Laurel Donovan Isn’t Quite Ready

Brayden Carmondy was slowly adjusting to life on his own and certainly enjoying every moment of it.  He found a house just a block or two from the centralized downtown area.  It was a little too big for just him and he would have preferred something further out, but development in this town was slow so he took what he got.

He’d recently started interning at the local hospital, having begun medical school after his father’s death.  He still had a few years to go, but the long haul was nearly over.

He was a little surprised when he heard the distant chime of his doorbell.

Laurel Donovan nervously pressed the button all the way in, the distant chime causing a little shiver of fear to climb her spine.  She felt like an idiot, but wasn’t quite sure what else to do.  She hadn’t talked to Brayden since the whole mess with Davina and that had nearly been a month or so ago.  She felt bad and lonely without her best friend.  After forgiving Davina, she thought it was only appropriate she extend an olive branch to Brayden, too.

She had decided, quite firmly, that despite her jumbled up feelings, she was intent on being friends.

Brayden tried to hide his shock and invited her inside.  He wasn’t surprised that she had found him, this was a small town, after all… but simply the fact that she had come at all.

“Laurel, I am really sorry–”

“Don’t, just forget about it, okay?  Davina explained everything to me,” Laurel said, cutting him off.  “It’s not a big deal.  I was just… shocked.  I mean, I know how my sister is and you’re my best friend… I just, I mean I didn’t want you falling into that.  With her.”

“It wasn’t all her fault,” Brayden admitted.  “I mean, she is who she is.”

“Charming, gorgeous, the works — yeah, I know.  Trust me, I know,” Laurel rolled her eyes, making a face.

“I was going to say persuasive,” he countered, raising an eyebrow.

“Same thing,” she paused for a minute, meeting his eyes.  “Friends?  I promise not to be an irrational crazy person again… unless, of course, you want to rethink the Davina thing.”

He laughed, “I think I’ll pass, on the Davina thing, not the friends thing.  I’m glad you came by.”

She gave him a friendly, completely platonic hug, “me too.  If it weren’t for me, you’d be a total hermit.”

“That’s not true.  I have to leave the house for my job and school.”

“Oh, right, I had nearly forgotten.  You got hired?  That’s great.  It explains the, um, extravagance.”

He gave her an odd look, “is it bad?”

She looked around, noting the light fixtures and the expensive flooring before saying, “no, I guess not.  It suits you.  I mean, it’s a bit flashy for me, but I was raised in a Victorian that had to be extended beyond its means for all the kids.”

He shuddered, “yeah, I remember.”

“You never came inside, how would you know?”

“I could feel the… closeness… from the driveway.”

She gave him a look, “good thing my brother isn’t as bad as you are.  He’d suffocate.”


Mark Donovan wasn’t nearly as bad as Brayden.  In fact, he was even making progress with Lisetta Ivanov.  She was finally coming around and wasn’t seeing him as the creepy loner he seemed to be at school.  Sure, he brooded a lot and complained about his ridiculously large family, but deep down, he wasn’t so bad, right?

Harmony and Melody Donovan celebrated their young adult birthdays, but had no plans to move out just yet.  Harmony stuck around to begrudingly help Lila while Melody was just kind of lazy and unmotivated.  She wanted to be a great cook, but still had a ways to go.  They contributed to the household with their temporary part-time jobs.  Harmony took over Davina and Laurel’s old attic room while Melody had their old, shared room.

Of course, just because they were adults didn’t mean that anything had changed.  Harmony still gave Melody a hard time, as was her way.

“Are you sure you cooked this?” Harmony said, poking the remnants of her food.

Melody made a face, “yes!  Why?”

“Well, it’s more like charred.”

“You’re so mean!” Melody harrumphed.  “Make your own next time!”

A faint smile played on Harmony’s lips, “only if I can make you eat it.”

“Ew, no way!  I’d sooner eat shoe leather…”

When Harmony wasn’t teasing her sister, she was working on perfecting her chess game.  She wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do yet, despite her ambitious nature.  She had always thought she might want to be a doctor, but now met with the final decision, was completely undecided.  She knew she had to come with something soon, though.  She didn’t want to be stuck in her parents’ house forever and she definitely wanted to live up to her ambitious nature.

Melody may not have had her sister’s ambition, but she was determined to be the best cook she could possibly be.  She studied, for one thing, which was quite a shocker for anyone who knew Melody.  Even her father was kind of shocked.

“Lila!”  Demetri yelled, startling Melody.

“What?” Lila yelled from the doorway of the dining room.

“I think you need to come in here, Melody is holding a book!”

Melody shot her father a look and stuck out her tongue, “I can read you know!”

He looked baffled, “I’m certain, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen you actually do it!”

Lila sighed, shook her head, and went back to whatever it was that she was doing.

Harmony may not have found her true calling, but she was certainly an excellent tutor.  She helped Mark quite frequently with his homework, mostly math and science, the two things he most certainly did not excel at.  Being a teacher might be nice, but Harmony wasn’t sure she could deal with kids that weren’t related to her on a daily basis.  She’d just have to keep thinking and looking.

Of course, nothing Harmony did would prevent Mark from getting his butt handed to him by Emma.  He could often be heard proclaiming that he was an “artist, not a fighter!”  Emma ignored his cries and proceeded to smush his butt into the pavement.  She definitely delighted in it, it tickled her cruel, twisted little heart.

Mark should be thankful the teasing stopped with video games… Emma was quite the bully!


After Laurel’s first visit, their friendship resumed as if nothing had ever happened.  Brayden would often call her and give her a sob story about how terrible a cook he was and how he would have to eat something nasty despite saving sick people all day.  Without fail, Laurel would come over and chide him, but ended up cooking for him anyway.

“You’re going to be a doctor, yet you can’t even feed yourself,” Laurel sighed, smacking him on the arm.  “You’re almost as bad as Davina!”

“My mind is too preoccupied thinking about all the poor, injured people out there…”

“Right, sure,” Laurel countered, rolling her eyes.  “You don’t even see sick people–they have you doing paperwork!”

“Reading, then.  I’m sad because of all the reading about sick people.”

As much as Brayden was a loner, he was still happy to have Laurel back.  He hadn’t realized how much he had missed her until she was gone, just like that.  Now that she was back, he couldn’t stop the thoughts that came to mind.  The nagging in the back of his head that maybe the whole thing with Davina was more than just a misunderstanding between friends.  It was hard to fathom, really, that Laurel would have any interest past friendship, but her actions in that situation spoke volumes.

She claimed to want to be friends now, but she catered to him a bit more than a normal friend would.  Of course, this was Laurel and despite her natural grumpy disposition, she was a nurturing individual.  It could just be that.  But it felt like something else.  Brayden was a little surprised at himself when he wasn’t upset, angry, or disappointed by it… quite the opposite.  He had begun to think that maybe he liked her as more than just a friend.

“What’s wrong?  Is there something on my face?  You’re staring at me,” Laurel interrupted his thoughts.

Brayden realized he’d been staring, zoned out in his thoughts, and was instantly sheepish.

When Laurel went to leave, he decided to take his chance and see what happened.  Unfortunately, Laurel looked both shocked and horrified, jumping away, her eyes wide as dinner plates.

“What are you doing?!”

Brayden was equally as shocked.  He hadn’t expected that reaction, “I… I thought–”

“Thought what?  I said friends, Brayden!” She wailed, shaking her head, trying to avoid looking at him straight on.  She needed to go, now.  “Call me when you get it together, okay?  I’m not Davina.”

Brayden watched her walk away, completely dumbfounded.  He would never understand women, never.  The signs were there, but Laurel’s reaction made him feel… dirty somehow.  Like he’d done something wrong.  He felt terrible, a tight knot forming in the pit of his stomach.  It was then that he realized that he did feel more for Laurel than just friendship… and had for awhile.  Unfortunately, if she had felt the same way, he had ruined it.  Completely and totally.


Poor Brayden has no luck!  He is seriously a loser sim.  It makes me feel so bad for him.  After Laurel stopped by, immediately after greeting her outside, he rolled up this wish:

Seems he’s finally come to his senses, unfortunately, it may be a little too late.  When I tried to have him initiate any romantic interactions with Laurel, she rebuffed him and was very much creeped out by all of them.  So sad!  I think the Davina thing has scarred her for life.  I mean, no one wants their long-life crush to go making out with their sister who has questionable morales!

Also, for those curious, Loser sims get pop-ups like the following almost daily when they go to work.  They make me so sad!  Poor Loser sims!

You may have noticed that I’ve begun using default replacements.  I’m using Aikea_Guinea’s skins and Sylvea’s eyes from MTS.  You can find links on the ‘About’ page.  I like them, especially the eyes.  They really pop!  I’m hoping someone finds a way to make skins higher res in gameplay, though.  My computer is ridiculously powerful and this game uses like, none of it.  So disappointing!

So far, playing on Long and with Aging enabled while using Awesomemod and the Supreme Commander is working out very well for me.  I love being able to instantaneously select sims and especially the quick house switching!  There’s also pop-ups now, at 1am to tell you what story progression is doing.  I hate how people keep moving, but small potatoes given everything that’s fixed!  I can’t wait to see what Pescado does for Story Progression.

Sorry this author’s note is so long.  One more thing, if you’re not into the Awesomemod (…I won’t bother asking why) or want something geared towards super Story Progression, check out the Indie Mod.

10 comments to Laurel Donovan Isn’t Quite Ready

  • Brayden is looking quite handsome with the new eyes and skins! Too bad he’s still so unlucky, lol! Aww, I hope Laurel gives him a chance. They’re so obviously meant to be together :)

    I would be pissed off too if they kept moving! Do they lose all of their furnishings and everything? And what seems to make them want to move, bigger house, fancier house? That would be a huge annoyance if you’d just spent a ton of time decorating or remodeling!

    • Mao

      Oh, I didn’t mean to imply MY sims are moving. No, no. Awesomemod has an option to “Make Sacred” excluding the entire household from the story progression randomizer. Random zombies around the hood move up or down, depending on their income and networth. It’s part of the core design. :\

      I love the skins and eyes! They have changed my perception… a tiny bit. Still not as awesome as TS2.

      • Oh, good! LOL, you had me scared! ;)

        Yes, I’m very impressed with the CC people are coming up with already. Did you see the realistic eye-whites they’re working on at Club Crimsyn – I’ll assume you have, since it’s your link I followed ;) They look great! And they’re supposed to be compatible with any other default eye replacement you’re using.

        And it’s only been about a month – I can’t wait to see the kind of stuff people are doing in another year or so :)

        • Mao

          The only bad thing is the unavoidable compression of in-game skins/etc. Looks like CRAP, even on awesome rigs like mine. Hoping someone finds a work-around… pretty much devalues any awesome skins. :(

  • I was thinking your Sims looked different. I like these skins! :)

    Poor Brayden. He’s finally realized his feelings for Laurel, but she seems to still be upset about what happened with Davina, even if she says she’s forgiven him. I hope maybe with a little more time she’ll come around.

    • Mao

      Here’s hoping! Laurel is very obstinate, but I’m sure she’ll break down eventually.

      I like them, too! But the male faces are a tiny bit too girly for me. Better than the others offered, though!

  • Great update Mao! I still am amazed that you were able to give all of those kids such different personalities. I love them all so much! I really hope that Laurel gets over it and starts likig Brayden again. They’d be such a cute couple.

    I tried using Awesomemod, but after about 2 minutes in game everything started to freeze. It would freeze for a few seconds, then unfreeze for a few, then freeze, then unfreeze, etc… I took out Awesomemod and everything was fine again. I don’t have any other mods or custom content, not even patterns or anything. So I’m not sure what happened. I followed the installation instructions, so I have no clue. Anyhoo, that’s why I don’t use it yet, although I really want to!

    • Mao

      That sucks about Awesomemod, Mandie! Was it at 1am? There is SOME lag, but very little (depending on your PC power) so it can roll the story progression stuff. But there shouldn’t be any otherwise. :(

  • Aw, I got so excited about Laurel and Brayden reconciling and now it looks like they’re on the rocks again!

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