Gavin Bane Is Not Prepared

Laurel Carmondy had slipped into her role of motherhood easily enough, after a small snag, but she hadn’t anticipated what came along with it.  It wasn’t easy trying to maintain her painting along with Lucas’ demanding schedule.  He was a needy and clingy baby.  It didn’t help that Laurel was essentially a single parent.  Brayden was on-call most of the time, so even when he was home, it was fleeting.  The second his beeper went off–and it did, quite frequently–he had to run.

She was thankful for the brief moments where she was allowed to paint in peace and quiet.

When Brayden did manage to be home, things were strained.  He couldn’t seem to understand why she was so grumpy and distant.  When he tried to ask her about it, her only reply was that she was, “tired and frustrated.”

It wasn’t that Brayden didn’t feel badly about not being home to help out, but his job was very demanding.  It had always been very demanding and it wasn’t about to change just because he was suddenly a father.  He knew several others in his field who suffered from similar situations.  Unfortunately, the majority were divorced and bitter.

Brayden liked his job, but he wasn’t about to let that happen.

It wasn’t all bad.  There were moments when Laurel felt bad for being distant and abrasive.  She fell asleep in Lucas’ room during one of his early morning tantrums and woke up to Brayden caring for him.  It was unfortunate that those moments were very rare and few and far in between.

Laurel didn’t want anyone to think that her unhappiness was caused by Lucas, it wasn’t.  She could handle it, she had helped raise her numerous siblings, but the novelty of Brayden’s schedule was wearing off quick.  When he was home, he understandably wanted to relax, but it was frustrating to Laurel, because she never seemed to be able to relax.

She’d grown used to having to take him everywhere with her.  She was home all day, there was no excuse for a babysitter.  Plus, she knew how Brayden felt about them.  He had practically been raised by a babysitter.  She didn’t want Lucas suffering from the same issues as his father, so she was sure to bring him along during her trips downtown.

Besides, Lila had offered several times to watch Lucas.  Laurel was tempted to take her up on the offer, but she felt badly about leaving her baby to someone else just to have some alone time.

Both Laurel and Brayden made an effort to make time for one another.  Laurel tried not to hold Brayden’s schedule against him and he attempted to understand Laurel’s frustrations.  Still, their interaction was generally devoid of any romance, usually devolving into the general day-to-day breakdown.  They would eventually return to doing their own thing, still in the same room, but paying no mind to the other.

They were on the fast-track to the loveless and boring married couple.


Emma Donovan was enjoying life.  She had her own place out in the secluded country, she was building a name for herself in the more infamous circles, and her luxury gym was finished.  The room had been a bedroom when Emma moved in, but she laughed that off, converting it quickly into a fully-equipped gym that rivaled the one available to everyone in town.

She was on her first hour of the treadmill when she heard her doorbell ring.  It was Gavin, of course.  She’d been training him several times a week.  It was a guise, of course.  She had been slowly, but surely, wearing him down.  Today would be the day.

Emma was an athletic marvel.  She’d been working her body since she could fathom the idea of exercise, so training someone wasn’t difficult.  Luckily for Gavin, he was a natural and it came to him easily as long as he followed Emma’s ridiculously strict regime.  It was startling how organized she was, it didn’t seem to fit her overall personality at all.

Of course, Gavin also had no idea that Emma was planning on turning the criminal underworld on its head.  The act itself would require an amazing amount of discipline.

Everything Emma did was calculated.  She had spent the past month gaining Gavin’s trust and befriending him.  She didn’t change her attitude any, but she didn’t aggressively pursue him, either.  If she lulled him into a sense of security, then she would be able to surprise him.  A man caught off-guard with an offer he could hardly refuse is much better than scaring one away by being overly aggressive.

“Not bad for a girl?”

“If you’re a girl, then what would that make me?  I’m not even in the same league.”

She laughed, her eyes narrowing, “how nice of you to realize that.”

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12 comments to Gavin Bane Is Not Prepared

  • Wow-that’s scary. I don’t know how I’d react if my sims relationship kept dropping like that. I like have some form of control over them.

  • I hope Brayden and Laurel won’t follow in the steps of Berjes and Hailey, those damn medical careers can be killer on a relationship. I feel bad for them. So much damn stress.

    Emma is funny. I think she’s faking the love just so she can be called Emma Bane, Root of All Evil. LOL

    • Mao

      They seem to be getting better. They’re getting wishes for one another now and actually wanting to woohoo and whatnot. For awhile, anytime Brayden tried, Laurel threw a fit, which I thought was HILARIOUS.

      Emma may be faking the love, but they have some sexual chemistry, sheesh. Always wanting to woohoo…

  • Aw, Laurel and Brayden are stuck in a rut. Poor things. I haven’t really played the medical sim that I have (Morgana Wolff) but I noticed she has a beeper in her inventory. Does it really go off a lot?

    Love Emma and her calculated seduction of Gavin. There’s no way he could have avoided that. Not that it really seemed he was that averse to it.

    I love the title of this post too. “Gavin Bane is not prepared” reminds me of WoW where Illidan (one of the villans) says “you are not prepared.” ( haha I’m such a WoW geek.

    • Mao

      I have the shirt from Jinx that says, “you WERE prepared” with Illidan fallen and his weapons besides him. Sadface. It’s ridiculous that you can kill him, I don’t think you should be able to. He’s too big of a character in the lore of Warcraft. (and consequently, my favorite)

      Brayden’s seems to… he’s just unlucky, LOL! Medical sims can also check the gender of pregnant sim’s babies, but they have to be high enough in the career.

  • Will Brayden’s beeper go off less if you get him higher in the career is what I wonder. It’s really bad that they seems to be doing so badly while you’re away. I hope they can be saved; they’re such a nice couple.

    Emma cracks me up. Easily controllable, nice uniform and easy on the eyes to boot! The only thing better would be if he weren’t a cop. Hmm, turning him to the dark side sounds even funner… I’m thinking too much.

    • Mao

      LOL! Emma would turn him, but he’s a good informant this way. ;) Laurel and Brayden are doing a lot better, as we’ll see in the next update!

  • Oh-no! It’s so sad to see these two having trouble, I hope they can pull through it. I really wonder what’s happening. See, this is what I’m afraid of with S3, not just that things happen while you’re not looking, but that you have no idea why or how. They really need their memories back :(

    But anyway, I am SO feeling Laurel, home with a baby, trying to be creative, hubby working a lot! I get it! Hang in there girl! :)

    Emma and Gavin are a hilarious pair! Funniest of all is that she’s actually fond of him. I can’t wait to how this plays out.

    • Mao

      I know, it’s so weird… but in a way, realistic. My husband and I have known each other ten years. We get along really well, we’ve been friends a long time, but we still have issues. I think everyone does. Marriage is about learning to problem solve and whatnot. So it’s nice to see my sims aren’t all fluffy-bunny love! ;) LOL! I was wondering if you would sympathize. It certainly can’t be easy–I was thinking of you while I wrote it, LOL!

      Yes, Emma is rather attached to her would-be one night stand cop. LOL!

  • Emma and Gavin are going to be really interesting! I’m sure you’ll write in some conflict for them due to their careers but I’m wondering if EA were smart enough to add anything in themselves.

    The blotchy skins are a problem in my game too. I avoid going up super-close sometimes because it bothers me a lot. I haven’t tried any other default skins yet (apart from the first ones, whoever made those), so I’m yet to see if they help at all.

    • Mao

      Oh, definitely. I somehow doubt there’s anything scripted in, though if Emma gets arrested, well, won’t THAT be a surprised? Criminals do tend to get arrested, LOL! :lol: I am using default-replacements now, and no, they don’t help because of how EA has the code configured to render the textures in-game.

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