Emma Bane Goes Home

Gavin Bane had been assigned to the special task force that focused on taking out serious criminals.  His first task was to skim the populace, see if they had any information.  Their target was a newly formed syndicate that was slowly, but surely, making its way up in the criminal underworld.  The syndicate was already responsible for several high-scale burglaries and heists.  Gavin was excited about his new position and wasted no time getting out there and hitting the streets.

He began questioning people immediately.  Most of it went nowhere, but there were some who seemed to have seen something, or heard something.

Hearsay wouldn’t get him another promotion and it sure wouldn’t get his name in the paper, but it could give him a foundation from which to start.  He wrote it all down, anything he thought sounded important or might piece together with something else.  This syndicate was good–whoever headed it had their eye on the prize and they weren’t backing down.


Emma, meanwhile, wasn’t doing nearly as well.  Everything had gone fine, even the whole ‘marriage thing’ wasn’t a trial.  They did it the quick and dirty way, a nice quick getaway, nothing big or fancy.  It worked for them.  It wasn’t until they got back that Emma began to notice that something was definitely wrong.  There were few who could top her when it came to working out, but lately?  She just couldn’t keep up, Gavin left her in the dust.

That alone was enough to make Emma feel the need to kill small, cute woodland creatures.  Her lack of stamina was topped only by her consistent and gut-wrenching nausea.  Had she eaten some bad pizza at the evil lair or something?

She tried to jog it off and for awhile, that worked, but it didn’t help her situation any.  She was beginning to notice her body was changing and not in the good way.  She was packing on pounds where she hadn’t had fat since she’d been a toddler.  Her exercise regime hadn’t changed all that drastically.  She still worked out as much as she could, she jogged frequently, and she lifted weights more than most athletes.

Still, no matter what she did, she still felt like a huge, beached whale ready for the harpoon.  It was getting to be a nuisance.  She couldn’t focus on work, she couldn’t plan her evil takeover of the organization.  No, instead, she was stuck feeling fat and puking at random intervals.

At her wit’s end, she went to the last place she thought she’d ever go–home.  It’s white picket fence and old Victorian structuring, complete with bright green siding, wasn’t exactly Emma’s cup of tea.  She’d always found it a little too pleasant, too perfect.  She walked through the newly painted gate and towards the front door.  It was like walking down death row.

She found her mother inside the kitchen, where she always was.  Lucky for Emma, everyone was out.  Lila was happy to see her wayward daughter, despite their differences.    She was a little shocked by her appearance, however.

“What are you wearing?”

Emma sighed, “these are the only things I could find that still fit!  They’re not even mine.  Old hand-me-downs that got lumped into my stuff when I left.”

“What’s wrong, are you sick?”

“No, worse,” Emma began, her voice reaching a pitch she didn’t know it had, “I think I’m pregnant.”

“What?” Lila was shocked, not sure what else to say.  Of all her kids, Emma was the one she had thought least likely to ever have children.

“It’s terrible!”  Emma wailed.  “I can’t have a baby… not now!  I’ve got too much to do, this will ruin everything.”

In that moment, Lila was reminded of her youngest child and the fear she had always carried.  Lila wasn’t quite sure of what, only that it was there.  All her motherly instincts came out in one huge wave.  She put her hand on Emma’s shoulder, forcing her into a hug.  When they parted, she spoke:

“It’ll be okay, Emma.  Trust your mother, all right?  Everything will be fine, I promise.”


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12 comments to Emma Bane Goes Home

  • Whoa, I dying to know what’s going on with Davina and Emma better keep an eye on the hubby, if he is becoming more aware, she might have to convince him to stay at home with the kiddo to give her some space from him finding out the truth.

  • Nice to see you back, however infrequent it may be!

    I’m very curious to find out what’s up with Davina! Sounds intriguing!

    Also, I LOLed at this:

    “Every time Laurel thought to call Davina, something came up–Julia needed something or Lucas was getting his hands into her paints.”

    I totally thought it said “his pants”! Because you know, toddlers tend to get their hands there too!

    • Mao

      Hey Carla! I’m trying to get caught up on your blog. I think I have three months worth to catch up on, LOL!

      Hahaha, oh man. It does read like that, doesn’t it? I didn’t even think of that when I typed it! Hilarious.

  • Davina?!


    Also Emma spawn is going to be awesome. She’ll corrupt the child with her evil evil ways! :D

  • Lorna

    Long time, no see. Nice to be reading your blogs again.
    “…little demon spawn taking over my body, making me blow up like whale, denying me the control of my own body” ha! loved that bit,
    Emma has attitude, you write your
    blogs really good.

  • LOL, demon spawn! True to Emma! :)

    Awww, is Davina moving away? I get it though, I have to let go of some of mine too sometimes, because otherwise it just gets too huge!

    In any case, so glad to see you updating your stories again!

    • Mao

      Hey there, Laura! I finally caught up with LH, LOL! Go me. :D You know Emma doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body, hehe.

      Slowly, but surely… doesn’t help that I think I’ve come down with something, ick.

  • Welcome back Mao! Nice update.

    I can’t wait to see what happens with Emma and the baby. Its gonna be very interesting

    What is Davina up to?

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