  Let’s go explore some tombs.

The first tomb is ridiculously easy and barely takes any time at all.  However, the destination afterwards takes us to an actual pyramid.  These things are massive, by the way.  Your sim looks like a tiny little ant next to them, which is awesome.  I was hoping they’d make them epic.  There’s also nothing cooler than watching the sun slowly rise behind them.  I am really, really in love with the visual aesthetics of this area.

Of course, it isn’t all dry, bland sand.  There are hidden oasis areas and even ruin-lined pathways leading up to really cool looking tombs and whatnot.  There’s even a sphinx that you can snap a picture of for your Photography collection.

You really need to stop making me run all over the place just so you can take pictures…

Oh, shush.  Who is in control here?  Not you, me.

The only problem I have is that Egypt is really spread out, I mean… really.  It’s huge.  I had missed some things simply because I didn’t think my camera would move over that far.  Because of this, it can take a considerable amount of time to truly reach the bigger pyramids/tombs/etc.  Of course, the way to them is brilliantly done–they did spend some time decorating everything.  Still, when you’ve only got three days your first visit, it can be hard to raise your Visa level to one with all the running around.  Your sim uses the scooter, but only for roads.  The further reaches of Egypt certainly don’t have roads leading up to the areas.

At least I can Zeneport… it takes a few hours, but it’s better than running!

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5 comments to World Adventures Explored: Egypt, Mummies, and Tombs, oh my!

  • Yeah, I agree with your sentiments. I got the ep yesterday, and off I went to France. Although I like the look and feel of it, I kept wondering what I’d do there with two sims instead of one. Or how that’s even manageable. It would be quiet hard, I think, to control two sims in adventures so they can both up their visa level. What about going on Honeymoon, they didn’t even make that an easy possibility.

    The moment Ellie went into the first dungeon/crypt…or whatever they’re called, I immediately felt like I was playing an RPG. That whole ‘black area with small room’ feel, kinda like Diablo. Makes me wonder if they’re trying to make a new version of an RPG, ones with needs and skills, lol. But yeah, in the end, TS3 is about skilling….and skilling etc. It looks beautiful, but I can see it becoming pretty boring after a while. In which case, future generations wouldn’t benefit coz you’d be too bored with it to send them there.

    PS: Great pics though *thumbs up*

    • Mao

      Hey, Taryn! I was wondering what you’d think when you got it. I like that there is a decidedly ‘ethnic’ gene pool to dip into now (seeing as the base game was sorely lacking unless you did so yourself) and I’m curious to see those families grow/etc… but it doesn’t bring enough to the table long term. Which is a shame. You’d expect more from the first expansion, it isn’t like this is their first time.


  • Fantastic pics! Egypt definitely appeals to me the most, from what you’ve shown. I stopped following the previews for WA after a while but I noticed that at least early on, they were only featuring Egypt. It was a long time before they showed anything of France or China. I think you’ve discovered why!

    It’s kind of a bummer they went the way they did with WA. For my gameplay, my Sims are far more likely to go on holiday than to go off gallivanting around solving puzzles and exploring tombs and the like.

    • Mao

      Thanks, Carla! Yeah, they were kind of short-sighted in their goals. Not every sim is going to be “adventurous” and want to toil through tombs. Whatever happened to nice relaxing vacations?

      Though, in my test hood, I’ve taken to having Beryl visit France and throw huge parties at the vacation house. All her friends are there, lol.

      Still, I seriously wish there were more activities, family and group oriented, included within the pack.

  • Jen

    Hey Mao! I’m wayyyy late on this, but I was going through my links and thought I’d stop by to see what you’ve been up to. I saw that you posted about WA back in November and since I’m currently exploring WA myself, I thought I’d read your review. You hit the nail on the head with so many things. It really is all about the adventures (and skilling) — nothing for families or even couples to do, really. And actually, I love doing the adventures (appeals to the MMORPGer in me!), but I do think this was very short-sighted and limiting of them. Something like WA combined with Bon Voyage/Vacation would have been so much better. Don’t they understand by now that we Simmers are a hugely varied lot, with many different gameplay styles? We want OPTIONS, EA! Anyway, just had to comment on that and also LOL as I just did a post on WA and made references to Indiana Jones and Brendan Fraser. Hahaha. And I agree with you, that tomb with the plants and water theme is all kinds of awesome. Definitely the best one I’ve seen so far!

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