Back to the Legacy

Working on my legacy again, so updates here will be slow until Ambitions comes out and I explore it a bit. ;) My Gen 5 heiress, Aludra, is proving quite interesting… so I’m glad I’m able to play again. Still having some minor issues, but I think I’ve sorted the → Read More: ‘Back to the Legacy

The Fall Out & Some Descendants

Just a short post this time, I really haven’t had much of a chance to play this week. I spent most of the time decorating a new house, buh. I like to decorate, but it can be really time consuming, especially when you kind of want to play.

Anyway, I figured I’d make a quick → Read More: ‘The Fall Out & Some Descendants

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting…

I really wish I had more pictures of Maria and Mason, but I think FRAPs closed and this was mostly played while I was cooking dinners last week (yay multi-tasking.) Anyway, Maria went into labor at the fishing spot behind their house. I was kind of hoping she’d have the → Read More: ‘Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting…

Neverglade Gets More Dysfunctional

Petra’s attempts at childcare were mediocre at best. The only reason the twins survived is mostly due to the assistance of babysitters! I tried to get Demetri interested in the girls, but he ignored them. CloneChristian, however, was more than happy to play with them when Petra had parties. Very → Read More: ‘Neverglade Gets More Dysfunctional

Messing Around With Worlds

I’m taking a break from my legacy because of time constraints and whatnot, not to mention the lot is lagging since installing High-End Lot Stuff and I can’t quite figure it out. Maybe it was me having to reinstall around 1,000 simpack files? Perhaps. Anyway, I finally updated and everything. Create-A-World is beyond anything I’ll → Read More: ‘Messing Around With Worlds