Photobucket Strikes Again!

So, apparently, Photobucket is being a bugger and randomly compressing albums and images.  So far, this blog has been hit the WORST.  ugh, ugh, ugh.  The pictures, they are horrible and all… nastified.  Of course, The Sims 3 is a LOT more sensitive to compression with pictures than TS2.  It just seems ten times more noticeable than TS2 pictures… anyway, so if things look like crap, that’s why.

Stupid photobucket.  I’m currently trying to figure out a solution.

ETA (7/26/09) – I’ve found a temporary solution, but since it’s temporary, I won’t be re-uploading the older entries. When I find something more stable, sure, but for now, future updates should be protected from compression.

4 comments to Photobucket Strikes Again!

  • This really sucks! Let me know if you figure anything out.

    • Mao

      The horror, Laura! THE HORROR! I am thisclose to making my husband get me a paid account. I HATE to do it, but I have no idea what else to do. :(

  • Ugh, I would hate for you to give Photobucket any money just out of principal! I’m sure they’re doing this just to make us freaked out enough to buy paid accounts. And they think they can do whatever they want because we’re not paying them money.

    I use GoDaddy for my regular blog:, and they’re very affordable. The economy package is like $4/month. I’m pretty sure that should be enough space and bandwidth for both of my silly little blogs, and I’m going to see if hubby can set me up with some kind of content management for picture uploading. (My wordpress blog only uploads pictures one at a time, and that’s just not going to work, lol!)

    I’ll feel better knowing that it’s professional and mine forever, you know? Photobucket hasn’t gotten to any of my uploads prior to July 16th yet, but I’m sure they will. I don’t know if/how I would reupload and relink all of my archives. Ugh, makes me sick just thinking about it!

    • Mao

      I’ve got my hosting space with A Small orange and while pricey, their service is EXCELLENT and so far, I’ve had zero issues with them, ever. Anytime I’ve needed help, they’ve been on it. They also have unlimited EVERYTHING, including SQL DBs, which I need for my blogs/forums. I use my domain for a crapload of things (more than just sims and blogging) and I prefer to keep my bandwidth for forums and databases, plus my space… so that’s why I don’t load my pictures there. I just can’t see justifying another space for pictures, especially on my crap ass connection (satellite) where using FTP is like poking out your eyes with skewers.

      If I had a better connection that could handle uploading an ass-ton of pictures via FTP, I’d probably do it… but for now, sigh. I’m probably going to have sell my soul to save my pictures.

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