Emma Donovan Breaks Free

Laurel Carmondy was having a bit of a trial lately.  She just couldn’t seem to sleep through the night.  She’d lay down and no sooner would her head hit the pillow that she’d just feel incredibly anxious.  Nausea would quickly follow and she’d eventually end up making a run for the bathroom.  Brayden was a light sleeper, but his extremely long shits left him exhausted and so, he was ignorant of Laurel’s little issue.

She kept it to herself.  It didn’t seem to be as much of a problem during the day.

Of course, she had told Davina, and apparently, Davina had told their mother.  She got a call from Lila while she was working on a commissioned painting.  Her mother wasn’t worried, instead, she knew exactly what was wrong with Laurel.  Which was kind of ironic, given that Laurel had married a doctor, of all things.

“I’m not pregnant,” Laurel replied, rolling her eyes.  “I’m just sick.  I’ve been on birth control since we got married almost two years ago.”

“Famous last words, sweetie,” Lila sighed into the receiver.  “I hope you’re ready.”

Laurel, again, rolled her eyes, “I have to go.  I’m working on a painting.”

“Your father says hi, and he also says Melody is on number two.  He just got back from their house,” Lila sighed again.  She did that a lot these days.  “All right, I’ll talk to you later.”

“Bye mom.”

When she was still sick a few weeks later, Laurel was beginning to wonder.  She tried to ignore it, but that became impossible when she noticed that perhaps, she had put on some weight.  She had nearly screamed when she saw herself in the mirror.  She’d always been the one person in her family who was extremely slender.  Now, however, she was beginning to look like Davina.  At this rate, she’d probably need her clothes and her bras.

She found herself going through the daily motions, frustrated.  Brayden was completely oblivious, but she couldn’t fault him.  He was working insane hours and when he wasn’t working, he was on call.  So, she was left to her own devices.  She decided to visit the hospital.

It was another week before she got her test results back.  She was a little worried that someone would tell Brayden she’d been there, but thankfully, that had been avoided.  He seemed as blithely clueless as ever.  Of course, it probably helped that he was on the opposite end of the hospital.  She called Davina over and she was the first one she confided in.

“I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant,” Laurel said, not bothering to beat around the bush.

Davina was quite suitably shocked, “…what?  Are you serious?”

“The results haven’t come back yet… but,” Laurel put her hand on her slowly growing stomach.  “I’m pretty sure it’s going to say I am.  That, or I’ve been eating way too much invisible food lately.  I can’t keep anything down, so I’ve just stopped.”

“This is serious!”  Davina exclaimed, seeming to be several steps behind her twin.

“I know, that’s why I called you…”

“No, I mean this is serious! This isn’t like, some prom night dumpster baby, Laurel.  You can’t just hand this one off and go on with your life.  You’re going to be a mother!

Laurel blinked, “…d-did you just say prom night dumpster baby?”

“Forget about that!  What are you going to do?  Have you thought about it at all?  Have you even mentioned anything to Brayden?  He’s cute, but we all know that he wouldn’t get a subtle hint if it came up and kicked him in the face.”  Davina paused, taking a breath.  “Seriously, were you not careful?”

“Nothing is completely one-hundred percent perfect when it comes to preventing children, Davina,” Laurel said tersely, giving her twin a look.  “And I’ve thought about it, and I’m telling him tonight.  I just needed a warm up for what I’m going to say.”

“It is if you use every method you can!  You won’t see this bangin’ bod popping out any kids.  You know you never get your figure back.”

“Thanks, Davina.  You can leave now.”

Laurel couldn’t sit still while she waited.  She fidgeted with the hem of her skirt, tapped her feet, and even sort-of hummed.  Finally, she heard the door unlock and open.  Brayden stepped in, looking as if he’d just ran a full marathon.  He looked at her sitting there, the very vision of uncomfortable.  She usually only waited for him when she wanted to yell at him or when she was upset, so he wasn’t quite sure how to approach her.

Luckily, she did it for him.  She stood up and walked over to him.  He couldn’t help but notice she looked a little…heavier.  Maybe she was mad at him.  It was probably wise not to say anything about her weight.

“Brayden, we need to talk,” she said gravely and he felt urge to run away.  He’d spent all day in surgery, a single freaking surgery, on some stupid woman who had gotten so obliterated she tripped down two flights of stairs and broke her neck, but was still miraculously alive.  It was a bad time for ‘serious talking’.

Luckily for him and for Laurel, the words just kind of tumbled out of her mouth.  There was no ceremony, no preparation, just bang.  There it was, out in the open–”I’m pregnant.”

Of course, it’s easy to feel like a complete idiot when you’re a doctor and you don’t notice your own wife is pregnant.  Granted, Brayden wasn’t in pediatrics, he didn’t spend anytime around kids or pregnant women, and he certainly never wandered down the infamous hall of OBGYNs, but still.  He was a doctor.  He still had know this stuff to get out of medical school.  So his shock was magnified by his amazement at his own ignorance.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I went to the hospital, I had an appointment, and I just got my test results a few hours ago,” she said as calmly as she could manage.  “I’m pregnant.  I’m nearing the end of my first trimester.  I just thought I was sick.”

Brayden felt a little sick.  He vaguely charted his symptoms as he felt them, not noticing how close the floor got before everything went black.  He had passed completely out.


Meanwhile, over at the homestead, Mark was happily an adult and happily married.  He and Lisette wasted absolutely no time tying the knot once their high school graduation was over.  She moved in with him into the house and they stayed in the rennovated attic room.  It had plenty of privacy, being the most removed of all the bedrooms.

Mark was working as a budding article writer at the paper while Lisette focused on the more musical side of things.  She wasn’t out to become a rock star, she much preferred classical compositions.

Emma, too, had become a young adult and with her increase of size had come an increase of attitude.  She wasn’t intentionally mean or rude to anyone in her family, but they just didn’t get her.  She and Lila agreed on absolutely nothing and could find no common ground at all, so most of their ‘talks’ ended up being arguments.

Lila was just worried about her daughter.  She knew things and she knew that Emma was getting in with a bad crowd.  She didn’t want her daughter ending up behind bars and so she tried to talk some sense into Emma.  Emma wouldn’t hear it.  She spent very little time at the house and was prepared to move, but Lila didn’t want to let her free until she was sure she would behave.  Demetri tried to tell her that Emma would leave regardless, but it seemed moot.

Sure enough, Emma left.  There was no ceremony, no nothing, she just left.  All her things were packed and she was gone.  She didn’t need her family’s money, she had her own, questionable though it was.  Lila was worried sick and Demetri had exhausted his contacts trying to figure out where she had gone.  Finally, they got a phone call.

She’d moved to the opposite end of Riverview, out in the country.  She was still getting settled.  She wasn’t coming back and she didn’t need the money.  She’d call them and give them more information once she was all settled in.


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14 comments to Emma Donovan Breaks Free

  • Emma! :) Love her love her love her-nuff said.

  • Now I’m singing the prom night dumpster baby song in my head. ;) Yikes, Harmony, getting involved with a married man probably isn’t going to end well. Emma is awesome. Does Gavin even realize what he’s getting himself into? Once Emma has her eye on something (or someONE) I’m sure she won’t stop until it’s hers. ;) And yes, that last name is perfect for her!

    • Mao

      LOL! Yes! You have no idea how happy it makes me that you know it. xD Gavin is in for quite the surprise… Emma isn’t one to back down from anything. And her last line says it all, LOL!

  • haha! I love Brayden’s shocked face when Laurel tells him she’s pregnant.

    Emma cracks me up. You’re so right, evil sims are a blast to play. And, pairing up an evil sim with a cop is hilarious. “Bane” is so perfect!

    Oh, and I’ve been meaning to tell you: “Congratulations of getting married!” :D

    • Mao

      Haha, thanks! And yes, I am so in love with that last name… it simply MUST happen! Must! And poor Brayden, if it were possible, I’m sure he actually would have fainted…

  • Emma Bane is such a perfect super-villain name! She will rule the world with an iron fist. Plus Gavin’s pretty darn cute for an NPC. So Melody has TWO kids now? Lila must be kind of pleased with all the grandbabies, even if she worries. This all makes me wish my computer could handle The Sims 3.

    • Mao

      Hey there! Sims 3 isn’t too bad with JM’s hacks, but it’s still no TS2. It’s also extremely disappointing, from a graphical standpoint. It barely uses my SLI cards. :(

  • I see what you mean when you say that sometimes it feels like you don’t spend enough time with your sims. It feels like I don’t hear enough about them either!
    Yeah, I didn’t think Laurel would be a mother either. Brayden’s shocked face had me doubled over laughing. But I’m glad it worked out well.
    What can a person say about Emma? Honestly, I’m afraid for Gavin. He has no idea what’s waiting for him. But we’ll definitely be entertained.

    • Mao

      Sorry! Since the Donovan brood was huge, I’m picking select sims to follow. Since I’m doing this ala Soap Opera story format, I’m following those with on-going storylines. Plenty of Emma in the next, you’ll see what poor Gavin’s fate is, LOL! Plenty of Laurel/Brayden, as well as Davina. I try to peek in on the others’ houses, too, so maybe some silly Melody.

  • Josh

    I love Emma and Gavin together. Emma Bane- that is so, so fierce.

    Laurel has a baby! That’s awesome. Sims 3 babies are creepy though.

    I looked around for this Indie Mod and it seems cool, but I didn’t download it since I don’t play the game much. How do you like it?

    • Mao

      Indie mod is really only nice if you use Awesomemod, too. I couldn’t imagine playing without awesomemod, LOL! I’m only using indie until JM comes out with his story progression thing. The new patch seems to have messed up Indie a little, though. Hoping they update it.

      Yes, sims 3 babies are creepy!!

  • Lord, poor Gavin! I wonder if he knows quite what he’s in for!

    I giggled at the Family Guy reference. If anyone’s offended by the mere title, I hope they never see the actual clip from the show!

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