Barnacle Bay: That’s What You Get

It was a nice, warm spring afternoon when Nina came over to visit. Dina grabbed a drink and they headed to the new hot tub Dina had just been gifted thanks to her fame. The two sat in silence for awhile enjoying the bubbles and the soothing heat. It was → Read More: ‘Barnacle Bay: That’s What You Get

Barnacle Bay: Lola Trebo Gets Busted

Lola Trebo glanced at her mother, Dina, as she headed for the door. She had a drink in hand and it was barely four o’clock. That meant that she was going out tonight and Lola would be free to do as she pleased. She smiled lightly and said:

“I’m going over to → Read More: ‘Barnacle Bay: Lola Trebo Gets Busted

Dina’s Compromise

This is the last catch-up entry. Things will progress a lot slower from here on out… pictures will also be more consistent after this.

After the scandal revolving around Lola’s birth, Dina relented and accepted Alec’s proposal of marriage. It was a quiet, quick sort of ceremony. It still made → Read More: ‘Dina’s Compromise

Late Night – Hidden Dancing Skill

After much searching and some experimentation, I finally figured out the whole dancing thing. I’ve looked everywhere, high and low, and only seen it mentioned maybe once or twice that it might be a hidden skill. Then again, I’ve also seen “just dance for a little bit and it’ll happen”… so, yeah. I don’t really → Read More: ‘Late Night – Hidden Dancing Skill

Table Dancing!

I figured I’d post this for those who wanted to see the table dancing first-hand. Unfortunately, I have yet to get a sim to actually club dance and the how/why is still unclear. So, you can just search those on youtube, there’s plenty!

I put a little party machine in front of her so you → Read More: ‘Table Dancing!

Dina Caliente’s First Scandal…

We’re going to play catch-up with the Caliente sisters in Barnacle Bay. They started out as a test, but I’ve really come to enjoy them and their offspring may have a future on this blog. First, though, we’ve got to to back-track a little…

I took these pictures rather randomly and before I had really → Read More: ‘Dina Caliente’s First Scandal…

Messing Around with Late Night

Soo… after several hours of buggering around, trying to get Late Night to recognize my other hoods (it turned out to be some random bug with one of my up-to-date mods; reinstalled the mod, everything worked), I finally got a chance to play. I didn’t actually go to the Late Night neighborhood, it was just → Read More: ‘Messing Around with Late Night