Lucas Carmondy Makes His Move

Lucas Carmondy and Star Crosby met in middle school and since then, have become the best of friends. Star is a little odd, but next to Lucas, she’s completely normal which is probably why they get along so well. Now in high school, they fend off it-group stares of disdain → Read More: ‘Lucas Carmondy Makes His Move

Gameplay: Just Milling Around…

So, I’m just kind of “playing” right now. Nothing story-wise is hitting me and I kind of just want to advance things. I don’t like languishing around too much. I like playing my sims to play them and watch them age at something a bit quicker than actual humans do, LOL! Thus the “gameplay” blog → Read More: ‘Gameplay: Just Milling Around…

Laurel and Brayden Carmondy Try Again

Brayden and Laurel Carmondy sat awkwardly on their living room couch. Taking her mother’s advice, Laurel decided that sitting down and talking to Brayden was her best bet. It took her a few days, but she finally cornered him into it. The kids were at the park so they had → Read More: ‘Laurel and Brayden Carmondy Try Again

Emma Bane Makes Progress

Emma and Gavin Bane were planning a trip, an exotic trip that would leave poor Demona out in the cold. She didn’t trust her little spawn to just anyone so she called up her parents. It was the lesser of most evils, as at least they had managed to feed → Read More: ‘Emma Bane Makes Progress