Brayden Carmondy Finds a Way

Brayden Carmondy was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, nor would he become the benefactor to any vast fortune. Instead, his life seemed riddled with misfortune. With his father now dead, he was left with his vindictive mother. As an adult, he was more than capable of → Read More: ‘Brayden Carmondy Finds a Way

The Donovan Family is Chaotic

Despite her father’s ardent quest to keep his girls little girls forever, Davina still managed to get her first kiss… and from none other than Eugene Shelley. He was older and the allure was certainly there, but they weren’t anything serious. Davina wasn’t really a serious kind of girl, at → Read More: ‘The Donovan Family is Chaotic

The Donovan Family is Overrun by Hormones

Demetri and Lila had planned one final pregnancy after Mark. Lila had really wanted another baby, despite the plethora of children they already had, and with Demetri’s more than steady income, it really wasn’t a problem. If Lila was willing to go through the trials again, why not?

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The Donovan Family Continues to Grow

Having four young children was definitely taxing, but Lila Donovan also quite enjoyed it. She knew things would get super hectic once the newest set of twins caught up with the other two in age, but for now, it was manageable. The babies slept a lot while the twins played and → Read More: ‘The Donovan Family Continues to Grow

Sydonie Carmondy Fails At Motherhood

It wasn’t long before Sydonie Carmondy became Sydonie Carmondy-Wilson. She wasn’t about to give up her last name, he wasn’t worth that much, after all. It took her awhile to get used to the idea of nupitials and they were married in a private ceremony

Sydonie thought she had → Read More: ‘Sydonie Carmondy Fails At Motherhood

Sydonie Carmondy Breaks the Rules

Sydonie Carmondy doesn’t care about what other people think of her. She knows she’s gorgeous, magnetic, and classy. She knows you only wish you could be the same. Anyone who says otherwise is jealous and Sydonie Carmondy wants those jealous women to know… it gives you wrinkles. Ugly ones.

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The Donovan Family – ‘Expansion’

By the time Demetri arrived at Fatima’s house, it was nearly midnight. She invited him inside and he was immediately disturbed by the overabundance of leopard print. Not to mention that his older boss was currently dressed like a teenager. Feeling a bit apprehensive all of the sudden, Demetri tried to → Read More: ‘The Donovan Family – ‘Expansion’

The Donovan Family – ‘Introduction’

Demetri and Lila have been together for several years now. They met by chance while Demetri was still in college and Lila was working part-time as a waitress and they’ve been inseparable ever since. A bit of an odd pairing, Demetri is determined to make a name for himself in the corporate world → Read More: ‘The Donovan Family – ‘Introduction’