Townie DecaDynasty – 1:4

Annnd we’re back! As you can see, Addison is THRILLED to be graduating. Aww yeeeaah! It’s graduation time!

This house is so full of sims it gives me a headache.

Also, I hate that stupid bear hat. Stupid hair fail.

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Townie DecaDynasty – 1:3

Addison and Abigail decide that being twins just isn’t enough, they have to be BFFS 4 EVAA also. This option is so weird. I don’t understand it at all, but in this challenge, happiness points are everything. So even inane things like this get fulfilled… woohoo!

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Townie DecaDynasty – 1:2

Anna gets cracking on her homework, because every DecaDynasty heir has to get Honor Roll in both elementary and high school! Her little friend is Alora Platt.

Also, notice the tacky Fanta fridge. Woo, classy.

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Townie DecaDynasty – 1:1

I don’t want to get too far ahead of my blogging with my prosperity. I’m only posting around twice a week (since the updates take time), so that’s impossible with how often I like to play my sims. I saw a challenge by Metropolis Man called ‘The Townie DecaDynasty.’ I did some moderate to easy → Read More: ‘Townie DecaDynasty – 1:1