World Adventures Explored: Crouching Beryl, Hidden Christian

Resuming from my last update, we’re going to try and infiltrate this French Mansion of Mystery.  It’s a pretty considerable lot, but I found a grounds keeper’s shed.  It didn’t lead into the mansion, but it did have some goodies in its basement.

I can’t believe you’re doing this to me.  Haven’t I experienced enough danger in my life?

Hey, you.  I didn’t say you could talk.  Get back to exploring and don’t give me that face!  You’ve confronted worse than a creepy old shack and mansion.  Give me a break.  You’re the one that insisted on inserting yourself into gameplay, CloneBeryl.

I am not a clone!

Less chatter, more walky.  Go stick your hand in that hole over there.

What kind of insane person sticks their hands into foreign holes?  There could be something nasty in there!

And if there is, you’ll be the first to know.  To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this, either.  This expansion is all about excitement and adventure, but it makes sure to inform you about the “danger”, too.  So far the only “danger” I’ve encountered have been holes in grounds and walls.  Sorry, but you couldn’t pay me enough to stick my hand in one of those.


Wipe them off and get back to it!  Great, now she’s got a “scared” moodlet.  I have no idea what that does, but I wonder if its amplified by cowards?  Do cowards fear tombs?  It’d be a logical assumption, given that cowards are, well, cowards.

You are so unsympathetic to my plights.

QQ moar, CloneBeryl.  Flip that switch!  Hey, good thing you did… those stairs to the back door were trapped.

And, um, apparently so is the entire house!  Crap!  At least she didn’t die.  I didn’t even realize there were traps there, but I also wasn’t exactly paying close attention.  I guess the little burned areas = traps.  Now she’s got a “singed” moodlet warning me not to shock her again.

I hate you so much right now!  This is worse than than all those other times I almost died!

Yeah, at least then you had clothes.

The shower in a can, it does nothing.  Sob.

I think it’s time to give up on this little venture.  This house is locked tighter than Fort Knox and we’ve only got a few hours before CloneBeryl gets ejected from France.  Time to go check out some of the other things.

You collect Ancient Coins in tombs and from doing ‘Adventures’.  You can use these on the ‘Special Merchants’ to purchase items that help you on your adventures.  Some items are also things you can take home that will aid you in everyday life.  Each area has some unique items, but for the majority, they carry the same basic essentials.

Escape dust sounds nice.  Maybe I can escape from this torture!

Again, you’re the one who pressed yourself into this.  Deal with it.

And with that, we bid adieu to France for now!  CloneBeryl returns home and she has to wait two days before she can travel again.  I guess she gets her ‘down time’ after all!

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4 comments to World Adventures Explored: Crouching Beryl, Hidden Christian

  • Thanks for posting these entries about WA! I’ve been waiting to see what it’s like before deciding whether or not to buy it. I feel like I might be wasting money if I buy it because I don’t play Sims 3 much at all, but I have to admit that your pictures of China have piqued my interest. The scenery does look much better than France and I love the martial arts!

    That would really suck if the expansion items are restricted to vacation homes only. :(

    I agree with your thoughts in the last post that it seems they’re adding more of console gameplay and less open sandbox to create your own way of playing. Which I’m not fond of at all.

    I’m still undecided on WA, but your pictures of China may be what makes me get it after all. ;)

    • Mao

      I’m glad it’s helpful! Unfortunately, the gameplay addition leaves a lot to be desired, especially if you’re forking over money for it. It is very much disjointed from the core game. Like a temporary distraction.

      I really miss the sandbox feel! So much.

      I’m checking out Egypt next. I hope it’s just as exotic.

  • Nice pics! China looks a little more interesting than France. It all looks so pretty.

    I love Beryl’s interjections – what a whiner! LOL! “Go adventure yourself” was a favourite.

    Ever since I read about this pack, I’ve thought the same thing about gameplay – it seems completely separate from what goes on in the base hood. I know Bon Voyage is the same, really, but with all the hubbub EA made about this game being seamless and all, it seems odd.

    I kind of love those martial arts outfits.

    We have Tai Chi in TS2. If you had two Sims doing that, you could pretend they were sparring. It wouldn’t work in video but for still pictures, it might.

    Which leads me to my question – do Sims age while on “adventure”? What about the Sims back home? Are they frozen in time or are they going on without you while you’re away?

    • Mao

      The difference between BV and WA is that at least with BV you could have a functional family vacation. There were group activities and whatnot. With WA, there’s none of that. It’s almost as if it was designed to be a single sim experience, sigh.

      Tai Chi is a bit iffy, but the Martial Arts movements in WA are ten times better. Given that they are actual, seriously handled attacks. The animations for Tai Chi in TS2 are kind of “cartoony”, I used some of them in WoS, but I’d never try to use them for a fight without some serious modification.

      No aging, everything is suspended. As far as I’ve noticed, you return the same day you left, as if you never left at all.

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