Brayden Carmondy Comes Around

Laurel Carmondy wasn’t quite sure how she was going to manage a baby while caring for toddler Lucas.  It would seem that her and Brayden’s reconciliations had led to a surprise pregnancy, one that she hadn’t told him about yet.  She was planning on it, of course, but it never seemed to be the ‘right time’.  Things were going well.  She only hoped that this extra addition wouldn’t push the limit.

Little Lucas seemed pretty oblivious to his mother’s plight.

The cloak and dagger method wasn’t working.  Laurel just came out with it.  Brayden’s reaction surprised her.  He didn’t look shocked and he didn’t faint.  He simply smiled a little and said:

“I kind of figured.”

“Wh-what?  How?” Laurel felt like a heel.  She’d made a big deal out of nothing.  It was going good, wasn’t it?

“The sudden change in clothing, for one and the mood swings.  Are you upset?”

“No… actually, I’m not.  I feel okay about this, I mean, I think I can handle it.  Are you?”

“Not at all,” he said, taking her hands into his.  “I’m happy.”

While his parents might be happy, Lucas wasn’t likely going to enjoy the change in his constant attention.  Brayden still worked a lot, but he made it a priority to also get some time at home, too.  He was getting higher in the hospital ladder, meaning his requests had more weight.  He couldn’t exactly take vacations like most people, but he could request to be on call for a day.

He also wanted to be around for Laurel more than he was when she was pregnant with Lucas.  Caring for a demanding toddler while trying to keep herself going would prove very trying.


Eugene grumbled something under his breath, messing with the knobs on the TV.  The sound of static filled the room, causing Davina to cringe.

“Why can’t I just call my dad to fix it?”

“Your dad shouldn’t have to fix your stuff, Davina.  You’re an adult,” Eugene replied, staring into the endless bits of static on the screen.  He shook off his discomfort.  “Besides, what are you going to do when he’s not around anymore?”

Davina rolled her eyes, “his ghost can pop over and fix my stuff.  Just turn it off.  You’re terrible at fixing things.”

“I am not!”

Sometimes later, Harmony joined them downstairs, still dressed in her pajamas.  She pulled up a chair and welcomed herself to a plate of pancakes.  Eugene was back at the television, muttering over the static while Davina was clearing plates.

“What’s with the television?  That noise is awful,” Harmony remarked.

“Too much porn again,” Davina chuckled, giving her boyfriend a sideways glance.

Eugene made a sound of disapproval, “oh, you’re hilarious.”

“Ew,” Harmony said, trying to focus on her pancakes and not the possibility of someone in the house looking at porn.  “This is not appropriate breakfast conversation.”

“I’ll see you guys later–going to Laurel’s for a bit.” Davina said, heading towards the door.  She gave Eugene one last look before saying, “don’t break my TV–call my dad.”

Davina arrived at Laurels only to see she was pretty pregnant.  Laurel had told her over the phone, but Davina could scarcely believe it.  She was unable to hide her shock and horror.

“How is it that you two can’t get along without you ending up pregnant?  Seriously!”

“It’s not a bad thing, Davina.  We’re hoping it’s a girl,” Laurel said, holding Lucas in her arms.  She headed towards the backdoor, ushering her sister along.  “Two is definitely the stopping point, though.”

“Well, that’s a relief, at least.”

Once inside, Davina picked up her guitar.  She’d left it sitting near the doorway.  Laurel set Lucas down in the livingroom, but he preferred to follow her around and hide behind her legs.  He knew Davina quite well, but still enjoyed pretending that he was shy.

“Forget Chopin, sis,” Davina said, strumming each chord of her guitar, making sure it was in tune.  “This is the real stuff.”

Laurel laughed, “I don’t think I want my baby throwing horns in my stomach, Davina.”

“Sure you do!  Just imagine it… you’re giving birth, it comes out, and instead of wailing incomprehensibly?  It’s wailing metal style.”

Contrary to what she said, Davina did not play the unborn baby any metal music.  Instead, she played a few complicated guitar riffs she had picked up and an exotic lullaby one of her bandmates had taught her.  She was in the middle of a pretty complicated part when Brayden came home.  He wasn’t surprised to see Davina, she was always around, it seemed, but he was surprised she was playing her guitar.  She’d gotten a lot better over the years.

“You,” Davina said, but never stopping strumming.  She looked at Brayden from the corners of her eyes.  “Need to stop knocking up my sister, seriously.  She is not a clown car.”



Laurel was actually surprised at how much time Brayden managed to spend with her during this pregnancy.  It wasn’t nearly as trying as her first and she wasn’t alone as much, either.  Of course, Lucas acted as an almost constant companion, but it was nice to have Brayden around for the majority of it.  It took the stress out of handling a toddler and her own pregnant belly.  She could relax, not having to worry about the smaller things.

They knew, at this point, that it was a girl.  They had the room decorated and everything.  Now all they had to do was wait.

Of course, waiting is the worst part.  Laurel was near the end of her pregnancy, they’d gotten the room ready, and Lucas had been as debriefed on the situation as any toddler his age could possibly be.

“She’s in no hurry to leave, it seems,” Laurel said, one hand on her protruding belly.  “I’m trying not to be worried.”

“Your due date isn’t for another few days, there’s nothing to worry about.  Everything is fine.  We just have to be patient.”

She sighed, “I know.  I’m not looking forward to the labor process of it–not at all–but I want to see her and hold her.  Do you think Lucas will be mad?  I don’t want him to be jealous.”

“He’ll be fine.  Little boys don’t always hate their sisters, Laurel.”

“I guess not.  My mom always did a good job with us, no favoritism.  I guess it worked.  We’re not really jealous of one another.”

“See?  So Lucas will be fine.  Just relax.”


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14 comments to Brayden Carmondy Comes Around

  • Looks Laurel and Brayden made up sufficiently, lol! Yay for new babies! Welcome Julia! Speaking of babies, how many does their other sister have now, Melody I think?

    Davina and Eugene are an entertaining couple! And LOL, are we going to get to meet Harmony’s married man? :) Harmony is actually very pretty – don’t know how I didn’t notice that before. I love her eyes with that hair color, very striking!

    I have to say, Emma is quite brilliant in her planning. Who would suspect a cop’s wife? Sneaky criminal she is :)

    I like your gameplay style with this so far, and I would probably do something similar when I finally jump ship on Sims 2. Do you ever feel like you’re missing anything important? Like when the baby was due to be born, do you need to make sure you’re in that house or you’ll miss it? Or when Harmony hooked up with her married man, or when Gavin proposed to Emma – were you already in the house when those things happened?

    • Mao

      I am there for all of that, thus the pictures. ;) I tend to time it so I am there for the births. For Laurel, I only left for one day of her pregnancy. Still not cool with the randomization of traits and if you are NOT there for births/transitions, you get what the game randomly thinks you should get. I do feel badly that I can’t focus entirely on each family, but such is the way of The Sims 3. I do actually focus primarily on Brayden and Laurel, though.

      I’ll never leave TS2 entirelty for it, though. Every time I go back to play my prosperity, I breathe a sigh of relief. The ONLY thing I miss from TS3 is the create a style. That’s it. LOL I can’t believe people just uninstalled and expected TS3 to fulfill their every wish and desire. Hell no. Still mad at Rod/Rob WHATEVER Humble for being such a giant ass clown and banning paranormal creatures and all other things AWESOME from the game. Screw you, Idiot Humble. Your code sucks.

      Harmony is a direct copy of her mother, Lila. Direct. Davina and Emma and seem to be copies, but Emma has Laurel’s thin body type (no clue how they got that). Laurel is the only one who doesn’t look anything like her family. Melody is actually my favorite, she’s gorgeous–she takes primarily after Demetri. She’s still only got two kids. I don’t think they can fit anymore!

  • Emma, little evil Emma. So perfectly evil and clever. I suspect that Gavin is a bit wiser then she thinks, but who knows-maybe he’s cute but dumb :P

    • Mao

      I wouldn’t say Gavin is dumb, but blissfully oblivious, yes. He’s a Hopeless Romantic. You can’t expect him to catch on to these things. ;)

  • It’s great to see Laurel and Brayden not at odds with each other anymore. Davina cracks me up (“She is not a clown car.”)–she must have commitment issues. ;) And I love Emma’s moment of doubt when she wonders if she is becoming less evil but then reassures herself with the fact that she is Machiavellian rather than blatantly evil. haha

    • Mao

      Haha, actually, Davina is just flirty, she didn’t end up with commitment issues… but maybe she should have! I just see her as a free spirit type, the kind that’s hard to nail down, so to speak.

      I love me some clown car jokes, lol. Husband is used to me yelling at my game: “NOO! SHE IS NOT A CLOWN CAR!” when my sims end up mysteriously pregnant…

  • Harmony is really funny. Yay for the new baby! And Gavin does seem a bit slow on the uptake, but he seems so sweet I can’t help but pat him on the head, like “You’re adorable, but not too smart.”

    • Mao

      Haha, Harmony cracks me up… but she best be careful. She’s not immune to pregnancy! ;)

      Gavin is adorable, in that don’t talk, just sit there, kind of way!

  • That was another great update. Color me surprised that Laurel and Brayden were expecting. I’m happy to see their marriage is working out for the best.

    I can’t believe Emma said yes, lol. I wonder how Gavin is going to react when his bubble bursts

    • Mao

      Haha, Emma is planning for the future… and maybe she is just a WEE bit attached to him. She did roll up the engagement wish first… ;)

      Laurel and Brayden seem to have found their stride. Let’s hope it sticks!

  • Thank goodness Laurel and Brayden are back on track, and lol at Emma and Gavin. Some supervillainess you are, Emma, getting attached to your minions ;) I kind of miss Melody, though, I wonder how her babies are turning out!

  • I really like Emma and Gavin together, though her wishes certainly sound interesting for an evil Sim!

    I’m glad Laurel and Brayden seem to be doing a little better now. They’ve got a pigeon pair now, so hopefully no more babies! Can you set that with Indie mod, can you? I can’t patch to 1.27 so I haven’t tried it. I’m waiting till it’s compatible with 1.3 and then I’ll try again. :\

    • Mao

      If you use Awesomemod and Indie, you can use Indie now… you just can’t use Indie core. It’s still working for me, but the pop up notifications don’t seem to always work. Otherwise, I haven’t had issues.

      I don’t think you can set number of kids, but you can turn births off.

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