Gavin Bane Is Not Prepared

Laurel Carmondy had slipped into her role of motherhood easily enough, after a small snag, but she hadn’t anticipated what came along with it. It wasn’t easy trying to maintain her painting along with Lucas’ demanding schedule. He was a needy and clingy baby. It didn’t help that Laurel was → Read More: ‘Gavin Bane Is Not Prepared

Emma Donovan Breaks Free

Laurel Carmondy was having a bit of a trial lately. She just couldn’t seem to sleep through the night. She’d lay down and no sooner would her head hit the pillow that she’d just feel incredibly anxious. Nausea would quickly follow and she’d eventually end up making a run for → Read More: ‘Emma Donovan Breaks Free

Laurel Donovan Refuses to be Boring

Brayden was surprised when he saw Laurel jogging up to him. He hadn’t really known her to jog or be athletic, never mind the fact that it was rather late to be out jogging. He’d just returned home after a rather long shift at the hospital and was hoping she wasn’t here → Read More: ‘Laurel Donovan Refuses to be Boring

Photobucket Strikes Again!

So, apparently, Photobucket is being a bugger and randomly compressing albums and images. So far, this blog has been hit the WORST. ugh, ugh, ugh. The pictures, they are horrible and all… nastified. Of course, The Sims 3 is a LOT more sensitive to compression with pictures than TS2. It just seems ten times more → Read More: ‘Photobucket Strikes Again!

Melody Donovan is the First

“Eugene called while you were with Larry,” Laurel said suddenly and without warning. “I told him you were busy.”

Davina nearly choked on her pancakes, “you did what?!”

“He filled in the blanks, I just said busy. You need to stop avoiding his calls… it kind → Read More: ‘Melody Donovan is the First

Laurel Donovan Isn’t Quite Ready

Brayden Carmondy was slowly adjusting to life on his own and certainly enjoying every moment of it. He found a house just a block or two from the centralized downtown area. It was a little too big for just him and he would have preferred something further out, but development → Read More: ‘Laurel Donovan Isn’t Quite Ready

Davina Donovan Makes a Mess

Emma Donovan is gaining quite the reputation around town. The brazen youth has taken to accosting complete strangers, despite her small stature. She’s got an acid tongue and a razor-sharp attitude to go with it. She’s on the fast-track to becoming a bully to everyone of all ages. Even adults → Read More: ‘Davina Donovan Makes a Mess