Melody Donovan is the First

“Eugene called while you were with Larry,” Laurel said suddenly and without warning.  “I told him you were busy.”

Davina nearly choked on her pancakes, “you did what?!”

“He filled in the blanks, I just said busy.  You need to stop avoiding his calls… it kind of gives you away and you know how I feel about cheating.”

“It isn’t cheating if we’re not in a serious relationship, Laurel.  I’m avoiding him because I’m afraid he wants that and I don’t think I’m ready.  We’re still young, you know?”

“Serious relationships don’t automatically entail marriage, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence, Davina.  Just commitment.”

“They’re practically the same thing!” Davina lamented, giving a long sigh.  She decided to turn the tables on her treacherous twin.  “It’s not like you’ve got any room to talk, anyway.  You’ve been avoiding Brayden just as much as I’ve avoided Eugene.  And after that big fit you threw over one little kiss…”

“That’s different.” Laurel argued, scowling.

“I’m just saying… you threw a big old fit and now you’re mad because he’s clued in?  Now you suddenly don’t want to be ‘more than friends’?  Friends don’t get mad when another friend kisses someone.”

“They do when it’s their floozy sister!”

Davina rolled her eyes, “technicalities…”

Davina knew that maybe she was a little irresponsible and that yeah, maybe what she did wasn’t the best course of action… but it was her life and she wanted to enjoy it.  She didn’t constrain herself to other people’s rules or notions.  If she wanted to brag about her upcoming fame and hit on the hot new male maid, then you can bet your bottom dollar she would!  That’s how Davina Donovan worked from day one.

She’d leave the marrying and the commitment to her numerous sisters.  This girl was going to be free for as long as she could manage it.


Laurel had felt badly about avoiding Brayden, but the awkwardness was just a little too much to bear.  She really did want to be friends and to put all the crazy stuff behind them, but it seemed her little fit had planted an idea in Brayden’s mind, one he wasn’t giving up on.  Laurel was certain she felt a bit more for him than friendship, but wasn’t necessarily willing to risk it.

He finally cornered her at her house, much to her surprise.  She’d gone out fishing only to find him waiting inside.  She’d have to kill Davina later.


“Look, Laurel,” he said, cutting her off.  “I don’t really know what’s going on, but I do know this is kind of ridiculous.  I’ve known you a long time… but this hot and cold stuff is reaching a whole new level of crazy.”

“Argh!  Why is everyone acting like I’m some kind of mental patient all of the sudden?  Yes, I got angry and yes, maybe I overreacted a little… but this is ridiculous!”

“I didn’t mean to say you were crazy,” Brayden said quickly, stepping back.

Laurel was enraged.  She was so sick of this, of all of this.  Why did everything have to change?  Why couldn’t it just stay the same?  Now she had to deal with all of this unraveling before her very eyes, her best friend, her sister, all of it.  It was just too much.  Why couldn’t anyone understand that?

“This is just too much for me to deal with right now,” Laurel said, calming down and taking a deep breath.  “We’re friends, Brayden, but I just need to be by myself for a little bit.”


In other areas of the neighborhood, love was blossoming instead of being stifled.  Mark Donovan had finally broken Lisette Ivanov down and they were steadily dating.  He didn’t seem to realize that Lisette was a bit pushy or the fact that she steamrolled right over him.  Everyone in his family was anxious for how this would play out while he was completely and happily oblivious to it.

Melody surprised everyone when she started dating a guy a few years younger than her named Lonnie Durant.  They’d met at the Bistro–he was a customer, she was the waitress and it all went from there.  Lonnie was a nice guy and for the most part, Lila and Demetri were happy… but it was Melody.  She wasn’t known as the stable sister, well, when they excluded Davina from the equation, of course.

She was still young and they were worried that maybe she was moving a little too fast.

Lonnie didn’t come from rich stock, in fact, he came from the lowest of low.  His family inhabited a caravan of trailers and he had nearly five brothers.  With both of them coming from big families, it definitely strengthened their bond.  Lonnie wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do with his life, but that was okay.  Melody wasn’t partically concerned with money or anything like that.  She was completely convinced she was in love.

So when Lonnie asked her to marry him, she didn’t hesitate.  She’d been looking to move out of her parents house anyway.  Lila and Demetri were apprehensive.  Sure, they’d been married and Lila had been pregnant when they were Melody’s age, but Lonnie was a different story.  He was younger and perhaps still wearing his perfect world, rose colored glasses.  Reality would have some harsh lessons for the both of them.

They couldn’t be swayed, however.  They did promise to stay engaged for awhile before marrying, just to make her parents happy.

Melody moved out and in with Lonnie.  They got a place on the otherside of town, across the river.  Melody had never been so far from home before, but wasn’t really concerned.  She’d miss her family, sure, but she was in love.


Meanwhile, back at the homestead, trouble was brewing.  A wayward burglar had decided that the Donovan house looked mighty good after casing the place.  Unfortunately for him, he chose the wrong house to burgle.  Emma wasn’t stupid, she had instincts and keen senses.  She awoke to the smallest sound of someone jostling the downstairs doorknob.  She didn’t panic, nor did any particular thought cross her mind.  She simply slipped out of bed and headed downstairs.

She caught the burglar red handed and so had the alarm.  He turned around abruptly to face her, amused at the petite little lady standing before him.  Unfortunately, her expression was anything but meek and cute.

“You picked the wrong house to mess with,” she warned, eyes narrowed.

A young and fresh cadet, just out of the academy, arrived some time later.  He was surprised to find the alarm off, the lights all on, and the rest of the family upstairs, still asleep.  The only person awake was Emma, who stood at the doorway, arms crossed, looking petulant.

“It’s about time, did they have a discount donut sale on the way?”

The officer wasn’t sure what to think.  All he could say was, “it isn’t safe for you to be down here, m’am.”

“Oh, please.  Your would-be burglar is in the kitchen, tied to a chair.  Come on.  I need to get the curtains back on the windows before my mom finds out.”

He blinked, completely dumbfounded, but followed her all the same.  Sure enough, there was a man tethered to a chair with curtains wrapped around his arms and legs, binding him.  Emma undid the bindings and allowed the officer to cuff the suspect.  Once he put the suspect in the car, he returned to make sure nothing was missing.

Instead, Emma shooed him out, “I told you, I got him on the way in.  He didn’t take anything.  You can go now.”

“Uh, but I’ll need to speak with your parents–”

“No, no you won’t.  You’ll leave, now.  Goodbye, officer,” she smirked, pushing him out the door, watching him closely as he left.  He nearly stumbled down the stairs.  “See you soon.”

He wasn’t quite sure what to make of the statement and for the moment, didn’t want to think about it.  He wasn’t even sure what he was going to tell his supervisor when he returned without an incident report or anything.


Laurel wasn’t quite sure where her head was anymore. One minute, she was fine, the next… not so much.  She hated the thought of losing her friend to all this madness.  She wished Davina had never started it, but wondered if it wouldn’t have just happened anyway.  They’d been friends for what seemed like forever and it wasn’t like either of them were terribly social.  She just couldn’t see herself with him, or with anyone, for that matter.  She’d never really thought about it when she was younger and especially not now.

“I know I’ve been acting like a real… well, witch,” Laurel began, sighing.  “I’m really sorry.  I’m not trying to be mean, but it’s just… I don’t know.  My head is all crazy and everything is changing… I don’t like it.”

Poor Laurel was really confused.  It was written all over her face and Laurel wasn’t one to exactly wear her emotions on her sleeve.  Brayden gave her a comforting hug, with no hidden intention or anything of the sort hiding behind it.  He began to feel a little bit badly about pushing the issue.

“It just seems a little strange, to be friends… I mean, after everything.”  Brayden admitted, pulling away reluctantly.

“Nothing happened to change our friendship; that’s what I don’t understand.  I don’t understand why it’s so hard to just be friends.”

“It’s kind of like crossing an invisible line,” Brayden said, pausing midway through the parting, hands lingering on her shoulders, “it happens.  You can’t really turn away from it and pretend everything is normal.”

Laurel tried to ignore the impact the closeness had on her.  They were both kind of frozen, neither moving to pull away, but not feeling entirely comfortable as they were, either.  Laurel was especially perturbed, realizing suddenly that the space between them was becoming increasingly less and less.

She shifted suddenly, pulling away completely.  “I-I need to go,” she said, frazzled, turning and leaving without waiting for a reply.


Davina had no such issues with closeness.  In fact, she rather enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t so happy with it now.  Eugene had her cornered and she knew it.

“I’m not trying to be forceful, Davina, but this is getting ridiculous,” he said, taking her hand.  “I understand that you’re not completely set on this whole commitment thing, but you have to understand, I’m not exactly happy with the fact you’re out flirting with everyone, either.”

“So you’re ruining this just because of some flack from the guys?”

He sighed, “no, you know that’s not it at all.  And it seems like you’ve made your choice already…”

“I just don’t get why we have to be serious all of the sudden.  Maybe I don’t want to be.”

“Then you don’t… I can’t change that.  But I do, and if not with you, then I’ll find someone else.”

“You do that,” Davina said, standing up and making her move to leave.  She couldn’t deny that she felt a little hurt by the exchange.


Lila and Demetri Donovan were elders now, with gray hair and well-earned wrinkles.  Their kids were growing up before their very eyes, becoming adults confronted with situations they themselves had once been a part of.  It seemed weird and surreal, to stand from the outside looking in.  Had they been that clueless?

Despite everything, they were still completely and totally in love, as enamored as they had been in their youth and perhaps a little more.  It would be difficult watching their children bumble and stumble through life, but they hoped they had taught them well enough that perhaps there would maybe be a few less bumps for them.

Wishful thinking, of course…


Lila and Demetri are elders!  :(  I can’t believe it, LOL.  Davina and Laurel are also halfway through Young Adulthood… wow!  Pretty crazy.  Time seems to be really flying now that there are a lot more players in the equation.  Brayden and Laurel still aren’t doing so well in the romance department, though she DID accept an amorous hug… only to promptly say she needed to go home and flee afterward, lol.  As for Emma and the cop… well, that played itself out.  Emma woke up and well, I figured she’d be sure to bust some burglar butt.  The cop was also surprisingly attractive for a cutout EA sim… so we’ll see.  She’ll be a YA soon.  ;)

I’m now using Awesomemod Core with Indie Stone mod.  So far, it’s working out really great.  Unfortunately, it has some bugs.  Somehow, despite being TEENS, Mark and Lisette managed to get married.  I didn’t mention that for obvious reasons.  Trust me, I was QUITE shocked.  I do like how it automates townies, though, that’s definitely cool and the alerts that tell you what’s going on.  It’ll hold me over until JM Pescado comes out with his story progression stuff.  You can customize it, though, so that’s nice… I don’t like how it sort of overrides Supreme Commander’s (Awesomemod) ‘Sacred’ tag, though.

I also figured out you can STOP people from constantly moving by putting their surname in the house name.  Like “Goth Manor” and so on.  Very nifty.  I also solved my random crashing on save and just gameplay by installing Vista Service Pack One on this install.  I had it on my other HD, but not this one.  Now everything works well, hooray!

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  • Emma is just so…awesome. The officer’s face as his leaving is very in the spirit of RUN AWAAAAAAAAAAY.

    I can’t wait to see her as a YA. Muhaha. /rubs palms together

  • I’m glad you got everything working again. I’m so terrible at computer stuff, that’s why I very seldom install hacks and things. I always end up messing up my game and then I’m lost as to how to fix it!

    I’m still cheering for Laurel and Brayden to get together. They’re just so cute. I’m glad Eugene finally gave Davina the boot. Someone needs to talk some sense into that girl!

    • Mao

      Me, too! It was so frustrating. I can play with everything on max and it kept crashing for NO reason. Now it works. :D

      Oh, you know it’s coming. That’s all I’ll say, LOL. As for Davina and Eugene, no sooner did I leave the house that I got a pop up they were dating. Sigh. LOL

  • “It’s about time, did they have a discount donut sale on the way?”

    Bwahaha, Emma is awesome!

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